Marbury to Greece?

ESPN’s Chris Sheridan reports that the Greek club Olympiakos has reached out to the Knicks to discuss a possible buyout for Stephon Marbury. No way to guess how serious the talks might be, but Olympiakos is a serious player — this is the club that signed Josh Childress to a $10 million deal last summer. According to Sheridan, Marbury is aware of the interest but has not spoken to anyone from the Greek team.

If Sheridan’s article is accurate, one can guess that the two clubs and the player are discussing a deal that would guarantee Marbury a certain salary, to make up anything he gives up in a buyout.  Olympiakos might be extra-motivated because Childress, the team star, underwent surgery this week for an abdominal tear.  He’s expected to be out somewhere between 3 and 8 weeks.

On the other hand, Donnie Walsh seems dead-set on exploring trade possibilities for Marbury, right up to the Feb. 19 deadline.  It seems unlikely that a buyout would happen before then, but I suppose Olympiakos could try and push him, by offering Marbury a big chunk of money – saving the money for Walsh and Jimmy Dolan. 

Marbury has publicly offered to give up $1 million in salary, in a buyout.  He’s also expressed interest in joining the Celtics, so he probably would consider Olympiakos a backup plan, at best.  However, the Knicks have some leverage, because if they refuse to cut Marbury loose by March 1, he won’t be allowed on any other team’s playoff roster.

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3 thoughts to “Marbury to Greece?”

  1. This will be an interesting test of Marbury’s ego.

    Would he rather be a big fish in a small pond (Greece), a small fish in a big pond (Boston), or a dead fish in a dried up pond (continue refusing to negotiate a reasonable buyout offer with the Knicks and lose another season)?

    I hope Walsh continues exploring trade possibilities. Even if the probability of a trade is only 5%, that’s still better than giving him more money than he deserves now and allowing him to compete against the Knicks.

    Other than the missteps at the beginning of the season that may have impacted public perceptions negatively, the Knicks have handled this fairly well from a business perspective. The organization didn’t want Marbury in the locker room or competing against the Knicks. Both goals were accomplished. If they wind up saving extra money or pulling off a trade that no one thought possible, it would be sweet.

  2. I never thought I’d read the words “bukkake” and “Marbury” in the same sentence. But, here we are…

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