NCAA Tournament Open Thread

My apologies for not getting an NCAA thread up earlier. Even though I have been mostly in and out of this weekend’s games I have seen any number of players that might look good in orange and blue. As the tournament draws to a close it leads to the inevitable questions about who will stay and who will declare. Oden and Durant are the most obvious. But consider players that might be mid-to-late lottery picks or lower based on workouts yet would add tremendous depth to this draft, like Joachim Noah and Al Horford at Florida, Brandon Wright and Tyler Hansborough at North Carolina, Nick Young at Southern Cal, Marcus Williams at Arizona, Chris Douglas-Roberts at Memphis, Julian Wright and Brandon Rush at Kansas, and even Darren Collison, UCLA’s pure point guard.


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23 thoughts to “NCAA Tournament Open Thread”

  1. Julian Wright said he’s staying in school, so cross him off (he’d be top 5-6 anyway).

    in terms of who might be available when we pick, I was thinking about Brandon Rush last night, although he evidently had an injury when he was young that doesn’t allow him to fully extend one of his elbows. he sure can fill it up, though.

  2. I wouldn’t mind Rush on the Knicks at all. I didn’t get to watch him much this year but in the games I caught he seemed to be a very competitive player and a very determined defender.

  3. My two comments:

    Its good that the victor in these games isnt decided by the number of camera shots of each teams cheerleaders, or Florida would have been sent packing.

    Georgetown plays great ball, I love Hibbert and Green, and I love the fundamental style they play. Great backdoor cuts, movement on offense, and great aggressive defense.

    However, UNC has too many good athletes, they look like they are going to run away this.

    I hope not, love the way these Hoyas play…

  4. I got my girlfriend to participate in my brother’s office pool. She had never done an NCAA Tourney pool before.

    I gave her the basic “how to pick” rundown (I think I did quite nicely explaining it all in only a couple of minutes).

    Well, out of 30-odd people, I’m eliminated, but she’s currently #1 in the pool. Ha!

  5. heh, that’s pretty funny. I have Florida over Georgetown in the finals, so I win ours if Florida wins it all, over either team. Oden/Hibbert should be fun to watch, although I was more excited for Conley/Lawson, I think.

  6. I actually have Georgetown over Florida in the pool, but so many people had either Florida or Georgetown, I was screwed by my other picks.

    She has no real shot of winning the whole thing, though, as she picked UCLA for the overall victory – which ain’t happening.

  7. I had seven of the final eight but only one of the final four. That blows. I had UNC beating KU in the final. Yeah, that worked out well.

    Brian, if it makes you feel any better, expertise doesn’t help you much when a game or problem is already well structured like the NCAAs. (It’s also why the chimps routinely beat the professional stock analysts picking stocks.) Expertise only helps you structure a problem that lacks coherent structure. If I were gonna put some money down, and I stopped doing that years ago, I’d rather a game where you bet on who the four 1-5 seeds would be before the selection show. That’s a better test of expertise.

  8. not very likely, no Lee, no Q, Curry and Francis are also doubtful because of the flu. maybe we’ll get 20-20 from Randolph Morris, but I think this year is history.

  9. obviously, getting an 8th spot does nothing but guarantee a 1st round exit. other than ticket sales for the possible playoffs, there is every reason to come in 9th, and get a shot at Durant. marbury has impressed, I am clearly becoming a convert. Dream scenario would certainly be Durant, in a wildly lucky lottery draw. but there are great names out there who are fast, quick, agile, terrific shooters. A knick team with Steph, Curry, (insert any shooting swing guard/forward from the lottery), and the rest of the component parts they already have gives me hope for 07-08. Other than Lee, everyone else is expendable and should be trade bait. and yes, get value for Frye if he can be traded… good player, but not the hard nosed answer we need at power forward. Where is Xavier McDaniel when you need him!!!

  10. um, we don’t get a lottery pick unless both us and the Bulls miss the playoffs.

    Curry and Francis practiced today, both will play tonight, so Owen should be happy. :)

  11. I would definitely take Oden over Durant for the Knicks. That would be a pretty decent starting five.
    Francis/Marbury, Q, Balkman, Lee, and Oden. I wonder what would happen to our defensive efficiency number if we had that five out there…

    But we almost certainly wont have a pick, and even if we did, the chances of getting top two would be almost nil. Can you imagine the hue and cry if the Knicks were to get a top draft pick? So I wont even bother daydreaming

  12. I bet Oden stays in school another year if they don’t win it all.

    Brewer would be great, as we continue to build our SEC core (Lee, Balkman, now Morris), but I think he’ll be gone in the top 12 or 15.

  13. This year was supposed to be a win-win for Knick fans: either Isiah gets fired as GM and coach or the Knicks make the playoffs (or are at least competitive). Somehow, neither happened. We have a losing team that will probably miss the playoffs, and are stuck with Isiah for another couple years. Where’s that guy from “selltheknicks” been?

  14. Glen Davis would be worth picking up in the second round, though I’m not sure if the Knicks have a 2nd rounder this year.

  15. John,

    According to Real GM – the Knicks second rounder was traded to Chicago and subsequently traded to Philly.

    Philly has 3 number ones this year.


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