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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Knicks Morning News (2014.02.15)

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing: Stern Is Elected to Hall (Sat, 15 Feb 2014 06:02:57 GMT)
    David Stern, the departing N.B.A. commissioner, was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.    

  • [New York Times] Drummond’s 30-25 Wins Rising Stars Challenge (Sat, 15 Feb 2014 04:22:52 GMT)
    Andre Drummond had 30 points and a Rising Stars Challenge-record 25 rebounds, leading Team Hill to a 142-136 victory over Team Webber on Friday night.    

  • [New York Times] David Stern Elected to Basketball Hall of Fame (Sat, 15 Feb 2014 02:16:42 GMT)
    Stern, the departing N.B.A. commissioner, will be enshrined with the class of 2014 on Aug. 8 in Springfield, Mass.    

  • [New York Times] Melo Rules Out Trade, Open to Less Than Max Deal (Sat, 15 Feb 2014 01:37:43 GMT)
    Carmelo Anthony said Friday he knows “for a fact” the Knicks won’t trade him, and said he would be open to staying in New York for less than a maximum contract.    

  • [New York Times] Anthony Open to Pay Cut to Bolster Knicks (Sat, 15 Feb 2014 01:00:19 GMT)
    Carmelo Anthony planned to explore free agency, he said as he prepared for the N.B.A. All-Star Game, but his “first priority” was to re-sign with his current team.    

  • [New York Times] James, Durant Arrive at All-Star as NBA’s 1A, 1B (Sat, 15 Feb 2014 00:08:34 GMT)
    With the first pick in the 2014 NBA All-Star fantasy draft …    

  • [New York Daily News] Melo: If Knicks do more, I’ll take less (Sat, 15 Feb 2014 04:32:22 GMT)
    Carmelo Anthony’s “I want to test free agency” proclamation has had Knicks management on edge since October but given yet another chance to discuss his future plans Anthony said today that he’d be willing to take a pay cut if it can help the Knicks rebuild their roster.    

  • [New York Post] Hardaway trey-mendous at Rising Stars (Sat, 15 Feb 2014 01:01:57 -0500)
    NEW ORLEANS — With his dad — who was named a finalist for the Basketball Hall of Fame for a second year in a row — watching from the stands,…

  • [New York Post] Timberwolves star feeling Love from all over (Sat, 15 Feb 2014 00:04:36 -0500)
    NEW ORLEANS — The biggest news out of All-Star Friday — besides Minnesota's Kevin Love proclaiming "Saw” as his favorite Valentine's Day movie — was Carmelo Anthony stressing his preference…

  • 54 comments on “Knicks Morning News (2014.02.15)

    1. Totes McGoats

      Watching last night’s game I couldn’t help but think that if TH2 had Waiters’ handle he could be an all star. I normally don’t watch the Rising Stars game but last night’s game was rather enjoyable.

    2. Cock Jowles, #1 Nostradumbass

      I’ve gotta say it, Totes: If only my auntie had bollocks she’d be my uncle.

      Not sure if this is a shock to anyone, but I think Melo should look for the most money and take it. It’s not his fault that the market overvalues him, and it’s not his fault (entirely) that the Knicks have put truly awful pieces around him. (This year proves that the Kidd signing, which was a large reason the Knicks won so many games last year, was blind luck. He really was that good.)

      If my company fucks up its resource allocation, they shouldn’t expect me to take a pay-cut voluntarily. That’s all I’m saying.

      I actually hope someone else overpays him. He’ll never play in the NBA Finals, but at least he can buy a few more houses in Europe. That’s what I’d do.

    3. Totes McGoats

      I’m 200% with u CJ if you’re saying the Knicks should rebuild. As much as I love the season Melo’s having I hope the FO doesn’t get duped into re-signing Melo with his pay cut talk. This is our best chance to stockpile rebuild pieces. No, we probably can’t get rid of JR/Bargs/Stat, but if Mills is savvy enough he can (borrowing from MLB) rebuild the farm system so to speak. Tyson and Melo are enough to bring back solid chips. I’m still against trading Shump unless he’s part of a package that yields a lottery pick or ascending young player or Durant (no chance on that tho lol).

    4. Cock Jowles, #1 Nostradumbass

      If you sign three different players to contracts that cannot be traded, you are either ridiculously unlucky or horrible at your job.

      I said it back in 2011 and I’ll say it again.

      “Carmelo’s signing is all about risk. It’s not about continuation of high-level play — it’s about speculation as to whether he can be the player that he’s touted as. And selling the farm for that kind of risk reeks of Isiah, and I hope you’re all happy when the ship is in flames and we have a 33-year-old PF with bad knees that we’re looking to unload as an expiring and an unhappy “superstar” who is unloaded for peanuts to a team like the ’07 Celts where he’s finally surrounded by the efficient players he needs to be successful.

      It’s a risky proposition, and that’s foolish. Risk has no place in a league that guarantees its contracts and allows incompetent management and ownership to allocate 30% of a team’s on-court resources to one player alone. Carmelo will end the Knicks re-ascent before it finishes one season.”


      It happened. It’s happening right now.

    5. Hubert

      No shortage of people bending over backwards to say I told you so these days.

      On behalf of everyone reading this garbage, allow me to tell you and RuRu in no uncertain terms: no one gives a shit if you called it.

      You guys make so many statements with unequivocal certainty that some of them are bound to turn out to be right. Meanwhile, how do your guarantees that we wasted a draft pick on Tim Hardaway Jr look now?

    6. chrisk06811

      I would like to remind everyone that the day we signed Jeremy Lin, I made it clear that he was the best Asian-American Ivy League PG in the league.

    7. danvt

      On behalf of everyone reading this garbage, allow me to tell you and RuRu in no uncertain terms: no one gives a shit if you called it.

      It hasn’t come true. Carmelo hasn’t been unloaded for peanuts. Other Jowles predictions have. Bargnani at the starting 5 is one of the main reasons we’re in this mess. Amar’e’s lack of lateral quickness on the defensive end has also cost us games. If all of their minutes had been taken by Diogu, and Aldrich, we would be at .500 right now. True, the Melodrama left the cupboards bare but we’ve gotten pretty good talent to support him anyway. Last year, Novak, Kidd, Prigioni, Copeland, Thomas, Wallace. I even like this years bench. Unfortunately, Felton has been bad, and Shump and JR have been inconsistent. I feel like the latter two can get it together. Most smart people thought they would have been better. So, there you have it. The anatomy of a bad season. Mostly it’s about tightening up our perimeter and inside defense. We’ve got the bodies. Has the coach pushed the wrong buttons? Yes, but you have to leave with the prom date you took to the prom (I think that’s how the aphorism goes?). Woody needed to give those guys a shot. Now, I hope we see more Murray, Aldrich, and Tyler. You know we’ll get more TH2. Will we make the playoffs? I don’t think so but it all makes sense as to how and why it went down and the “I saw it in 2011″ predictions are really empty.

    8. Z-man

      Well, I for one am willing to admit that my optimism was misguided and that THCJ has been essentially correct about way more things than he’s been wrong about. Here are some things that he correctly predicted:

      We gave up way too much for Melo and he will be overpaid compared to his production
      Felton will suck
      Bargnani will suck and we will rue giving up #1’s for him
      Amare will be a huge albatross by the end of his contract
      We should have matched the Lin offer (I’m still not sure on this one, but thinking that Felton was a better answer is turning out to be a joke)
      Shump will not be as good as Faried (clearly true for now)

      I think THCJ still overrates Chandler, Faried and Drummond, but those are quibbles compared to the many thing he has nailed. He went out on a limb to predict disaster this season, and took lots of grief for it. In retrospect, his predictions were on the rosy side.

      The main reason we suck, imo, is Felton. His play on both ends has been nothing short of horrible, especially on defense. When it becomes predictable that guys like Jimmer Fredette will have career nights on the Garden floor, that is the pits. And as much as I have loved Shump, he’s goat #2. When he plays well, we are a different team, and he simply has been putrid on offense save for a few games.

      For all of Bargnani’s issues, his loss has not helped much. We still lost to the Bucks and Kings without him. It’s the guards more than anything else.

      While I will still watch the games and hope for a resurgence, my optimism is at an all-time low for both the short and the long run. I guess I can still hope that Shump, Timmy and Tyler can form a young core to begin the rebuilding process around, but at this point, I would just as rather fire woodson, let Melo go, cut JR, and bring up a D-league PG to replace Felton.

    9. chrisk06811

      Are you really saying that playing Aldrich and Ike Diogu would have turned 12 of the last 52 games from losses to wins? Is this the same Ike who wasn’t picked up by another team? The same Ike whose Bakersfield team in the D league is 12-20? They are called the Jam….did I really just google that?

    10. danvt

      I think the reason that the long span predictions ring hollow is that the variables are what make them come true or not. I mean, did anyone predict that Tyson would break his leg in game 5? We love to bemoan our horrible organization but sometimes we overlook the obvious. I mean, you could argue that Chandler is our best player (I wouldn’t but you could). What if MIA loses one of their big three? That’s a variable that people will discuss. So, predictable things happen for unpredictable reasons, that’s all I’m saying. Also, it’s enough with crying over the circumstances that got Melo here. Despite the prognostications the story of this season is that four rotation players we were relying on have had bad years. If Shump, Chandler, Felton, and JR show up in November we’re looking ahead with optimism now. Three of them have been dealing with injuries. If there’s an “I told you so” it’s Felton (who also hasn’t been healthy either).

    11. danvt

      “Are you really saying that playing Aldrich and Ike Diogu would have turned 12 of the last 52 games from losses to wins?”

      I thought Ike displayed a nose for the ball in October. I think he certainly would have more rebounds than STAT in the same minutes. Ditto Aldrich Vs. Barney-Annie. We have all the scoring we need. I like the 5-7 on STAT’s stat line but those are dunks. I see why coach would invest minutes in getting those guys going but it obviously hasn’t worked out. What we need are healthy role players who get in front of people and get caroms.

    12. max fisher-cohen

      continuing the conversation about Melo’s comments from yesterday — I do think players understand the cap insofar as it affects their own salaries, which is the main reason I think Smith was so pissed about Lin’s contract. Lin’s deal would have pushed the Knicks up into higher tiers of the incremental tax, causing a new contract for Smith to cost the Knicks a lot more in real dollars, creating the possibility that they wouldn’t want to re-sign him or would offer him less money. I doubt, however, that JR knew anything more than what CAA told him, which was probably just that if Lin re-signs, the Knicks might not pay you as much. I’m sure all players understand Bird Rights for this reason, but I highly doubt the average player understands much more than this.

      Anthony could be doing two things with his comments. He might be setting himself up with an excuse to leave, setting up criteria that he knows the Knicks can’t meet — “I gave the Knicks every chance to put a title level talent around me, but it hasn’t worked out.” – Carmelo Anthony, Summer 2014 — or he could legitimately believe that the Knicks actually have the goods to build a great team and are just holding back. Given his track record of candidness, I lean towards the latter, and if that’s the case, then he must not really understand how screwed the Knicks are as all they can really say to Melo this summer in terms of how they can build a contender is “we’ll have cap space in summer 2015″, which everyone already knows. If that was enough, he would not be creating all this drama/distraction by leaving open the possibility that he’ll leave.

    13. johnno

      “We have all the scoring we need.”
      You and I have apparently been watching different games this year.
      Re: Rumors of the Knicks trying to trade Udrih to the Wiz for Glen Rice, Jr. — I have no idea whether Rice is or might become a really good player, but I would love this trade for the simple reason that I think that it would be pretty cool to have Hardaway Jr. and Rice Jr. on the same roster.

    14. DRed

      Udrih is apparently useless, so trading him for anyone with even a smidgeon of upside is fine.

      I mean, did anyone predict that Tyson would break his leg in game 5?

      No, of course not. I know I (among others) said there was a real chance we were going to see Bargnani starting at center, because our other bigs were aging and injury prone.

    15. danvt

      “We have all the scoring we need.”
      You and I have apparently been watching different games this year.

      OK, I see you’re point but that’s because spot up shooters have regressed and Raymond hasn’t been able to make people pay for going under screens on the P&R. My point is that Amar’e and Andrea aren’t necessary. Carmelo is the focal point of the offense and everything can and should revolve around that. Our other 4’s and 5’s don’t need to be players we run stuff for. Any offense they’ve given us has been a pittance compared to what they have given up on the other end.

    16. danvt

      “No, of course not. I know I (among others) said there was a real chance we were going to see Bargnani starting at center, because our other bigs were aging and injury prone.”

      So, you did predict it. Touche’. My thesis is that if Aldrich (Tyler was injured) takes Tyson’s minutes rather than Bargs we’d be in better shape, just based on the superior defense and rebounding. It is a failure of coaching but I think it makes sense that Woody would give guys a chance and not just bench them 20 games into the season.

      So, all the predictions are kind of meaningless. If some troll economics professor who doesn’t root for the team says something three years ago and it comes true, there are many many reasons why it could have. If JR and Shumpert are having good years now, as many thought they would, then the soothsayers from 2011 don’t publish their thoughts from that time, today. If Tyson doesn’t get rolled over by Kemba Walker, same deal. So, congratulations guys. The Knicks suck. You told us so. It’s just that you got as lucky as they got unlucky.

    17. er

      I must say this all star break has been nice. I have been in a season long funk because of this fucking team. My head is a little clearer and only 30 games left. I posted last week that the Knicks schedule was pretty manageable over the last stretch with only 2 games vs Mia and 1 vs Ind and 2 vs GS. But after the loss to the Kings i cant even think like that anymore. The last 30 games is literally 1 game at a time. My last ounce of optimism says that the team can go on a 5-10 game win streak and get near .500 by seasons end, thats my last bit of delusion for the season. Im just gonna watch every game with 0 expectations

    18. Hubert

      Danvt, that’s the beauty of it. Their predictions haven’t even come true and they’re saying I told you so. RuRu is patting himself on the back bc Melo was quoted as saying he’ll take less money. Not because he took less money. Because he was quoted as saying he might.

    19. yellowboy90

      Is there any beneficial plan that would involve Amar’e opting out to take less money this summer? I know its best to just let his salary come of after 14/15 but if as a Gm you wanted to make a run this summer what could you present to STAT? Is there a salary amount that would be ok for Amar’e to remain on the roster beyond 14/15?

    20. ephus

      I want to give THCJ his due. He was right that this team was horribly constructed.

      I want Ruru to be correct and that Carmelo will take a discount that will allow the Knicks to construct a roster that makes sense. But tis many a slip between the cup and the lip.

    21. Brian Cronin

      But tis many a slip between the cup and the lip.

      Awesome. If you had thrown a “twixt” in there I would have been over the moon. ;)

    22. stratomatic

      Quick thoughts:

      1. If Melo is willing to take less money to give us more cap space in 2015, it might make sense to resign him. Depends on how much less.

      The remaining problem is his style of play. Holding the ball and needlessly running off clock, playing a lot of isolation, taking a lot of contested or long 2s etc… in not winning basketball. He has to change his game. He has to CONSISTENTLY use his scoring talents to make his teammates better by moving the ball quickly, adding assists, and improving his shot selection. He’d be WAY more valuable if he was scoring 20 PPG, with 5-6 assists, and a TS% closer to 60%. Can he do that? He’s capable. But he mentally thinks he’s a super-alpha. Unfortunately, he’s not.

      2. We all know Amare’s health has been a catastrophic problem & his defense is not up to par. I was against signing him to begin with because his defensive issues were well known & the health risks were apparent. But aside from that, he couldn’t have been a better teammate. Can we please give him a break & ROOT FOR HIM instead of whining.

      – Sure, he wanted the money & extra year, but he also came to a Knicks team that had no chance to contend because he was willing to think long term & win in NY.

      – After each injury he works his ass off relentlessly to come back & be the same EFFICIENT & significant offensive weapon he was as soon as he’s back in shape.

      – In the off season he has spent time working on improving himself as a player even though he’s already rich & could easily just settle. He has also been successful in doing so by adding some good post play.

      – When asked to come off the bench he barely said a peep even though I’m sure it’s killing him inside because he knows he could be a more efficient high usage scorer than Melo if given a decent P&R PG & the same role in the offense he had when he first came to NY under MDA.

      Give the guy a break. At least…

    23. ephus

      I like STAT.

      He is hard working.

      He had battled to come back.

      He has taken the move to the bench in stride.

      He has matured his offensive game through hard work.

      He is a mensch.

      He is also a horrible defensive player.

    24. stratomatic

      >He is also a horrible defensive player.<

      He's not much worse than several other Knicks "when he's actually in shape" as opposed to when he first comes back from injury and can't do a thing on either side of the ball.

    25. d-mar

      Speaking of defense, when was the last time a Knicks player took a charge? Remember Jared Jeffries, who for all of his offensive futility, would take a couple a game?

      There’s really no one on this team who commits themselves 100% to defense, except maybe Shump, and he always manages to commit one dumb foul after another.

    26. DRed

      So, all the predictions are kind of meaningless. If some troll economics professor who doesn’t root for the team says something three years ago and it comes true, there are many many reasons why it could have

      Yes and no. Predictions really shouldn’t be of a specific outcome. Like I would be dead wrong to have predicted “Tyson Chandler is going to break his leg this year”, because there’s nothing in Tyson’s career to suggest his leg would break. But at the same time you couldn’t look at the Knicks front court going into the season without saying “it is likely that those guys are going to miss a significant number of games”. That’s correct whether or not they actually did miss games.

      Looking at the Knicks going into this season we’d replaced efficient offensive players with less efficient ones and we were relying on aging, injury prone players to handle a significant number of minutes. That didn’t mean the Knicks were definitely going to a do a lot worse, but that it was right to be pessimistic about their chances. I was certainly wrong about a lot. I didn’t think Ray Felton would be this fucking bad, for example, but he wasn’t that good to begin with and he’s old and has a history of getting nagging injuries/not being in the best shape. I knew Bargnani would almost certainly suck, but I also thought that Woodson had shown the ability to be flexible last year, and than when Bargnani sucked Woodson would be willing to give guys like Cole a shot. That didn’t work out so well for us either. But the bottom line is that we had a lot of negative risk coming into the season, and that’s true no matter the outcome of the season. If you replayed this season 10,000 times there would be plenty of years where we’d be in much better shape right now, but I’d still have been right about being pessimistic.

    27. ephus

      Stat had a few strengths on defense – mostly his shot blocking ability from the weak side.

      He is a really bad defender in space and he does not rotate well, which is a problem because the Knicks are so committed to switching on all screens.

      Of course, a different coach might devise a defense that hides the problems and accentuates the strengths.

    28. JK47

      Anybody with half a brain should have realized that:
      1. Trading for Andrea Bargnani was a terrible idea, and
      2. Letting Jeremy Lin leave and bringing back Ray Felton was a terrible idea.

      I hated these moves when they were made, and was 100% certain they would not work out, and I am not some master prognosticator. Bargs and Felton have always been lousy players– maybe passable as stopgap guys in their peak seasons, but flat-out LOSING players over the vast majority of their combined 35,000+ minutes. And big surprise– they stunk out the joint this year while both playing major minutes, at least until Bargs’ injury. You can’t overcome that. You can’t overcome a terrible starting PG and a terrible starting PF/C or whatever the hell position Bargs pretends to play.

      Bargs would have been a bad acquisition if they had picked him up for a second-round draft pick, but the thought that they traded an UNPROTECTED first round pick for him just shows you the hubris and short-sightedness of the dolts who run this franchise. “Why would we need to protect that pick? We’re awesome! Bargs will have helped us win two NBA championships by the time that pick is made, why protect a pick that’s certain to be #30 overall? I mean, we’ve never ever been burned by failing to protect draft picks in the past!” And of course now Bargs value is ZERO, the pick is gone and the Knicks’ FO still has not wrapped their heads around the Econ 101 principle of “opportunity cost.”

      Let Melo stay, let him walk, let him sign the supermax, let him give the team a discount– none of that is going to matter. James Dolan simply doesn’t get it. The Knicks will make the same mistakes again and again and again, in the same exact forehead-smacking ways they have done repeatedly since the Patrick Ewing trade. If you want to enjoy the Knicks, you have to appreciate them as farce. It’s the only way to keep yourself from losing your mind.

    29. yellowboy90

      @ 26

      Actually I believe Stat took a charge in the last game and has often taken changes this year.

      Do Amare work on D in the off season at all?

      Does amare’s past injuries get him a pass to put money over team/winning? Doesn’t he have generational money?

      What would be stat value going forward?

    30. Owen

      “Speaking of defense, when was the last time a Knicks player took a charge?”

      Thought the same thing the other day.

      JK47 – Nicely put.

      It’s just so hard to see a way through with Dolan in charge.

    31. DRed

      As far as Drummond, it’s not that amazing that he missed the All-Star game. He’s super young, plays for a shit team in a relatively small market, and nobody goes to an All-Star game to watch rebounding (see also Jordan, DeAndre). But it was wild for me to see Zache Lowe, who I think is a pretty sharp guy, pass over both of them on his all-star team. They’re 1-2 in WS/WP at the center spot, but Lowe still feels the “unstoppable” “ultra efficient” Boogie Cousins is a better choice. Cousins is a good player, and I’d be excited if he was on the Knicks, but he has a TS % .4 higher than an average center (granted, on a high usage, but whatever that is, it sure ain’t ultra-efficient), and both Drummond and Jordan outdo him in both TS% and PPS while outrebounding Cousins and turning it over much, much less.

    32. Jack Bauer

      “I can’t fucking believe we didn’t fire out idiot coach by now. What the hell is it going to take? ”

      +1000. Even Stevie Wonder can see he is not up to the task. The pieces don’t fit very well , but they shouldn’t be this godawful. A better coach would have them at least at .500 especially in the minor leagues that the Eastern Conference is this year.

    33. Owen

      How much of a mortal lock is Boogie Cousins catching Dolan’s eye and becoming a Knicks someday? It’s bound to happen.

      Knowing MSG we will give him a max deal just as he enters his decline phase….

    34. Cock Jowles, #1 Nostradumbass

      DRed, I’m agreeing with you in full here. 0.4% over the average center at high volume means exactly what it sounds like: average shooting efficiency. Sure as fuck is not going to win you more than 41 games. Boogie can score with that there ball, but he ain’t Drummond. No one’s been Drummond. And considering he’s considered a plus defender, there is no one in the East who can pretend to be better.

      I pray to the basketball gods that LeBron gets him so they can win 32+ games on their own, 65 a season with competent teammates, and I never have to hear another Kobe vs. LeBron debate for the rest of my life or a “Is offensive rebounding important?” debate, either. Or Durant and Drummond. I can’t imagine how good the Thunder would be if they gave up Westbrook for Drummond and Jennings, benched the latter, and rode the former to playoff dominance.

      I just want to see great basketball. Why did Drummond have to be drafted by Joe Fucking Dumars?

      (I was wrong about Drummond, too. His college stats were weak.)

    35. Hubert

      Carmelo seems to want to use his leverage to make sure the Knicks put a plan in place. I give him credit for that. I have no doubt in my mind that winning here is his primary career goal.

      If he really wants to use his leverage correctly, though, he should use it to get a real head of basketball operations in charge. Tell Dolan either you hire a Pat Riley/Daryl Morey kind of person and let them be 100% in charge, or walk.

      Instead, I feel the pressure he is exerting now will just lead the idiots in charge to make a stupid trade next week. I continue to fear that we’ll trade the right to swap our 2015 draft pick before the deadline passes.

    36. JK47

      Instead, I feel the pressure he is exerting now will just lead the idiots in charge to make a stupid trade next week.

      They’ll make whatever stupid trade we all fear, giving up their 2018 pick and swap rights for 2015, and then Melo will walk anyway.

      Because Knicks.

    37. Jack Bauer

      Wait for it…… that stupid trade is coming soon for sure. It will be something so stupid we couldn’t even come close to guessing beforehand.

    38. Brian Cronin

      I don’t believe that there will be a trade now. Except maybe Udrih being dumped. I think the moves will come after the season ends. To wit, I imagine Woody will be fired after the season now. Partially since Dolan likely doesn’t see the point in paying another coaching staff for a lost season and partially so he can say he didn’t go back on what he said earlier.

    39. danvt

      “RuRu is patting himself on the back bc Melo was quoted as saying he’ll take less money.”

      I like RuRu because he doesn’t simply go after other posters negatively (To be fair I haven’t been on this blog a ton lately). He researches his posts and doesn’t simply regurgitate other peoples stuff. Yes, he’s a Melo fan. Yes, Paul Krugman is a liberal. Any pundit has a point of view. The important thing is how strong the arguments are and how they are presented. I come here for a conversation and for insight into the strengths and weaknesses of my perspective, not to simply get told I’m wrong.

    40. danvt

      Yes and no. Predictions really shouldn’t be of a specific outcome. Like I would be dead wrong to have predicted “Tyson Chandler is going to break his leg this year”, because there’s nothing in Tyson’s career to suggest his leg would break. But at the same time you couldn’t look at the Knicks front court going into the season without saying “it is likely that those guys are going to miss a significant number of games”. That’s correct whether or not they actually did miss games.

      That’s fair, but again, no one made Woody start “Bargs Has Bite” at the 5 once Tyson went down. I don’t mind that he tried it for a week but beyond that it was just stubborn and really, it took an injury to get him out of there. I love Amar’e the man too, but he should also should be a “break glass in case of emergency” type of player. I mean, when Pat Riley was here, he sat Ro Blackmon for Starks. It didn’t matter that he had been an all star and that Starks had bagged groceries. If you played D and were in shape you played for Riles. Woodson doesn’t have nearly those type of stones. So, the front court problems that you wisely saw coming could have been mitigated, I think.

    41. yellowboy90

      Great win by UF against UK. Wilbekin, Prather, and Young were big and will make NBA rosters through 2nd rd or UFAs. I know I’m bias but I think each would fit in NY.

    42. Brian Cronin

      It’s too bad McLemore went against Wall, because McLemore’s dunk was great, too. But Wall’s was just outstanding.

    43. yellowboy90

      The Dunk contest resembles the American idol the voice/ you think you can dance/ Sunday’s Best/America’s got talent culture.

    44. thenoblefacehumper

      I don’t love how they changed it so everyone only gets one chance. I was hoping there’d be a final round of some sort.

    45. Brian Cronin

      I like the idea of the battle round, except I think it should be that all six players should compete against each other in a knockout competition with the winner being the last man standing.

      Maybe do it like have a first round where the scores the players get set the order for the second round. So the 5th and 6th best scores play against each other and the winner of that battle plays the 4th best score and the winner of that battle plays the 3rd ranked player and so on and so forth.

    46. Owen

      The judges should talk much less and the players dunk more.

      Hitting your first dunk looks like a dominant strategy in this format….

    47. Brian Cronin

      I dunno, only John Wall won making his first dunk, right? I agree that it seems like you get a little extra oomph by making it right away, but that’s always been the case. They still seem to judge the guys on their final dunk.

      I do agree that we did not need to hear from the judges. Just let them vote. And I dunno what product they were endorsing, but making the judges use some sort of tablet to display their vote was ridiculously silly.

    48. Jack Bauer

      Saw the highlights of THJR against Waiters, that was quite a shooting exhibition. Perhaps the Knicks might want to keep a young talent like that and actually give him more burn. Nahhh they’ll probably trade him, Shump, and the 2018 1st round pick (unprotected of course) for some over the hill has been. That’s your New York Knicks owner/front office for you.

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