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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Knicks 2017 Game Thread: Grizzlies

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185 comments on “Knicks 2017 Game Thread: Grizzlies

  1. GoNyGoNyGo

    Looking good to start.
    Pushing the ball.
    Crashing the boards.
    Fighting around screens.

    Key match-up tonight is Rose vs. Conley.

  2. Kahnzy

    I like how we go from Mike’s over-the-top enthusiasm for a write-up in the first game thread to just blank nothingness for game 2.

    You speak volumes even when you say nothing, Owen.

  3. Kahnzy

    Noah has been, legit, one of my favorite players since he’s been in the league (I live near UF so I followed his college career more than I usually do) and I really wish we had him for his prime…

    That pick hurt me more than any other that we traded away.

  4. Owen Post author

    Noah is awesome. I love love love him and I don’t think there is any player who exemplifies the spirit of the Riley/Van Gundy Knicks better in the NBA. Not surprising since he grew up watching them. Just hard to rely on his health.

    Also, I just received my annual reminder that Vince Carter is still in the NBA. Hard to believe.

  5. ephus

    Noah is moving much better than he did last year. Courtney Lee is putting the ball in the basket. Derrick Rose is using possessions to no good effect.

  6. Kahnzy

    Also, I just received my annual reminder that Vince Carter is still in the NBA. Hard to believe.

    There’s actually a movement to get him to compete in the dunk contest this year.

  7. Owen Post author

    People can say whatever they want about KOQ’s work ethic and locker room demeanor but that beard is magnificent.

  8. llcoolbp

    I’m visiting New Orleans. It’s my last day here and I’m at the pelicans game. Reading this game thread to keep up with my Knicks. So keep the comments coming gentleman.

    I used to live in NOLA. 2011-2014. Pretty much missed AD. I used to get tickets for dirt cheap. I once sat court side when the Knicks were in town (the 54 win team), for like 250 bucks. 5 seats over from spike who was shooting old boy down here. Definitely a different buzz here now with AD taking the quantum leap. Pretty excited to see him live. My seats today are more of the nosebleed variety.

  9. GoNyGoNyGo

    @llcoolbp – have fun.

    Knicks are playing with passion. Why was Melo arguing with the ref and earning a T when WE had two free throws? Clyde needs to give Melo some lessons on how to stay cool and mellow.

  10. Totes McGoats

    Just wow. Even though Rose is taking stupid shots, I certainly hope the team can sustain this type of effort and energy

  11. djphan

    still a lot of midrange shots but they are falling this game…. the movement was a lot better to start and running the offense through noah instead of rose was the reason….

  12. GoNyGoNyGo

    It’s this second unit that I worry about. The Grizzlie second unit, with Randolph and Carter, is intriguing.

  13. ephus

    And then Jennings isos and last possession with a pick and pop 3, which he airballs.

    They are not all going to be great possessions with Brandon Jennings at the point.

  14. Nick C.

    Looking good other than a fugly shot here and there from the PGs. I like the way Hornacek has staggered bringing in subs.

  15. ClashFan

    3 of Lee’s shots were jumpers. One was a lay in after a nice pass.

    The 60% shooting will likely not stop, but hopefully they can keep drawing fouls — 8 FT in the first quarter.

  16. ephus

    Kyle O’Quinn with one of the worst dives on the PnR imaginable. He picks up the offensive foul for crushing the defender in the lane. If that foul had not been called, he threw a turnover in trying to get the ball out for the corner 3.

  17. ephus

    Zach Randolph may be done. He has missed his last five shots. If he cannot operate in the low post, he has virtually no value.

  18. Geo-n-SoCal

    catching the game ‘ol school style, listening in on Sirius xm…sounds like we’re doing pretty good…

    man, this sucks – wish I was watching the game…

  19. Owen Post author

    You gotta love the Garden chanting “Joakim Noah”….

    We may have a shithead for an owner but we know good basketball…

  20. JK47

    The Grizz are a pretty busted team right now but you have to beat up on beatable teams when you get the chance. This is a pretty aesthetically pleasing brand of ball the Knicks are playing tonight– lots of ball movement, 17 assists on 21 field goals.

  21. Owen Post author

    I feel like that is a clear out foul on Gasol. Extended his arms fully. Veteran getting the benefit of seniority against Willy…

    Crazy we are only up by 9….

  22. Geo-n-SoCal

    haven’t been much of a KOQ fan up to this point – but, it sounds like he’s born again with hassle this year…

    all you hear over the air is KP’S name every other second…

  23. massive

    If I’m Carmelo Anthony I’m taking that fine and I’m speaking out against the refs:

    “Nah I just feel like when teams play us they all know they can be a little more physical. We get the worst whistle in the league. It’s evident to anybody who is watching; teams can beat up on us all day. You can’t tell me that when teams scout us and watch the film that they don’t say “okay the refs are going to let us play” and proceed to play an overly physical game. It’s ridiculous actually.”


  24. ephus

    Only Clyde can rock a pink three-piece suit and make me think, “That’s pretty conservative.”

    I wish that there had been a Patrick Ewing representative at the halftime ceremony.

  25. massive

    Who would have thought the Knicks’ big three would be Lee, Noah, and Porzingis?

    Me. And I would have told you Billy Buckets and Ronathan Baker would be right behind.


  26. Owen Post author

    It’s great to see KP running the floor like that but it also looks like an injury waiting to happen….

    Dirty foul if you ask me

  27. GoNyGoNyGo

    Derrick Rose with a nifty layup. We haven’t had this sort of lane penetration in a long time.

  28. Owen Post author

    Derrick Rose wades into the usage/efficiency debate….

    Apparently he can be himself now that he doesn’t have to score so much…

  29. Geo-n-SoCal

    it sounds like the refs ain’t doing us no favors – not sure though if that’s just cuz I’m listening to Breen and brown calling the game…

  30. Owen Post author

    It was hard enough to listen to live, not rewinding it. At this point in my NBA fandom listening to the player’s narrative isn’t a big part of the fun for me….

    Who the hell is Jamychal Green?

  31. llcoolbp

    Knicks game is getting tighter. San Antonio looks good. Such a polished team. Some beers on the river walk later and my vacation through the south ends with a flight at 6 am. Then back to work. Hopefully the Knicks win so I have something nice to watch on my dvr when I get back.

  32. Owen Post author

    Brandon Jennings just is not my cup of tea. And I doubt that changes. Ultimate ball stopper.

  33. Frank

    Holiday needs a lot more minutes.

    Interesting to see hornacek leave hernangomez on Randolph. I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way.

  34. Geo-n-SoCal

    hmmmmm, maybe it’s a good thing I’m not watching…sounds like this could be an emotionally challenging quarter of basketball to watch…

  35. Geo-n-SoCal

    interested to hear which 5 players finish the game for us…sounds like both Lee and Holiday should be out there…

  36. Frank

    I guess this is how this lineup is supposed to work. Noah to Anthony for the and-1. KP for 3. Rose with some nice takes in the paint.

    And meanwhile- anyone not name Gasol has been afraid to go into the paint when Porzingis is there. Unicorn.

  37. Nick C.

    I take back my criticism of the trade with the Bulls. lol
    Holiday, Noah and D-Rose all making plays to put it back to double digits

  38. GoNyGoNyGo

    Noah and KP with 5 fouls each. Not good. One thing we can tell from tonight is that the starting five, when they get rolling, will be good.

  39. Owen Post author

    Yeah, KP stepped out of the flow of the game there….

    Rose doesn’t look that good to me. Through 60 minutes of ball this season he has two free throw attempts and one 3 and the vert clearly isn’t there. Shooting floaters all game long is a hard way to make a living in the NBA…

  40. Frank

    Lets see how Rose’s floater plays out before we say it’s a bad shot. Tony Parker, Isaiah Thomad, etc have made careers out of floaters. And he’s had a bunch of layups today too.

  41. GoNyGoNyGo

    The NBA has to eliminate the hack-a-_____ by going to a 3-shots-to-make-2 with 4 minutes to go in the game.

  42. djphan

    the floater itself isn’t a bad shot…. it’s just that it’s indicative of rose’s inability to draw a foul…

  43. latke

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen intentional fouling of good free throw shooters with the game that close and that much time left. I could see doing it if you’re down 15 just because you need those possessions, but the Grizz were only down 8 IIRC.

  44. d-mar

    This is an homage to the World Series, showing how you can extend the time of a sporting event to excruciating levels.

  45. Brian Cronin

    If you’re gonna be hacking 85pct ft shooters, shouldn’t you at least be taking 3s on offense?

    SO dumb. I liked it, of course, but SO dumb!

  46. Frank

    Noah is freaking great. And there’s still no real chemistry yet between him and the rest of the offense.

  47. GoNyGoNyGo

    This is the kind of game the Knicks need to continue to win to get into the playoffs. The Cavs and Warriors are going to pound a lot of teams. The Knicks need to win games against teams in their tier, like the Grizzlies.

  48. djphan

    solid win… if we made our ft’s it would not have been that close….

    rose still taking too many shots but noah and porzingis being hyper efficient made up for it this game…. when the ball is in noah’s hands it makes it easier to prevent melo and rose/jennings stagnating the offense…

    only other blackmark was the rebounding but hopefully it gets better once noah gets more minutes…. kp needs to do better there also….

  49. massive

    Joakim Noah needs to cut the fouls down. He’s going to have the most positive plus mini this year and we need him as much as we can get him.

  50. massive

    I 100% stand behind my comments that Noah is a top 15 player in the league when healthy. If Porzingis, Noah, and Rose improve through the season and Courtney Lee keeps course we could be really good. And Kuz/Holiday need ALL of Thomas’ minutes. He’s trash.

  51. lavor postell

    Noah looked great and Rose looked real quick. If they give us enough games I think we’re a playoff team, but a very long way to go yet.

  52. massive

    If we cut down the fouls this will be a very good basketball team. I guess Memphis’ physical style against the Knicks leads to a lot of foul calls. I’m ready for the next game! Derrick Rose should improve his efficiency or else he’ll be the starter in Milwaukee next season.

  53. KnickfaninNJ

    Rose looked to me like he couldn’t hit a jump shot or even come close in some cases. I hope he improves… As I said before, he ought to drive as much as possible because his overall percentage on them is better, even if not great. But he does need to make a team pay if they just stop the drive and leave him wide open.

  54. Dough Chew

    Love, love, LOVE watching Noah out there. There are few things I enjoy seeing more than a passing big man.

  55. KnickLifer

    Rose shot like 2 jumpers. He’s a rhythm player. His shot will come with time. He’s always been a decent midrange jump shooter. Melo needs to stop bringing the ball up the court so much & Let Rose push in transition after missed shots.

  56. latke


    Noah signing was terrible. It was the equivalent of buying a 15 year old Range Rover when you’re 13 years old.

  57. Clyde's suit

    Noah was great tonight! Holiday is better than Grant, Rose is a quantum leap from the corpse of Calderon. Jennings..meh, tonight at least. Trying a bit too hard I think.

    Noah is so far ahead of Lopez its not even worth comparing them. The Knicks starting five is vastly improved from last year. This team will be fun to watch and I suspect quite competitive as the season moves ahead. Looking forward to seeing what they look like after 20 games or so.

    Rose did some good things tonight. The penetration is a marvel to behold. No one on Memphis could stay in front of him…

  58. ruruland

    You’re right, Clyde, no one could stay in front of Rose and he finished well again. His passing and anticipation was light-years better than the opener.

    Starting 5 looks to have a chance to be extremely good.

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