Knicks @ Spurs or “Remember the AlMelo”

So after losing 9 games in a row, I was pretty sure all the fight was out of this team.  Then we all heard reports of Carmelo Anthony (questionable with sore left knee) nearly coming to blows with Timmy Hardaway Jr (questionable defense and decision making).  If they did fight, I’d put my money on Melo.  Timmy strikes me as someone who would not keep his guard up if his on court defense is any indication.

Speaking of defense, the Spurs are 3rd in the NBA in defensive rating. And at 15-6, the defending NBA champs are going to be without leading scorer Tony Parker.  Corey Joseph has been solid in limited spot duty though not much of a three point threat (23.8%).  Even without Parker, the Spurs have plenty of options on the rest of the team.

Expect Amare’ Stoudemire will be the focus of the offense if Melo can’t go.  STAT has been the most consistent player thus far this season.  I think I just cried a little typing that.

Go NY.  I guess.

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60 thoughts to “Knicks @ Spurs or “Remember the AlMelo””

  1. Wow is this knick starting lineup better than the Spurs starting lineup.

    Sean Elliot just said that there aren’t any faults in timmys game ….uh ok

  2. Fisher thinks it’s good bball not to play timmy. We can’t score but don’t play Tim. Idk just watching him is making me reimbrAce the tank theory lol

  3. We can’t score but don’t play Tim.

    Do you really think our problem has been scoring? TH2 is one of the worst defenders in the NBA on one of the worst defenses in the NBA.

  4. I guess I can’t really judge the Triangle until we actually get some good players but man is it hard to watch so far. I just don’t know if I will ever be able to cosign a brand of offense with so many mid-range jumpers.

  5. the defense is bad. So you try to out score phx Suns 2005 style.

    I guess. I’d rather get that lottery pick though.

  6. I doubt that Fisher has any strategies with his lineups. It’s like he just does everything on a whim an hopes it works out. This results in the largest variety of lineups I have ever seen.

  7. God bless Coach Pop for sitting all his best players tonight. We are still in this one at the end of the first.
    Three point defense as bad as ever though.

  8. Love the drive from THjr. This somehow has turned into one of the most interesting basketball days of the year. Got to love the passion of Knickerbloggers, one locker room rumor and the main thread goes to 172….

  9. What can Fisher say at half time?

    I wish hed say something like “Ok… so why are you losing to them? are they better than you? just getting hot? are they smarter than you? give me a reason why you should be losing this game”

  10. Spurs are giving us the Sixers treatment less kawhi…. So does pop think we are worse with one extra bone ?

  11. A very good first quarter and pretty decent second quarter has become unwatchable in the third.

  12. What a debacle. It’s a thin line between funny bad and depressing bad. Definitely feels like the latter…..

  13. Yeesh, Spurs gonna have 9 players in double digits. And that’s with no starters even playing… I guess that what the triangle is supposed to produce. Too bad it doesn’t.

  14. Don’t worry all, you just absolutely know this team will close out with some stupidly meaningless 10-2 run, sabotaging their draft position. You can see it coming from a mile away.

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