MSG/Time Warner Dispute Resolved!

Finally, all of New York’s cable watchers can enjoy Linsanity! According to the New York Times, MSG and Time Warner Cable have resolved their dispute and MSG will return to the cable boxes of Time Warner NYC subscribers.

Great news. One of the annoying parts of Linsanity was the fact that such a large chunk of the Knick audience could not even watch the games and now that is resolved.

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8 thoughts to “MSG/Time Warner Dispute Resolved!”

  1. Not a big shock. Time Warner ran into a wall on this one.

    MSG is a bit more powerful today than they were on Jan. 1 when this started.

  2. When does MSG get back on the air? I assume that tonight’s game will be available.

    Great news for Knick fans. Bad news for bars that had access to MSG through non-TW sources.

  3. Question about Lin’s contract situation:

    Let’s say he ends the season with a more earthly line like 13pts 9assists, or whichever numbers force the knicks to resign him, but not exactly the all star numbers he’s putting up now. What’s to stop another team that has actual interest but knows that the knicks will match to offer him the full mid level? (5 mil per?) Just so the knicks can dry up their well? I’m just thinking in the event that they wanted to sign him to lets say 3 mil and spend the other two on filling up another hole. Also, why has the Bi-Annual exception been brought up before, is it or is it not part of the new CBA?. Last, does it all even matter cause significant players are likely to be worth the vets minimum or the full mid-level anyway?

    Just getting greedy and trying to see if the knicks can be a top team without dropoff for the next 5 years at least, lol.

    Sidenote: Didn’t we sign Baron to the mid level? how did we also get JR?

  4. @6 I’m not sure anyone really makes a serious effort at Lin. Even though they cut the RFA period down to I think 3 days, it’s still 3 days that a team can’t make an offer to anyone else. Especially if they know the Knicks are going to match. That’d just be spiteful.

    Tina Cervasio just said that Baron may come back next week – they showed some clips of him moving pretty well. So here is our probable 10 man rotation:

    C: TC
    PF: Amare
    SF: Melo
    SG: Fields
    PG: Lin

    PF/C Jefferies
    PF/C Harrellson or Novak
    PG/SG: Shumpert
    SG: JR Smith
    PG: Baron Davis

    Am I crazy or is this the best team talent-wise in the NBA? Miami’s big 2 may be better than any 2 on our team, but our other 8 players are way better than theirs. Not even Chicago or Denver have depth like this.

    This’ll be where D’Antoni earns his extension. Can he get them to all play happily together?

  5. Sorry, Tony, can’t give you any answers on this relevant question. I finally found the guy who reminds me most of Shump-Shump, at least potentially. The great Sidney Moncrief. I think Shump’s D is as good, or better, overall than Lin’s offense. Can you even imagine if we have picked up one of the best true ones in the draft (not a reach) fortuitously and an awesome defensive 2 by design in the same year. Are you kidding me. Then we picked up JR for the bench. Oh, I forgot, some badass Center from a little cow town called Dallas. What the heck is going on here. I’m putt’in on my hair shirt right now as cover. Sorry to switch, but here’s to Kid. A great Met.

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