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Monday, May 21, 2018

Knicks 81 Spurs 99

I think this says it all.

OPP	k_eFG	o_eFG	Net%	Result
MIN 42.7% 54.4% -12% L
BOS 43.6% 59.7% -16% L

PHI 50.0% 49.3% +1% W
LAC 53.8% 48.6% +5% W
IND 42.6% 50.0% -7% L
SAS 41.3% 50.7% -9% L
OPP = Knicks’ opponent
k_eFG = eFG% of the Knicks’ shooters
o_eFG = eFG% of their opponent’s shooters
NET% = The difference (positive is the Knicks were better)
Result = Win or Loss

There was one play last night that symbolizes the Knicks defense up to this point. Beno Udrih, lost Marbury on an easy cut to the hoop and had a wide open layup. What does it say about the Knicks’ effort and ability on the defensive end when their best player gets embarrassed by the 28th overall pick from Slovenia in his 6th career game?