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Monday, May 21, 2018

Knicks v. Bucks Game thread

Really really really can’t blow any games. Even a Saturday noon game that starts two hours after JR went to bed.

28 comments on “Knicks v. Bucks Game thread

  1. d-mar

    The honest answer by Woodson when asked about the Jackson hire would be: “I think he’ll do a fine job finding a replacement for me”

  2. mokers

    With STAT’s knees needing more rest and Chandler coming back from a few games off, you would think Woodson would give them a bit more rest. But up by 12, I can’t really complain.

  3. Brian Cronin

    I am just happy that the real broken Bucks showed up. If the feisty Bucks from Thursday night showed up I’d be pissssed.

  4. Brian Cronin

    Tonight’s Denver/Atlanta game is going to be very interesting. Denver has no reason to win, either, but Shaw doesn’t seem like a coach who would try to tank, so I think it will be a tougher game for Atlanta than they might think. Denver is one of the “could go either way” matchups that the Hawks have left. A loss would be huge for the Knicks’ playoff hopes.

  5. bidiong

    They are actually playing decent, maybe they think if they get into the playoffs and make some noise they can save Woodson’s job.

  6. d-mar

    Is it just me, or are the Knicks doing a whole lot more talking on the court? Either that, or they’ve improved the sound quality of the on court microphones.

    Wednesday night will be very interesting.

  7. vpac

    Pretty good first half … They had me kind if nervous in the beginning with their lack of defense.

  8. coyle022

    What else does Cole need to do to earn playing time? He’s patiently waited the entire season and then a few nights ago proves why he deserves playing time. And Woodson still won’t give him rotation minutes. I don’t care if it’s the Bucks or the Heat, Country Cole should get at least 10 minutes every single night regardless of the matchup

  9. Brian Cronin

    Isn’t it great for them to have games where you’re like, “Oh yeah, they got this easily”?

  10. d-mar

    Yeah, and it also pisses you off when you remember we lost to all these awful teams earlier in the season

  11. Brian Cronin

    They’re now just 1 game under .500 since Bargs got hurt. Twelve games under with him.

  12. ephus

    One game at a time.

    In a season filled with tough losses, the two losses at Orlando and Atlanta are the toughest for me. The Knicks had big leads in both games that they did not hold. Atlanta was playing with a skeleton crew. If the Knicks miss the playoffs by one game (or a tie-breaker), those will be the culprits.

  13. iserp

    They’re now just 1 game under .500 since Bargs got hurt. Twelve games under with him.

    It is funny, we are 12 games uner .500 when Chandler is in the lineups and only one game under when he is injured/out. Can we stop blaming Bargnani of everything? Sure he produced some seriously funny GIFs, but he is not the problem of this team.

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