Knicks 2010 Schedule Released

The Knicks 2010 schedule has been released, and some notables:

  • New York opens the season with the same opponent (Miami), this time on the road. Last year the Knicks started off 1-0 with a 120-115 win at home.
  • If you’re planning on traveling, late December/early January should be the best time to catch the Knicks on the road. They have 7 nationally televised games (4 on ESPN, 3 on NBAtv) from December 18th to Jan 22nd, including a noon Christmas game against the Heat.
  • The only times they play the same team twice in a row are the Pistons (Jan 16th/18th) and the Bulls (Feb 16th/17th)
  • New York will have to get off to a good start, because their March/April schedule is going to be brutal. March 1st they square off against the Cavs. March 10th, they hit the road against the Spurs, Grizzlies, Mavericks, Sixers and Celtics. Home for the Sixers, Rockets, and Nuggets. Then another five game road trip against the Suns, Jazz, Blazers, Warriors, and Clippers. Their reward is then to come home and play the Celtics, fly out to Indiana for a back to back. Then head south to Orlando.
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    15 thoughts to “Knicks 2010 Schedule Released”

    1. I cant believe that we haven’t solidified our free agent situation already. This is absurd. What is the hold up? Im feel like i dont want any of these guys to resign. IF its going to be for one year then just trade them.

    2. Mike, Any report cards on the horizon? I might be relegated to actual work especially with the pace Donnie works at…

    3. Ricky_J – yup there’s one coming… I didn’t want to publish, because if the Knicks make a move (and supposedly they are) it would get trounced. Will probably put it up tomorrow or Friday…

    4. You know, I’m actually kind of glad how into his due diligence Walsh is. I liked it during the draft and I like it now. If it were up to some of the commenters on some of the knicks blogs we’d have negotiated against ourselves and then what? We already have the Allan Houston rule named for us.

      But then again that doesn’t mean he needs to give everyone a career boost just because he can. His flirtations with Hill, and especially Bender and Tinsley, were whispered to be about lending his rep to bolster their chances to sign elsewhere and if they weren’t, and even if they WERE…yer killin me Donnie. Giving Knick fans everywhere heart attacks aside, we already have a rep for crap contracts and illogical signings; even if it IS Walsh saying he has interest. If it’s not to help them out, then I’d have to question either his or my own grasp on them as players. I assume a guy with DW’s reputation and position knows the scuttlebutt on players such as Williams(knees, defense, old) and Tinsley(assists are good..and not much else) and we aren’t desperate enough for ‘ticket sales’ to get AI for a year.

    5. Honestly, I enjoy that Walsh is giving us realistic rumors every day. It’s much better than reading Knick leaked fluff about how some imaginary team might be interested in Eddy Curry or Stephon Marbury.

    6. Honestly, I enjoy that Walsh is giving us realistic rumors every day. It’s much better than reading Knick leaked fluff about how some imaginary team might be interested in Eddy Curry or Stephon Marbury.

    7. Mike,

      For all the hard work you put into this piece don’t you think it’s irresponsible of you to overlook the missing punctuation at the end of the third bulleted line?

      Perhaps a retraction is in order!

      By the way, I am playfully satirizing a recent poster’s umbrage over a trivial error.

      I’m tempted to start a win loss prediction, but I’ll wait until the roster is done. On the other hand, why wait since I’m sure to be waaaaaay off anyway.

      36 wins.

    8. “36 wins”

      Well played, Thomas B. But if you knew that the Knicks are now pursuing Jerry Stackhouse, maybe you would’ve predicted 38 wins instead?

      The Knicks are now officially hitting on more men than a hooker during Fleet Week…

    9. I love this. So many people are fretting over the fact that Donnie Walsh is taking his time and kicking the tires on almost everyone. I believe that is the right thing to do in a buyers market.

      I have to admit, I was impatient at first. But what’s the rush? It’s like shopping for a gas guzzling SUV today. The Knicks don’t have any competition for the guys the want, so why not kick the tires on other cars at other dealers and wait for the dealer to practically give it to you for free.

      Let look at Sessions or J Will or Tinsley or Stackhouse. Lets flirt with AI or any of the 70 free agents still available with nobody seriously pursuing them. Maybe it will get Nate and Lee to lower their asking price so we can get the to sign to longer deal at incredible bargains.

    10. I’m with Jafa. The Knicks of old would have already given AI the MLE (if not signed-and-traded for him) AND signed-and-traded Lee for Tinsley… What’s the harm in having a look at all the available FAs? And what’s the rush to sign Nate and/or Lee?

    11. Look anything is better than, oh say giving someone an extension the day after the team moves into the 8 slot even though the season is far from over, but it just feels like a cross between the shopping trip from hell and being stuck on a one-lane road behind soemone with their blinker still on.

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