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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Knicks v. Pistons or why didn’t moving our J. Smith work?

The obvious answer is that we should have got rid of both of them.

Your in-game thoughts here.

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81 comments on “Knicks v. Pistons or why didn’t moving our J. Smith work?

  1. Thomas B. Post author

    Does anybody else think Cleanthony Early is the son of one of the cast members of “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”? I was thinking maybe Weird Harold.

  2. GoNyGoNYGo

    What made that so glorious was that we won it AND the entire city loved that team and the way it played.

    @Stratomatic – It was the BEST! (I figured you were around my age. Do people even play Stratomatic anymore? (I did football Strat)

  3. DRed

    At the start of the season we were way over the luxury cap, had 2 of the top 4 highest paid players in the NBA, and now we’re the worst team on the league and an undrafted rookie is probably the best player in our starting lineup. What a fucking shitshow

  4. Thomas B. Post author

    Cole is terrible.

    Give the guy a break. He’s been trying to catch his breath since game 4.

  5. stratomatic

    It’s hard for me to imagine this team winning another game this season. As is stands now, this has to be the worst NBA team ever.

  6. MSA

    Knicks players with a TS% over .540:

    Stoudemire and Prigioni

    Oh wait! The are not Knicks players anymore!

  7. DRed

    The Westies are also in last place, so there’s that. Anyone know why Thanasis missed the last couple games?

  8. Owen

    I find the idea of paying Monroe max money repugnant. But hey, Melo got it…

    Turning the game on finally. Don’t mess with me Knicks.

  9. Zanzibar

    Calderon’s injury might be a blessing in disguise because it forces Fish to play Shved at the 1. There’s a HUGE difference in his stats when he plays the 1 versus the 2. He’s an abysmal shooter but he’s elite at getting to the line and he’s also a skilled passer. He may very well end up being a bust, but at least we will have given him the opportunity to succeed at his most promising position. Our crack #28 analytics department never would have figured this out had Calderon still been healthy….to be fair it’s not the department that’s the problem, it’s Fish and Phil.

  10. DRed

    No Melo, no Stat, no Jose, limited Timmy, and somehow we don’t suck on defense.

    J Smith couldn’t stop Drummond with a baseball bat though

  11. Zanzibar

    If Bargs’ only accomplishment as a Knick will have been to prevent Phil from signing Monroe, then Bargs’ deal will have been worth it.

  12. d-mar

    Galloway should pay a hefty fine for that game tying shot, he better make up for it with a shitty overtime.

  13. Brian Cronin

    Last double overtime game since the classic moment last season when Chandler dunked the ball on his own head, thus negating the basket.

  14. Brian Cronin

    I want no part of Reggie Jackson

    What I don’t get is why Phil Jackson event wants him. He is not a Triangle-type point.

  15. Brian Cronin

    Again, I love when Clyde gets disgusted by poor fundamentals. Smith helping the tank! Amundson not helping!

  16. Brian Cronin

    Monroe hurting the tank. But Philly won, so I’m cool with this possible win. Larkin tanked that three.

  17. Brian Cronin

    Yeah, Amundson is an NBA player.

    I think that’s likely all he’s hoping for at this point in his career. Just keeping getting ‘dem checks, as they say.

  18. DRed

    This is a nice win. Don’t want too many more, but I enjoyed this one. Fish at least got them still playing hard

  19. richmond

    Amundson works hard, will always get a roster spot.. and Bargs with 25 points, 12 rebounds.. should have had that before trade deadline

  20. DRed

    Don Pablo with 5 dimes and 2 steals in 12 minutes tonight.

    “He needs to foul out on that play”

    Clyde the GOAT

  21. DRed

    Rockets fans were very negative on twitter about Pablo at the trade deadline, and they love him already. I miss that guy

  22. BigBlueAL

    This could be the turning point of the season!! Actually I was rooting for them to win once it got to OT and Im glad they did. They arent going to win many more so let them enjoy the few they do win, they deserve it after the effort they showed tonight.

  23. nicos

    Amundson shows just how much value a mobile big can have on both sides of the ball. Amundson>Cole, Towns>Okafor.

  24. DRed

    If Okafor can learn to shoot FTs his defense might not matter. He’s such a weird player I’d probably lean Towns, but its close

  25. GoNyGoNYGo

    This win was so sad.

    I’m listening to the players being interviewed. One after the other they’re either thanking God or saying how unbelievable the win was. Yikes. It’s as if they hadn’t won a game in a month!

  26. Brian Cronin

    I was just playing around with the ESPN lottery machine and ugh, waaaaaaaaay too many times does it have the Knicks ending up with Mudiay. One time even picking him over Towns!!

  27. DRed

    I’d happily take Russell 3rd 4th or (shudder) 5th, but the draft is to big heavy for me to want to chance Mudiay

  28. Brian Cronin

    Yeah, I dunno why ESPN thinks the Knicks will take Mudiay over Russell.

    By the way, Jackson apparently is going to be fined for commenting about how Russell is a great prospect.

  29. Brian Cronin

    The Lakers really need to start buying guys out. Three wins in a row is ridiculous when they lose their draft pick if they fall outside of the top five of the lottery (they’re currently fourth). Can you imagine if the Sixers get the #1 pick and the #6 pick?!?!

  30. yellowboy90

    Instead of the Lee trade Frank suggested yesterday, I wonder if Portland would trade Batum to keep Matthews and Lopez since they have Afflalo now. Depending on what Matthews, Lopez, and Aldridge get they could be really over the Tax line. They also will max out Lillard the following summer when Batum contract is up so it could be a now or later situation.

  31. Brian Cronin

    The problem is that Afflalo has a player option for next season that he’s likely to decline, so he’ll likely be a free agent, as well.

  32. stratomatic

    Why all the Monroe hate?

    Sure he had a tough time with Bargnani, but Bargs has always been a nightmare matchup for traditional PFs and Cs teh entire time. It just rarely matters much because Bargs can translate it into high efficiency scoring on a consistent basis. Do I think Monroe is a max player? No. But he’s a VERY good player.

  33. yellowboy90

    The problem is that Afflalo has a player option for next season that he’s likely to decline, so he’ll likely be a free agent, as well.

    You think so? I would think he would wait a year when everyone has space. A contending team would even spend a good chunk of their space on him when the cap goes up.

    However, if does opt out he would still be cheaper than Batum going forward.

    Batum has always been in trade rumors but maybe they keep him and wait until next years deadline. If he does come available I hope the Knicks try to jump and get him.

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