Knicks Announce Coaching Staff

The Knicks have announced their coaching staff for the 2008-09 season.

Herb Williams manages to survive yet another coaching change (this is now, remarkably, the fifth head coach that Herb Williams has served as an assistant coach under – can you imagine that? Five different coaches have chosen to keep Williams on staff – that’s amazing) to remain as an assistant with the team. While it has some downsides (not fully cutting the cords of the previous coaching administration), I like this move. Williams is a good guy and he has a good relationship with the players, so with D’Antoni short on staff (as Alvin Gentry stayed in Phoenix to bridge the gap from D’Antoni to new coach, Terry Porter), it makes sense to keep Williams. I’d imagine he would serve much the same role Gentry served in Phoenix – the sort of “player’s representative” on the staff.

The other two coaches are Phil Weber and Mike’s older brother, Dan, both of whom have served with Mike at Phoenix (Weber for the full term, Dan D’Antoni for the past three years).

Thanks to Jon Abbey for the tip.

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11 thoughts to “Knicks Announce Coaching Staff”

  1. Not that assistant coaches have (any?) impact, but Herb will have played for or worked with an impressive variety — Riley, Larry Brown, Wilkens & D’Antoni, not to mention the legendary Isiah Thomas.

    I can think of a few examples where assistants really played a big role — Rick Carlisle for Larry Bird, Thibodeau this year — but those were situations where the head coach designed an unusual arrangement, splitting duties.

    Byron Scott did that with Eddie Jordan, and Eddie probably got too much credit — the buck always stops at the top.

    Not that it makes more than a very minute difference, but I like the Phil Weber hire — supposedly here as the “shooting coach” or “skill coach.” Obviously the players are 98 percent of it, and the coaching maybe 2 percent, but Phoenix had some of the sharpest skills in the league, so if you’re going to have a “skills” coach, it might as well be him.

  2. After I read Seven Seconds or Less, of all the Phoenix assistants, I was most impressed with Iavaroni. Just from the book, Weber seemed like an okay coach, while Dan D’Antoni mostly spouted cliches about just wanting it more than the other team.

  3. Iavaroni might just be one of those people who is absolute genius at what he does (defense), but it doesn’t mean that he’s able to work with the players – which may do him in.

    I hope not, I’m a fan of him, as well.

    And yeah, Dan D’Antoni comes across as basically “cheering my brother on!” in Seven Seconds or Less.

  4. Teach those boys how to shoot! I want to see D Lee and Balk come in with a much improved jumper….but we’ll se about that.

  5. Does this mean that Patrick Ewing will definitely not be coming in to help coach the big men? He probably wouldn’t be a good fit for D’Antoni’s style of play, but I would have like to see him back on the NY bench, nonetheless.

  6. yes, Ewing is definitely not wanted although Orlando made him available, that’s been officially announced a couple of times.

  7. I’m still not sold on Ewing as a coach. He didn’t have a great reputation in Washington and whenever Yao compliments one of his coaches he always goes for Tom Thibodeau for helping his game the most and not Ewing who was brought there to work with Yao. Dwight has given Ewing some praise but I need more convincing.

    A big man coach I’d love the Knicks to hire is Robert Parish. He runs those summer camps with Clifford Ray and wants to get into coaching. I think he’s a good big man coach prospect.

  8. you know, a couple years back kareem was campaigning to coach the knicks a little bit. he was hot off winning the nbdl championship or something and is next stop after that was basically turning andrew bynum into a real force seemingly overnight. we should have got kareem a while ago.

  9. i love herb, great company guy. doesn’t really appear to have the abrasive demeanor that successful head coaches as of late seem to have, so who knows if he’s any good, but i’m glad he’s on the staff.

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