Melo vs Goodman League Summer Ball

It’s great to see NBA players keeping active during the lockout.  With almost no progress made in labor talks thus far, professional leagues across the country have had to schedule their own games. Two of the most prominent leagues this Summer have been the Melo League in Baltimore and the George Goodman League of Washington D.C.  This past Tuesday, August 30th, these teams met on the court at Morgan State University for some friendly competition.  The Baltimore team featured three all-stars – LeBron, Melo, and Chris Paul – as well as Josh Selby (just drafted 49th by the Grizzlies) and Gary Neal of the Spurs. The Goodman league roster wasn’t as flashy, with Durant being their only star, backed up by Ty Lawson, Austin Daye, and Jarrett Jack.

The story of the night was Durant dropping 59. Though obviously the game was laid back and very little defense was played, 59 is still an impressive number – especially while being guarded by LeBron. Durant’s team fell, however, 149-141 when all was said and done.  Here are some of the highlights from the game – .

Notably, this was ‘Melo’s first game since recovering from an elbow injury suffered towards the end of this past season. “I’m back like I never [was hurt]. I’m back,” said Anthony after the game. He had a very good showing. He was quick to the basket and got up to throw it down a few times. Though there was no official box score kept, it is reported Carmelo scored 34. Seems promising for the year to come, and games like this can only help to expedite further labor talks.

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3 thoughts to “Melo vs Goodman League Summer Ball”

  1. Great Stuff. They should go ahead and make their own league and have the owners feel the pressure. With the showing and the coverage at this last one, I think it is very possible they can string together some games in More cities as well. That was just Baltimore and the line outside the Arena was huge, I wouldn’t even Want to imagine NY or LA.

  2. Btw if this was supposed to be say a mid summer report about these stars, I would say MELO’s body looks great, LBJ apparently looks like he’s found some post offense, KD has developed some sick handles making his attack the basket tendencies deadly and CP3 is well CP3.

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