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  1. Finally we get a chance to see what the big fella can do…and he promptly gets burned by Big Al

  2. Um Security! A fan wearing a Knick jersey made his way on the court. Yeah, the big white guy, #45.

  3. Patrick Ewing looks really uncomfortable, like he’s sitting in a coach seat on Southwest Airlines surrounded by fat people

  4. The offense looks better with Cole out there instead of Tyson. Still “big” but not “lane-clogging big.” Obviously Cole couldn’t defend a cardboard cut-out of Chris Dudley, but they have been on a nice run w/ Aldrich in there

  5. Now if we can just figure out a way to slow down Reggie Miller, er I mean Ray Allen er I mean Jannero Pargo…

  6. What, no love for my William Henry Harrison pun?

    People really need to take note of this joke; it will only be good for 30 days.

  7. Fucking Bargs…..gonna make woody keep his job. Props to Melo tho for going into Fuck you mode

    And Jr playing under control

  8. Wow, no Barnyarny (as Clyde calls him) and the Knicks look like they’re actually having fun playing basketball.

  9. There’s up 13.. they don’t need Melo back in just yet. Let the man rest a tad more.

  10. Boy. That was an impressive half of ball. I kinda want Te bobcats to come back so he can go for 60

  11. If Melo can shoot like this every game, I really think we can grab the #8 spot in the East. Sigh.

  12. The man is a beast. Is he THE smartest baller in the Association? No. Great defender? No. But he’s a str8 beast. It’s a shame tho – what could a smarter organization have done to build a better team around him to better accentuate his skill set yet not need to depend on his scoring so heavily? Makes you wonder.

  13. That 1999 postseason run not surprisingly was the funnest month Ive ever had as a Knicks fan. Unbelievable to watch (until the NBA Finals lol).

  14. Man, looks like I missed on helluva first half from Melo.

    How’d the rest of the team look? I was keeping an eye on the score and last I looked midway through the second it was closer than I would have liked. Imagine my pleasant surprise to get home and see we’re up 21.

  15. Lost in all of the Melo excitement is the surprisingly competent play of Jeremy Tyler. He’s not looking like a world beater on defense but he’s stuffing the box score: 4 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks in 10 minutes. He’s quick for a guy his size.

  16. is anybody else still worried that Melo will end up with 41 minutes and 17/35 from the floor in a loss?

  17. Figures the one night I say to myself “Should I go out after work? Man…there is a Knick game on…but watching them has been about as much fun as my last root canal. What’re the odds I’ll miss something fun and exciting? Alright, I’ll go.”

    Figures this is what I miss. FML

  18. Lost in all of the Melo excitement is the surprisingly competent play of Jeremy Tyler. He’s not looking like a world beater on defense but he’s stuffing the box score: 4 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks in 10 minutes. He’s quick for a guy his size.

    Truth. “Surprisingly competent” is exactly how I’d coin it. I think all you can ask for in a decent backup 5 is to grab some boards, show some springs, be active. I don’t think he can really D Al Jefferson str8 up but it’s cool as long as they keep doubling him SMARTLY.

  19. Wow! What a difference it makes to give those possessions spent on Bargs to Melo and to not have him standing around like a doofus on the others. (small sample size warning)

  20. This is insane. The 50pt game vs the Heat last season was crazy because I believe all 17 fgm were jumpers, tonight he is scoring every way imaginable.

  21. Melo just needs to make 9 straight points and he can be outscoring the entire Bobcats team!

  22. Sweet Geeeezusssss!!!!! i will be really impressed if Melo continues to play within himself throughout this game

  23. I’ll actually be ok with Melo getting 40min tonight. This is fun.

    This season has been so fucked you gotta let Melo go for as many as he can get.

  24. What the fuck us wrong with this team?
    I mean us anyone else a little pissed?
    This team looks as bad as any bad team I’ve ever watched and then they have an explosion like tonight.
    What the hell is this all about?

  25. NBALP keeps crashing. Each time I reload, Melo has added 8 points.

    Keep on crashing NBALP, keep on crashing.

  26. OK..I just got home from work..and..HOLY SHIT WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO MELO???!!! Pissed off much? LOL

  27. melo has a good shot for 3rd best scoring game of all time I would think. anybody know what it is???

  28. So what does Woodson do? Normally, Melo could sit for the rest of the game but this could be historical.

  29. I still can’t believe they’re not looking for Melo every time. The dude has 49 points!!!

  30. OK maybe not. wilt went for 78. but, only 5 players all time have gone for 70. david robinson, david thompson, elgin, wilt, kobe. thats possible

  31. This takes me back to that insane Crawford game against the Heat, but this is much more fun.

  32. i think if we force it to him, the scoring will stop. he needs to continue to score in the flow. and damnit, stop shooting JR!!!

  33. Any thoughts on Wilt? Or is it too much to overcome?

    44 points in a quarter? Yeah, I don’t think he can do that.

  34. i have developed an intense hatred for gerald henderson in the past 2 minutes and I have no logical explanation for it…but….fuck that guy!!!

  35. Yeah, they got keep force feeding him until he gets 62 and then they can let him sit for the rest of the game.

  36. That JR jumper he took after the crossover sucked cause Melo was trailing the play and was WIDE OPEN for 3.

  37. i have developed an intense hatred for gerald henderson in the past 2 minutes and I have no logical explanation for it…but….fuck that guy!!!

    I dunno, I sort of like it. I like guys not wanting to let the other team’s player set a scoring record on them. Remember Van Gundy’s Knicks making a point to fuck over Dana Barros’ three-point record?

  38. I know you’re hot, Melo, but you can’t just throw shots up and expect them to land. :)

  39. Only thing that kinda sucks is he is doing it against a team coached by Ewing and former Knick assistant under JVG Steve Clifford.

  40. hold on, we have to let melo reclaim the garden record, right???

    Right. I think he gets that and then sits.

  41. it is kind of awesome to see all of his teammates (shump, JR, prigs, even Beno) so hype about this. this team still blows hard but they have given us at least one great installment of FRIDAY NIGHT KNICKS!!!!!!!

  42. If the MDA Knicks had not allowed Kobe to desecrate Bernard’s record, I might be ambivalent about Melo getting past 60. But, I desperately want Kobe not to be the MSG single game record holder.

  43. WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t believe this is the game I missed…..

    Melo foreva……..

  44. If the MDA Knicks had not allowed Kobe to desecrate Bernard’s record, I might be ambivalent about Melo getting past 60. But, I desperately want Kobe not to be the MSG single game record holder.

    Yeah, absolutely agreed completely.

  45. In the 47 years since MSG opened, no one has scored more points during a game than Melo did tonight.

  46. A record setting 62 point game during an awful season.
    This is like scooping your dog’s poop and finding the Hope Diamond in it.

  47. I told you since this summer that it was all Bargs fault.

    And Melo hit those boards. Straight up magnificent.

  48. Woodson after the game, “I want to thank Steve Mills for finding this great new player Tyler yesterday.” (reporters inform him he’s had Tyler for a long time now) “Huh. I don’t think that’s accurate. Why wouldn’t I have played him earlier if he was here? The East is big.”

  49. i like that last leaning pullup, because it was strangely King like

    I thought the same thing. It was very appropriate.

  50. I still think Udrih is better than Felton. He is a little worse on defense but they are both so bad on defense that it doesn’t really matter.

  51. hidden storyline tonight. tyler showed that he should be considered a legitimate possibility at backup center

  52. Tyler sucks on d but he looks decent otherwise

    Oh yeah, I certainly don’t mean to oversell him. But the guy should have played more and it is ridiculous that it took multiple injuries before Woody would play him.

  53. If this is how we play without Bargs, I will personally Tonya Harding him once his elbow heals up

  54. can someone explain to breen that the team usually looks good when they shoot 58% from the field and 55% from 3?

  55. dont mean to be a downer, but we are sooooo losing to the lakers on Sunday. its just who we are.

  56. That was unreal. Simply astounding. I mean, I can’t believe I’ll be able to tell my children that I was watching the night Tyler put up 8 at MSG. Magical.

  57. Melo doesn’t think Bernard King is dead, right? “I think he’s smiling at me right now.”

  58. people always say that only a certain group knows what the zone feels like…but I can distinctly remember Jamal Crawford zoning out one game with the Knicks, hitting on like 15 straight shots, some of them straight redonkulous

  59. Until Melo went insane the Clyde-Breen talking point was that they weren’t switching. So we have that, Tyler and Cole playing nonincompetently in non garbage time to go along with Melo’s awesomeness. Melo won’t always shoot like this but let’s hope the other things weren’t one and done.

  60. i dont know my friend. we are 0-5 in the last 5 games that melo hasn’t gone off for 62

  61. did anyone catch the end of the pels/pistons game??? bizaar, and flashbacks of the woodson fiasco

  62. Detroit just pulled a Woodson. Gordon puts Nola up 2 with 1.9 seconds left. Detroit had 2 timeouts and din’t call one and get a 3/4 court shot as their final play.

  63. I’ve always said that Melo was one of if not the most deadly scorer in the NBA…but even I never expected this..not on this team. And he straight windexed too? Yea..if he plays like this 0 assists are very acceptable. Brilliant game by Melo.

  64. Remember, NBA League Pass is on free trial until tomorrow.

    That said,


  65. 62 points on 35 shots. Wow. Of course, I was watching my son’s sorry-ass rec game and missed the whole thing.

  66. Man, watching Washington/Phoenix in Phoenix and the stadium is half empty. Suns fans just don’t appreciate what a pleasant surprise they have. Such a shame.

  67. I like t think I my that there is some kid out there whose mom or dad took them to their first knick game tonight thanks to the team chartering the secondary ticket market. That little boy or girl is never going to forget tonight.

    Seriously fun game to watch at the end of the week. Caught the first half on the commute and the rest when I got home. At least we have a little bit of polish on this turd of a season.

  68. @ Z-man

    I feel your pain. Tonight I decided to be a good son and take the train home go back upstate to Poughkeepsie and take my parents out for dinner at a little mom and pop Italian restaurant with no TV. I fully enjoyed my veal saltimbocca and then I come home to see Melo dropped 62. Luckily I recorded the game and am enjoying it now.

    I got to watch a lot of Patrick’s career, but really can’t say I remember specifics until after the 94 Finals run. What would you guys say was his quintessential game as a Knick? My favorite moment will forever be his vicious slam over Mourning in the playoffs.

  69. Ewing’s best game ever has to be Game 7 vs the Pacers in 1994. 24 pts/22 rebs/7 asts/5 blks in Game 7 of a Conference Finals, cant get any bigger and more important than that.

    Although statistically he had a bunch of better games, especially during the 1989-90 season including a 44 pt game vs the Celtics in the 1st round of the playoffs and a 45 pt game vs the Pistons in the next round. Also his Game 1 performance in Chicago in 1992 was incredible too. But again cant compare to having the type of game he had in getting the Knicks into the NBA Finals vs the Pacers in 1994.

  70. @175 not even close in my mind, his 24 points and 22 rebounds in game 7 vs. the Pacers in 1994 to put them in the Finals. Just a huge performance.

  71. im partial to his performance in game 5 against the celtics (coming back from 0-2) where he not only hit the turnaround shot clock 3, but also scared bird into missing a reverse dunk (which I took great delight in as an 11 year old). also, on a side note, mo cheeks’ contributions that series may be one of the most overlooked contributions in Knicks history

  72. Looking at Game Score the playoff game vs the Celtics I mentioned is his best game ever easily. 44 pts on 18 for 24 shooting (8 for 9 ft) with 13 rebs, 5 asts, 7 stls and 2 blks. The 45 pt game vs the Pistons I mentioned was his 3rd best.

    His 2nd best game was a regular season game vs the Clippers where he scored 44 on 18 for 28 shooting (8 for 12 ft) with 22 rebs, 7 blks, 4 asts and 2 stls. All 3 games came during the 1989-90 season.

    His Game 7 vs the Pacers in 1994 is nowhere near up there for some reason, I guess his 10 for 23 shooting kept his game score low. That Bulls game I mentioned was his 3rd best playoff game by game score, 34 pts on 14 for 25 shooting (6 for 7 ft) 16 rebs, 6 blks, 5 asts and 1 stl.

  73. Game 5 vs Boston Ewing scored 31 pts on 14 for 26 shooting (2 for 2 ft, 1 for 1 3pt!!) with 8 rebs, 4 blks and 10 asts(!!).

  74. Patrick really was something. I still remember his Game 6 in 2000 against Miami because he had so little in the tank then. 15 points and 18 rebounds. Not even close to the pantheon of games you all just mentioned, but something I’ll always remember probably because I was 13 and beating the Heat every year in the playoffs was something I took great pride and pleasure in. That game has always to me summed up Ewing for the Knicks in that he left it all on the floor no matter what.

  75. Yup, he had a putback jam over Zo late in that game too that came out of nowhere. Then in Game 7 he had 20 pts and 10 rebs.

    Also in Game 5 in 1999 he had 22 pts and 11 rebs including making 2 huge FT’s to get the Knicks within 1 pt the possession prior to Houston’s gamewinner. Even when he was old and broken down he played his ass off. That to me is something I will always admire about Ewing, I never once saw him play a game giving less than 100%.

  76. He also scored the game winning basket if I recall correctly in game 7 of 2000 finals against heat (on a dunk) in Miami…believe it or not, his game 7 in the “finger roll” game in ’95was actually a well-played game, we just remember it for the unfortunate conclusion:

    29 pts, 12-23 FG, 14 boards, 5 assists, 4 blocks

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