Knicks 2008 Summer League Roster

No Player Pos Ht Wt Born AGE College/Country 2007-08 Team Yrs Pro
32 Renaldo Balkman F 6’8 208 7/14/84 23 South Carolina New York (NBA) 2
21 Wilson Chandler F 6’8 230 5/19/87 21 DePaul New York (NBA) 1
25 Mardy Collins G 6’6 220 8/4/84 23 Temple New York (NBA) 2
8 Danilo Gallinari F 6’9 225 8/8/88 19 Italy Armani Jeans (Italy) R
18 Dan Grunfeld G/F 6’5 198 2/7/84 24 Stanford Valencia (Spain) R
7 Antonio Graves G 6’2 190 4/17/85 23 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh (CBA) R
6 Marcus Hall G 6’2 175 8/6/85 22 Colorado Colorado (NCAA) R
36 Delonte Holland F 6’7 220 3/2/82 26 DePaul Cimberio Varese (Italy) R
30 Brandon Hunter F 6’7 266 11/24/80 27 Ohio Angelico Biella (Italy) 3
1 Antione Johnson G 6’1 185 9/21/85 22 Albany Gazi (Turkey) R
40 Paul Miller F/C 6’10 250 11/17/82 25 Wichita State SPEC Polonia (Poland) R
2 Anthony Roberson G 6’2 188 2/14/83 25 Florida Hapoel (Israel) 2
4 Nate Robinson G 5’9 180 5/31/84 24 Washington New York (NBA) 3
5 Von Wafer G 6’4 195 7/21/85 22 Florida State Portland (NBA) 3
55 Zhang Songtao C 6’11 212 10/27/87 20 China Beijing (China-ABA) R

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23 thoughts to “Knicks 2008 Summer League Roster”

  1. The one person that I’m kinda intrigued by is Von Wafer. The guy can flat out shoot. In the NBDL, he hit 45% of his threes to go with 61.2 ts% and a 57.9% efg. At worst he can be a 10-15 minute guy that busts zones and makes opponents pay for double teams.

  2. Is Dan Grunfeld any relation to Ernie?

    Is Nate the first guy to appear in four summer leagues? Starting to look like Kevin Costner, isn’t he?

  3. I feel like the fans in the beginning of the movie Major League. As they look through the roster they all say “who or they suck.” But it turned out well, so we have that going for us.

  4. From HoopsHype summerleague roundup of Day 2 in Orlando:

    “Keith Langford and Demetris Nichols again proved they belong in this league; it may not be with Chicago but both put up strong numbers knocking in 16 and 19 points respectively for the Bulls.

    Demetris Nichols has been a man possessed in two games, getting 16 more points on 5 of 12 shooting.”

  5. Living in Charlottesville, VA, I had the chance to see Wafer play several times in college, when his Florida State team came to play. Surely he’s developed some since then, but from what I can remember about his game he would only be good as a situational player who they bring in when they need a big three. He doesn’t pass or handle terribly well, nor does he slash to the hoop well or have a real midrange game at this point. He probably should have stayed for at least his junior year at FSU, in order to further develop these qualities, but hey–he wasn’t even one of the top two players on those teams. That being said, I’d love to see him somehow wind up cracking the 15 man roster, as quite frankly no one on the team can shoot the three, particularly off the bench. Also, if Jerome James can do it, so can you.

  6. I went to school in Colorado and Marcus Hall is a real talent. Don’t know if there would be a spot for him, but he can real get to the whole. Would be a great PG talent to nurture maybe in the D-League for a year.

  7. boy, it’s pretty sad when our top acquisitions (besides Gallinari) are guys who can’t make the rosters of other teams (Duhon in Chi, Wafer in Por). I agree, though, it’d be nice if he bounced Mardy Collins off the team.

  8. I went to school at Colorado as well, and Hall can really play…I hope he gets some playing time, as I hope he could make the roster.

  9. It was either last summer or the summer before, but didn’t Wafer drop 45 on the Knicks SL team? He was pretty unstoppable from 3 point range

  10. YEah i remember Wafer playing summer league last year too he had that one game that he made it rain. Then the next time i heard from him he was playing for Denver. Strange team though…ill be looking foward to seeing DAnillo. What time is the game on Time Warner Cable?

  11. Outside of Gallinari and the guys already on the team, what are the chances anyone else actually makes the opening day roster? I thought the team was already full (counting Marbury).

  12. I have a feeling there’s a good chance that Mardy Collins doesn’t make the opening day roster. He can’t hit a shot from anywhere. Not from three (27%), not from two (36%), not from the free throw line (59%). I don’t see him fitting in with D’Antoni’s offense (or maybe any NBA offense).

    I’d replace him with Von Wafer at this point.

  13. didn’t know wafer can shoot so well. wonder why he never stuck in the league? he’s not particularly unathletic.

  14. “DJ Spooky is on the summer league team?! Right on.”

    he’s got to do something, he’s a terrible musician and an awful writer, so might as well give hoops a shot. :)

  15. “didn’t know wafer can shoot so well. wonder why he never stuck in the league? he’s not particularly unathletic.”

    His actual NBA stats, in limited minutes, are horrid.

  16. is allan houston playing in the summer league because have him on the roster

  17. I agree with some of the posts. Von Wafer is a great shot, but I think thats it. I think his opportunity has come and gone in the league. Why is our front office always trying to pick up the guys who almost made other bad teams. Something is not right here…..

    Marcus Hall on the other hand I really like for this roster. Especially with D’Antoni bringing his style of play I feel that Hall’s talents really fit well. He can defend, shoot, but most importantly in my eyes is that he understands the game, and more so his position. I think his style of play, having been coached by Jeff Bzdelik, and potentially running for D’Antoni could make for a surprisingly good fit.

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