Knicks Have Two of the Top 15 Most Popular Jerseys

The team might not be doing all that well (although they’re certainly on the upswing), but the Knicks have two of the top fifteen most popular jerseys!

Read on to see which Knicks made the Knicks and where (and which Knick has a more popular jersey than Dwight Howard!)!

Here’s the list…

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Kevin Garnett
3. LeBron James
4. Chris Paul
5. Allen Iverson (Pistons jersey)
6. Pau Gasol
7. Paul Pierce
8. Dwyane Wade
9. Derrick Rose
10. Nate Robinson
11. Steve Nash
12. Dwight Howard
13. Ray Allen
14. David Lee
15. Carmelo Anthony

I think this does well for the whole “Lebron would like to play in a bigger market” angle, as damn, Lebron is third?!!?

And if I was Dwight Howard, I think I would be more put off by being below Nate on the jersey list than losing to him for that dunk contest.

Two Knicks in the top fifteen is quite a sight! Even if they are there more because New York is a big market, it’s still cool.

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7 thoughts to “Knicks Have Two of the Top 15 Most Popular Jerseys”

  1. I was actually expecting to see a Knick up on that list, but not necessarily who or in what order (I thought Lee would be the lone Knick and was surprised Nate was ranked higher than Howard). IIRC at different times in the past, both Houston and Marbury were up in the top 10 despite Houston IMHO not being all that popular of a player outside of NY, and Marbury being a malcontent. I mean, the Knicks have never really struck me as having a national fanbase (or even gaining a lot of bandwagoners from other parts of the country) like the Lakers or Celtics, so I think this really shows how much potential just being in a market like New York can be.

  2. Good spot. Amazing to see David Lee on the list. I thought I was the only one who had a jersey (purchased January 2007). ;-)

    To me, the fact he is so popular with the fans, and is the face of the franchise in promotions and on the internet makes it less likely he gets traded. But we shall see…

  3. I was surprised to see that Yao is not on the list. Even a guy like Melo at 15 is a bit of a shock. I’d like to know who was 16 – 30 to see who else Lee is outselling.

  4. I own a Pat Ewing shirt, and I’m from Argentina!! (Does Manu Ginobili ring a bell??).
    We have some Knicks here, so you can say that we have a “big” market, but I prefer to see me as a Knick and a basketball fan.

    Right now, I’d only buy Lee’s shirt. Not another. Only Carlos Delfino, if the rumor becames true and we finally have an argentinian player!! Please someone, have mercy and give us Delfino!!!!

  5. I love to see NateRob up there. Im a husky fan originally from seattle but live in Portland. Ive had my Knicks NateRob jersey since he was a rookie and have loved watchin him and the knicks on the westcoast since. Keep on supporting Nate knicks fans, he always puts everything he has on the court. GO DAWGS!

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