Notes for KB Writers

What I’m looking for

What I’m looking for is content to come out on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big article, a quickie news article, or a simple interview. I find that something new, no matter what, brings users back frequently and keeps them involved with what’s going on (commenting). Having someone write something dependably once a week is extremely helpful.

What usually happens is someone writes articles all the time, and then they burn out in a month and quit. Don’t do that! Pace yourself and commit to a fewer number of articles so you can stay in the game.


Regarding articles, quality is the most important aspect. It should be well written, factually based, and not over the top. I edit my articles multiple times. Even smaller ones will go through at least 3 and usually 6+ drafts and changes. Larger ones will require more extensive revisions, like 10+. After grammar and spelling, the key is keeping only what fits in with the main point. That means lots of deleting. I’ve lost a ton of good thoughts and jokes with my delete key. But ultimately that’s what needs to be done in order to enhance your main points.

There’s a divide between what you can get away with in a comment and what you can say with an article. It’s a fine line and takes time to learn how to temper your opinion. Articles tend to be more centrist, unless of course you’re aiming for something humorous. Of course with the Knicks, centrist tends to be more on the side of doom.


You should backup any opinions with stats. If you make a claim, and the stats don’t back it up you should change your claim. Or at worst, show the stats and mention how your eyes don’t feel that it’s true. DO NOT CHERRY PICK STATS TO MATCH YOUR OPINION!

Stats should be of the advanced nature. Per-minute instead of per-game. Points per possession over points per game. TS% and eFG instead of FG%. These are easy to find stats on

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT USING THE WYSIWYG/VISUAL EDITOR and instead use the plain text to see the HTML. Also I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT COPY/PASTE FROM WORD. Paste it into a notepad first, and redo your formatting. Otherwise bad stuff happens.

While editing your article, open a second tab with “PREVIEW” to see what it looks like. Make your changes, save draft, then refresh your Preview. This way you know exactly what it’ll look like. When you’re done, submit to publish.

After writing an article, DO NOT GET DEFENSIVE. People will criticize you. Get over it. Don’t spend the next few hours arguing back and forth. Too many writers get hyper-sensitive over their own words an opinions. This is a thing. Let it go. Let someone else argue your point. Believe someone eventually will.

If you have any issues with these, like rights for the google docs, or other questions email me at

Quick Links:

  • Here is the calendar/spreadsheet. Use this for anything that is planned, like articles, series or any game related stuff (previews, interviews, recaps).
  • Breaking News? Check here Just make sure that no one else is publishing the same article. If not write it up! (Contributors should submit editors will get an email to publish it).

  • Collaboration

    Here is one stop link for articles. It’s a spreadsheet with all the games and any future articles scheduled. If you’d like to write an article, then use this to reserve days. Just put your name in the article, and make sure it’s not on the same day as another author. There are columns for articles, game interviews, game previews, and game recaps.

    Otherwise if there is breaking news, here is the link to the WordPress Calendar. This is good for seeing what people are currently working on, and articles that are already scheduled. So if you’re going to write up something that isn’t reserved, you can see what other people are working on (drafts, etc.) and that way multiple people aren’t writing on the same topic.