KnickerBlogger Tweets With D’Antoni/Walsh

Our own Mike Kurylo will be taking part in a sort of “pre-media day” event today where he will be able to ask Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh questions.

Mike will be posting quotes from the pair as they come on Knickerblogger’s Twitter account (which you can find here – follow us!).

As Mike posts them to Twitter, I will be re-posting them here in the comments.


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30 thoughts to “KnickerBlogger Tweets With D’Antoni/Walsh”

  1. Walsh “There are guys here that we will (eventually learn that we) want to keep around for a long time.”

  2. D’Antoni on the Hou trade where they swap firsts “Only if they have a better record than us.”

  3. D’Antoni on Randolph “Working on his outside shot… We can put him (defensively) wherever we want (1-5).”

  4. D’Antoni “Randolph has been extremely open (to what we’ve asked him). He’s (a hard worker).”

  5. Walsh on the difference between J.O’Neal and Randolph “Anthony (rebounds the ball) with the rhythm of a guard. (& can bring it up).”

  6. Wow, did I just read that right? “We could easily go to 10-11 guys…Every night”. Talk about flexibility from Mike D.

    Keep them coming Brian. Were eating them up.

  7. D’Antoni on what will make this year different “Athleticism … And one of the best players in the game (Amar’e).”

  8. Are these Mike’s specific questions being answered, or are they the answers to all of the event’s pool of questions?

  9. Oh. In that case I guess I’m surprised all the questions aren’t about Carmelo Anthony or Isiah Thomas.

  10. Okay, I have to head off – if anyone else could post Mike’s Twitter posts here, that’d be muchly appreciated!

  11. The sort of thing you love to read during the offseason and will always buy into:

    “I have a source who played at a major D-1 level who worked out informally with the Knicks recently in Greenburgh. The Knicks invited many local players to work out with current players on the roster. He said, ‘Gallo destroyed everyone. He’s quickly rising to another level.’

    On Amar’e:

    ‘He’s in amazing shape. People scoff that the Knicks got him because of the 5th year. Who cares. The guy is a pro and is ready to prove he can win in NY. Physically he’s so impressive and he’s clearly taken on a leadership role that younger players are following'”

  12. ‘Gallo destroyed everyone. He’s quickly rising to another level.’

    Even though I understand the context, informal workouts against non-pros, this still gave me a boner. Thanks DS.

  13. It is awesome that the time I had to cut out apparently was the end of Mike’s posts anyways. Very cool.

  14. Z: Oh. In that case I guess I’m surprised all the questions aren’t about Carmelo Anthony or Isiah Thomas.  

    Isiah Thomas did not come up once. Carmelo Anthony wasn’t mentioned by name. Donnie Walsh avoided answering any trade questions, and pretty much put an end to it once a reporter mentioned the team “Denver”. I’ve noticed he’s much too smart to get caught saying anything remotely about which of his own guys he would trade, or any player on another team he would covet.

    Surprisingly Eddy Curry’s name came up more often than I thought. (Since I didn’t expect it at all). Also more of the talk bordered on the theoretical than I expected. In the coming days I’m going to try to get as much of the good stuff from the interview up as I can.

  15. Latest is that the Nuggets want the Knicks to find a first round pick to facilitate dealing Melo. The emphasis on draft picks is interesting, I’m sure the Nuggets realize that whoever they deal Melo to will very likely be a playoff team, and therefore the pick will end up being in the teens somewhere. Maybe they need to get a Minnesota involved in some kind of 3 team deal so the pick will more likely be lottery?

  16. The problem as I see it dmar, is that this scenario still has us parting with both Gallo and Randolph. Who else are we going to score a lottery pick other than trading Randolph? So the trade would still essentially be Gallo + Randolph + Curry, even if we turn Randolph into the Wolves 1st rounder. Maybe we can get a low draft pick for Chandler (#20-25) and then turn around and trade that pick + Azu to say, Indy for their pick… just brainstorming. But even that seems unlikely. I guess I’m still in favor of waiting until the season starts so at least all of our FA signees will be on the table and we can see how Randolph and Gallo are doing.

  17. I agree, ess-dog. Even AR probably doesn’t get you Minnesota’s pick. Not too many teams with a good shot of landing in the lottery (and Minni has a great shot at landing in the top 3) are going to be dangling unprotected or loosely protected picks out there before the season even starts… I also believe Minni owes another pick in the next couple of drafts… not sure they have their own pick to offer.

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