Knicks Morning News (Wednesday, Mar 27 2013)

  • [New York Times] Nowitzki, Paul Get 33, Mavs Beat Clippers in OT (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 05:58:17 GMT)

    The Dallas Mavericks finally have a win over one of the top four teams headed to the Western Conference playoffs â?? just in time for their own postseason push.

  • [New York Times] Battered and Beaten, Celtics Play as if Best Days Are Behind Them (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 03:52:39 GMT)

    The Celtics lost for a fifth straight time and showed no sense of urgency in a game against the Knicks.

  • [New York Times] Knicks 100, Celtics 85: Knicks, With Rout, Move Closer to Ending Celtics’ Division Reign (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 03:34:52 GMT)

    With one more victory, the Knicks can claim the season series against the Celtics for the first time in nine years, and that chance will come Sunday at Madison Square Garden.

  • [New York Times] Pekovic Leads Wolves’ 105-82 Rout of Pistons (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 02:16:23 GMT)

    Nikola Pekovic had 18 points and 11 rebounds to lead the Minnesota Timberwolves to a 105-82 rout of the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night.

  • [New York Times] Smith, Anthony Lead Knicks Over Celtics, 100-85 (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 02:04:17 GMT)

    J.R. Smith scored 32 points, Carmelo Anthony added 29 and the New York Knicks extended their winning streak to five games with a 100-85 victory over the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night.

  • [New York Times] Markieff and Marcus Morrises Are Suns and Brothers (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 01:55:21 GMT)

    The twins Markieff and Marcus Morris play for the Suns, a team that is no stranger to twins and brotherly dynamics in the N.B.A.

  • [New York Daily News] Can’t beat the Heat? Knicks would love a shot (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 04:46:27 GMT)

    The last thing the Knicks would ever be accused of is rooting for the Miami Heat. But they are willing to make an exception if it means getting the opportunity to break Miami’s incredible winning streak.

  • [New York Daily News] Suddenly streaking Knicks rout Celtics in Boston (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 04:46:09 GMT)

    The Knicks all but put an end to the Boston Celtics five-year reign over the Atlantic Division, no doubt about it. And in the process Mike Woodson’s club might have set up a first round playoff series with their hated rivals.

  • [ – New York Knicks] Melo: 'We always want to beat Boston' (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 00:41:18 EDT)

    BOSTON — Until this season, Carmelo Anthony hadn’t won in Boston since joining the New York Knicks. But he has now done it twice — on Jan. 24 and Tuesday night.
    And when it happens potentially again and again — perhaps in the playoffs if the two teams meet in the first round — Melo will be immensely satisfied just the same every single time.
    “We want to beat them,” he said after the Knicks blew out the Boston Celtics, 100-85. “Let’s just be quite frank about them: We always want to beat Boston.

  • [New York Post] J.R., Melo strafe Celtics to extend win streak (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 03:54:43 -0500)

    BOSTON â?? If the Celtics were hoping to get the Knicks in the first round, as they did in 2011, they may want to revise their playoff wish list.
    Celtics star Paul Pierce said before last night’s tip-off he would like to send a message to the Knicks in their…

  • [New York Post] â??L’-ish past taught Woodson how hard it is to win in Beantown (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 02:33:31 -0500)

    BOSTON â?? You want to know how a building, how a team, how a city gets in your head? Mike Woodson can tell you how a building, how a team, how a city can get in your head. Woodson played in the NBA from 1980 through 1990, 11 seasons in which…

  • [New York Post] Prigioni â??starting’ to make big impact for Knicks (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 02:04:22 -0500)

    BOSTON â?? With the sacred defense of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,â? the Knicks offer into evidence the following little factoid.
    Guard Pablo Prigioni has made five starts. The Knicks are 5-0 in those games.
    Want to guess who likely gets his sixth start of the season…

  • [New York Post] Aggressive J.R. lights up Celtics (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 01:17:17 -0500)

    BOSTON â?? It was something you couldn’t help but notice. With Kevin Garnett laid up with a bum ankle, the Celtics’ interior defense looked about as fearsome as that baby in the on-line stock trading commercials.
    J.R. Smith, for one, noticed.
    “They really didn’t have any shot blockers…

  • [New York Post] Woodson wants shot at ending Heat streak (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 01:17:17 -0500)

    BOSTON â?? The South Beach showdown is six days away, but Mike Woodson is hoping the Miami Dream Team enters with a 30-game win streak.
    “They’re playing at such a high level, nobody is coming close to beating them,” Woodson said before the Knicks’ 100-85 win over the Celtics last…

  • [New York Post] Overbay gets â??first’ shot (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 00:30:45 -0500)

    TAMPA â?? Lyle Overbay has three days to show the Yankees he is a better option at first base than Juan Rivera.
    In reality, that won’t be difficult because Overbay’s glove skills are above average and Rivera is an outfielder pressed into first-base duty because of Mark Teixeira’s…

  • [New York Post] Chandler unlikely to return tonight (Wed, 27 Mar 2013 00:10:18 -0500)

    BOSTON â?? For the Knicks, the news on Tyson Chandler was not good. The veteran center still wasn’t ready to play last night because of a bulging disk in his cervical spine and is not expected to play tonight against Memphis. Chandler also said he has experienced sensations down into…

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