Knicks Morning News (2014.04.20)

  • [New York Post] Source: Former Knick Cleamons wants to join organization (Sun, 20 Apr 2014 05:11:55 -0400)

    The stars are starting to align for an eventual reunion of Phil Jackson and Jim Cleamons in New York. Cleamons, the former Knicks starting point guard, and Jackson were teammates…

  • [New York Post] Boy recovering from Queens blaze hangs with the Mets (Sun, 20 Apr 2014 04:48:49 -0400)

    Mathew Miller never stopped dreaming. The Queens native, 13, had enjoyed a wonderful 2013, traveling the country, while starring for several travel baseball teams and hitting over 70 home runs….

  • [New York Times] Durant Leads Thunder Past Grizzlies 100-86 (Sun, 20 Apr 2014 05:54:22 GMT)

    Kevin Durant put a dazzling end to Memphis’ gritty comeback.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Roundup: Teague Leads Hawks in a Dismantling of the Pacers (Sun, 20 Apr 2014 04:35:24 GMT)

    The Hawks rolled past the top-seeded Indiana Pacers, 101-93, on Saturday night, ending an eight-game road losing streak in the playoffs that dated to May 2011.

  • [New York Times] Hawks Take 1-0 Lead by Rolling Past Pacers 101-93 (Sun, 20 Apr 2014 03:31:09 GMT)

    Atlanta’s Jeff Teague demolished the Pacers’ grand playoff plan.

  • [New York Times] Warriors 109, Clippers 105: Warriors Win in Next Stage of a Season of Hostilities (Sun, 20 Apr 2014 00:51:20 GMT)

    Harrison Barnes’s late block of Chris Paul started a crucial fast break that propelled Golden State to a Game 1 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers.

  • [New York Times] Warriors Beat Clippers 109-105 in Playoff Opener (Sun, 20 Apr 2014 00:21:21 GMT)

    The Golden State Warriors stumbled out of the gate, missing their first eight shots while falling behind by 11 points and forcing coach Mark Jackson to call two timeouts to steady his young team.

  • [New York Daily News] Lupica: Breaking bad is easy at MSG (Sun, 20 Apr 2014 05:25:00 GMT)

    There were so many great lines from the late great Elmore Leonard, from all his books. But maybe his best last line came from “Get Shorty,” when Chili Palmer says, “Endings, man, they weren’t as easy as they looked.”

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    23 thoughts to “Knicks Morning News (2014.04.20)”

    1. This incessant crowing by main stream writers about how Jackson is mistreating Woodson is comical yet so annoying.

    2. Isn’t Woodson the guy that was brought on to look over D’Antoni’s shoulders, hanging over him like an executioner’s blade. just waiting, like a vulture, to take over for a coach that was on his last legs with the organization? What is wrong about how the Knicks treated Woodson. He really lost his job when Jackson was hired. It was a kindness to let him play out the season, to prove he can coach, an audition for a different team.

    3. Lupica is such a sanctimonious little prick. I won’t read anything he writes about the Knicks because it’s almost guaranteed he’ll mention how the franchise wronged Larry Brown and thus anything that happens is karmic justice for heaping humiliation upon such a venerated protector of the game. Among the embarassing and humiliating things the Knicks have done that doesn’t even register on the scale.

    4. Teague and Millsap might be the most underrated twosome in the league. Atlanta is a nice team to root for as an underdog, no superstars or bad apples.

    5. Unbelievable how the ref missed that blatant foul vs. CP3, I was hoping that the replay would be ruled inconclusive but I guess they had no choice once the ref blew the call. Announcers said that that’s an area where the league should allow some flexibility in ruling the call a foul, but that would probably open up pandora’s box in that all foul/non-foul disputes could be reviewed. Still, that play sucked for the Clips.

    6. It’s horrible to be a Knick fan, but it would be pretty frustrating to be a Pacer fan right now, too. Hibbert in particular would be just mind numbingly tough to root for. It’s also a little hard to accept that the dreaded Pero Antic matchup is all it takes to turn the best defense in the league into mush.

      Why don’t the Pacers try to play zone? I’m not even sure you need a triangle-two, just a box and one with a guy on Korver. The Hawks have good floor spacing and a lot of decent three point shooters, but really Korver is their only genuinely plus shooter. Everyone else is basically average. Hibbert can sit there all day waiting for Teague to penetrate. It really doesn’t seem terrible for guys like Milsap, Teague, Antic and Carroll to be swinging it around, trying to fire up threes before Indiana’s agile guards and forwards can get in the way. What you don’t want is Teague and Milsap making 18 free throws while Hibbert is face guarding Antic 20 feet out. Not saying this is their only problem by a long shot. Hibbert looks like he is carrying out a community service sentence out there and, well, the offense. But if Vogel won’t bench Hibbert (not for Scola! He is done…) this seems like a decent option. I remember after losing to Miami last year Vogel said they would have to implement some zone. Have they?

    7. @Z-man

      I have a hard time feeling bad for Paul since he spent the majority of the game looking to draw fouls over just trying to make plays. He has also transformed into one of my least favorite players to watch with his whining on each and every play regardless of how obvious a call may be. He’s like the guy during pickup that calls a foul every time he turns it over or misses a shot. Great player, but his histrionics make Lebron and Wade look like saints in comparison.


      Scola was only acquired at the cost of Gerald Green, Plumlee and this year’s first round pick. Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh. Amazing work.

    8. Many of us thought that the Nuggets winning the lottery would be the worst fate of this off season, but the Pacers collapse is pretty high up there too. If Atlanta wins this series, it will be a bitter pill for Knicks fans.

      Does white smoke over MSG mean that Woodson is fired or that it’s another six weeks of winter?

    9. The drumbeat for Woodson is reporters carrying water for CAA to maintain sources for future stories.

    10. If the Bulls are trying to create cap space, they have an alternative to trading away their two first round picks. The Bulls could draft Euros (like Dario Saric and Bogdan Bogdanovic) who want to spend at least one more season overseas. If they agree in writing that they will not sign in 2014-15, there is no cap hold.

      The bigger problem is that they would have to renounce all free agents and the MLE and biannual exemptions. They would have 2.5 million in cap holds for five empty slots. So, just an amnesty FO Boozer only gets the Bulls a starting salary of 13.3 million for Melo. If they ditch Dunleavy for no salary (a pick or player on team option), they get to 15.8 million. Ditching Greg Smith garners another 500k. Ditching Tony Snell adds 1 mm. So they could get to 17.8 million without losing Gibson or Butler. So a total deal of 4 years/75 million.

      That is a 20 million discount from the max deal Melo can sign with a New Team.

      Importantly, it is 54 million less than the Max Knicks deal. It is 27 million less in the first four years of the deal.

    11. Any of you cats on Twitter? I decided to start a sports-only account so I could bitch about sports without my real life friends thinking I’m crazy.

      Hook a brother up @WaitingForMelo

      p.s. love the Pacers disintegration act!

    12. It’s really funny to hear Indiana fans beg for Copeland to get some run in order to help their team exploit matchups and spread the floor. As great as Vogel is, he continues to throw out Scola and Turner when they have been pretty terrible offensively.

    13. The more I think about it, the more I think The Bulls are the only serious threat to take Melo away from us (unless Riley pulls some magic).

      My thinking is I just don’t see Melo going back to the Western Conference again because it is so much more competitive than The East. Pretty much any year the 8th seed in the West is capable of beating the number 1 seed and no matter how good of a regular season your team has, you still gotta go up against Durant, CP3 and Blake, Howard and Harden, The Spurs, Steph Curry, etc. Its just too much of a gamble.

      The East, however, will continue to be weak next year. Oddly enough, I’m kind of rooting for Miami bc I figure if they repeat or get to the Finals, then Riley won’t shake up that team but if they fall short, then we have to worry about Miami. I don’t think Indiana can really improve too much next year either. And bc Thibs has such a great reputation AND Melo could be the main offensive guy in Chicago, I think they are the only real threat, in which case I think we can do a sign and trade and get a nice haul of picks and players in return.

      But I think Phil and company can convince Melo that next year won’t be a wasted year mainly bc The East is so weak. The 8th seed Atlanta just stole game one against The Pacers. We match up well against The Pacers and The Heat. Pacers, Heat and Bulls, maybe Nets are the only real threats in the East. We had everything go wrong with us and a bad coach, so a few additions and a better coach/system can get us back to the 3rd or 4th seed next year. I really believe that. Chandler doesn’t break his leg, JR plays better in the first half of the season, Felton doesn’t have his worse year as a pro ever, Woodson isn’t our coach. Shump plays like average to good Shump and not awful/no confidence shump. Don’t play Bargnani except as a back up 5 for a few minutes a game, etc. Or get rid of him and use Odom/Gasol instead. I don’t think its gonna be that hard of a sell.

    14. @12. It really goes to show how much most NBA coaches are a slave to playing veterans and names. Scola is a veteran. Turner was their big acquisition and a high draft pick. Copeland is a guy who only got into the league last year and played in Europe before. Therefore, Vogel won’t play him bc of some stupid hierarchy. I bet a lot of times this stuff comes down from above but also I think there is an unspoken pecking order in the NBA in most locker rooms that prevents coaches from giving guys who truly deserve more PT the playing time they deserve over veterans and former high draft picks.

    15. @14 Copeland hasn’t played a lot, so I am not sure if he could keep up with his .621 TS in extended minutes, but since coming to Indiana Evan Turner has a .468 TS and Scola has been at .505. Copeland playing at his Knicks TS or even at league average TS would be an improvement, even if you factor in the rebounding and defense Cope would be giving up. If the team was still winning, perhaps you have an excuse, but the way the Pacers are reeling, it’s bizarre.

    16. Poor, poor Cope. If only anyone would let him play… Which brings me to my next question. Would anyone else take this team over our current team? Aldrich-C Novak-PF Copeland-SF Prigioni-SG Lin-PG

    17. That would be the worst defensive team ever. It would give up 150+ points each night.

    18. Worst than Bargnani, Stat, Melo, Jr (Prigioni) & Felton?

      Really, that’s a serious question…

    19. Shocking how few assists there were in that Houston-Portland game. Looks like the former DPOY had no answer for LaMarcus.

    20. Yeah, it looked like it was either the guards on either team calling their own number or Lillard/Williams passing the ball to Aldridge and just letting him do what he wanted.

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