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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Knicks Morning News (Monday, Sep 16 2013)

  • [New York Times] Liberty End Season With a Loss (Mon, 16 Sep 2013 03:53:43 GMT)
    Tayler Hill tied a career high with 16 points to help the Washington Mystics defeat the Liberty, 70-52, and clinch the third playoff seed in the Eastern Conference.    

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    4 comments on “Knicks Morning News (Monday, Sep 16 2013)

    1. Nick C.

      Cool stuff Frank. On the Evans v. Lopez my take is that uncontested rebounds go to or are sought by the “designated rebounder”. I noticed the Knicks play was shown but could not see any floor tilting Carmelo’s way (admittedly he was in the corner). :-)

    2. nicos

      Worth reading – especially the part about how Brook Lopez is a better rebounder than Reggie Evans (!).

      You could argue that Evans is creating all his extra rebounding opportunities (and shorter distance to the ball) by positioning himself better before the shot goes up. Of course the counter argument is that on the offensive side Evans is free to do so because, unlike Lopez, he’s not concerned with keeping himself a viable offensive option throughout the play and thus can get into rebounding position much earlier. And defensively, you’d want to look at how active each guy is as a help defender- is Lopez farther away from the ball because he’s actively challenging shots (something Evans doesn’t do nearly as much) or is he just slow to get into good rebounding position? Hopefully SU will help start figuring this stuff out.

    3. mokers

      Hopefully fans will get some access to a lot of this information. This could really help people interested in stats look at the game in new ways. While we may never see Kobe assists or hockey assists in the box score, having data for all the teams could really help with coaching and player evaluation.

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