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Friday, February 22, 2019

Mountain Trip To Japan 2004

KnickerBlogger is on vacation until July 5th. I leave for Japan early tomorrow morning. Don’t worry, my site will have plenty of activity, as I’ve assorted three excellent guest bloggers to keep things running.

You’ve already met Dave, a passionate Knicks fan, who tried to send me off a day early. He’s already off to a very impressive start with his take on the Knicks outlook for next year, and did so without a single statistic. If you haven’t already, read it now! I guarantee* you’ll think it’s the greatest column ever.

I expect the opposite from Sonics-fan Kevin Pelton. Page23‘s author will have an outsider’s view on the Knicks, that I assure you with have lots of numbers, a few with a decimal points (oooooh).

Last but not least, I have Bob Chaikin. Saying Bob knows a little hoops is like saying Madonna’s kissed a few guys. Bob will be talking about whatever the hell he wants to. I’m not paying these guys you know!

Hopefully I might be able to chime in here & there if I get some free time and an internet connection from half way around the globe, but if not I’ve left my blog in great hands. There’s been a lot of content over the last few days. In case you missed any of it.

Friday: Message Board GMs
Thursday: Knicks Off-Season Preview (1 of 2) (by Dave)
Wednesday: KnickerBlogger 2004 NBA Playoff Brackets Contest
Tuesday: King Of The Wild Frontier
Monday: Quick Recap Of My Finals Thoughts
Sunday: “Finals Experience”

*not a guarantee

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