Knicks 2010 Season Preview Part 2

[In case you missed it, Part I is here.]

Larry Hughes SG

What the Numbers Say
Through the first 4 preseason games, Larry is 1 fer 20. Yipes.

What the Team Says
“Larry Hughes is a guy that can score points and create his own shot. And I think that’s also very good in Mike’s system.” – Donnie Walsh (after the trade deadline deal that netted Hughes for Tim Thomas.)

What the Player Says
“I’m a proven scorer in this league, so it’s not a problem for me,” Hughes said after the Knicks held an open practice for fans at Fordham University yesterday. “It’s the preseason. I’m not too concerned.”

What My Gut Says really just about sums it up. Alas, I fear good old Larry has the potential to be this year’s Marbury. No, I don’t mean he’s going to eat Vaseline, it’s just that he has a history of pitching a fit when presented with less playing time than he believes he merits. Nor does he seem to have a firm grasp on what his own abilities are. Proven scorer, my fanny.

Wilson Chandler – SG (in name only)/SF

What the Numbers Say
I can’t parse the stats for the life of me, but Wilson Chandler pops up all over the place in Dave Berri’s “Overrated players of 08-09” list.

What the Team Says
“He’s a great kid that works hard and I really think he has a chance,” D’Antoni said. “That will depend on him and the work that he puts in in the summertime, and he thinks he’s going to do it. I hope he does.”

What the Player Says
“Shake ’em up, shake ’em up, shake ’em up, shake ’em. Roll ’em in a circle of fellas and watch me break ’em” (a tweet in response to Nate Rob’s tweet) Apparently they like tweeting Ice Cube lyrics to one another. Good times.

What My Gut Says
For some reason, in spite of his rim-rattling dunks and blocks that send the rock into the (very expensive) seats, Ill Will fails to make much of an impression on me. Perhaps it’s because he has fewer facial expressions, succeed or fail, than Paris Hilton. He’s a nice two-way SF who if he develops a more consistent jumper and solid handle could be Shawn Marion-lite. A quality guy to have and could certainly be a part of the rotation on a contender, I’d still have dealt him for the 5th pick/Ricky Rubio in a NY minute (assuming that it was even remotely possible).

Danilo Gallinari SF

What the Numbers Say
Danilo Gallinari (2009, Age 20) .448 FG, .444 3FG, .963 FT, 4.8 reb/36, 14.9 pts/36
Dirk Nowitzki (1999, Age 20 ) .405 FG, .205 3FG, .773 FT, 6.1 reb/36, 14.9 pts/36
(Full player comparison at

What the Team Says
“He’s the best shooter I’ve ever seen” — Mike D’Antoni

What the Player Says
“Wake up at 9.02 (because I do not like alarms perfect!) … Breakfast with milk and Nesquick … accompanied with biscuits or cornflakes in the morning … I need a lot of carbohydrates! Then long session in the bathroom to get ready, get dressed, I put the lenses, a bit of hair gel and so ready to go to training.” — Il Gallo

What My Gut Says
I amo Il Gallo! So, ciò sembra un po’gaio, ma è il suo soprannome. Che sono intendendo fare? One of the things that’s actually disappointed me in Danilo’s development is that his English has really improved. As a result, he sounds a lot less like Roberto Benigni/Chico Marx. It’s too bad. I was really looking forward with the post-game interview with Jill “Gimme A Minute” Martin where he screeched, “I want to make love to the firmament!” That said, I think he puts up Nowitzki-like #’s in year two (15 ppg, 6 rpg)

And even though he hasn’t officially made the team yet, I have to say that I‘m seriously pulling for Marcus Landry. Maybe it’s because he’s making the transition from undersized college center to SG/SF and the last player I can think of who pulled this off successfully was Earl Monroe, who played the pivot/with his back to the basket at Winston-Salem in the 60’s.

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8 thoughts to “Knicks 2010 Season Preview Part 2”

  1. Very well penned analysis of these three fellows, however it would have and easily could’ve have been much more concisely put–perhaps leaving out a few of the players’ attributes of which the mercilessly masochistic, though quite upstanding, regular, blog readers and/or contributors like myself who are so infected with that cancerous hope for the future that keeps us reading as if we were, well, upstanding fans of and upstanding team–ha upstanding, that may fit this sect of knick fans, and others on occasion, but is not so much fitting for the focus of our woes and rooting interest, at least of late–I digress, and have momentarily lost my train of thought in the the tangents….Ah, here. Through participating in this blog dedicated to such blind wishing, praying, potion brewing, or what have you, I have arrived at but one potential remedy–one I ought to have arrived at when they first began sucking–engingeer a 10-15 year temporal shift in either direction to either prevent the cap debacle or pray for a brighter tomorrow(no 2010 plan particularly thaws my carbonite frozen Knickerbocker optimism at this juncture)–well i believe that’s enough rant for today….when are me resigning michael ray?

  2. Hah! Good one Merlin. I”d like to think allmy semi-unecessary sub-dependent clauses are merely an homage to David Foster Wallace, but alas, I probably just need to be a better self-editor.

    PS – I too pine for the halcyon days of the Sugar Ray/Ray Williams “Dynamic Duo” backcourt.

  3. knicks looked better tonight, nice team effort. The 3 was falling and the Celts played their bench in the 4th quarter, but the intensity on D was beyond anything we saw last year.

    Jeffries had a very solid game on both ends. He continues to look more tradable every game.

    Nate was tremendous again, as was Lee.

    The Knicks went big for a stretch and it definitely was a change from last year when we were defenseless vs. a big lineup. Darko was a factor again defensively.

    Harrington had a very solid game, looked like an all-star at times.

    Not Chandler’s best game, but he was still pretty solid all around.

    Danilo was feisty tonight. Daniels and Pierce took it right to him at times, but he responded on the offensive end better than he had all preseason.

  4. Recent draftees Jerel McNeal and Dionte Christmas have been cut by their respective teams. Any interest in taking a look at either of these guards?

  5. “Recent draftees Jerel McNeal and Dionte Christmas have been cut by their respective teams. Any interest in taking a look at either of these guards?”

    Both those guys went undrafted.

    Besides, we still need to cut a player before next week. Are either of those guys any better than the three fungo bats we already have?

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