Introducing the NEW CourtsideTimes.Net!

For years I’ve been jealous. It was great to go to sites like (now and to get in depth coverage of baseball. It seemed that you could learn something new everyday & interact with people that wanted more from sports than the same old cliches recycled for a new generation. More recently sites like the and continued that tradition of investigative reasoning in their respective sports. I was jealous because baseball and football had such great websites, and there was no comprehensive site for basketball. I was jealous, until today.

It brings me great joy to introduce the CourtsideTimes.Net. Although CTN was the brainchild of yours truly, it is a vision shared by others. If you’re a familiar with the some of the best hoops sites around the web, you’ll recognize many of the authors and their sites. We aim to have something for everyone. There is a news section that will have links to articles of interest, where readers can comment on them and interact with others hoopsters. (Fans of BTF’s Primer will know exactly what this means.) CTN’s other focus will be proprietary articles written by the staff.

Over this summer, there was one word I used over and over again when recruiting authors: “quality.” CTN isn’t going to appeal to every single basketball fan. There will be no rumor inventing, homerism, or hero worship. While statistical analysis will be prevalent, the site won’t be a stats sausage party. Some authors were invited to write for their ability to use statistics, and others for their keen eye. Basketball analysis is not at the stage where everything can be determined solely through numerical means. The CourtsideTimes will attempt to present this balance through its writers.

While I’ve done everything I could to create the CourtsideTimes.Net, from the coding to assembling the authors, there is one thing I can’t give CTN. The sites I’ve mentioned above have been so successful because the user interaction has created its own community. In essence it was the readers that made the site great. So I hope you head over there, and enjoy it enough to join the community.

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Mike Kurylo

Mike Kurylo is the founder and editor of His book on the 2012 Knicks, "We’ll Always Have Linsanity," is on sale now. Follow him on twitter (@KnickerBlogger).

7 thoughts to “Introducing the NEW CourtsideTimes.Net!”

  1. Mighty impressive – keep it coming! Love the idea of reading a story and being able to comment and read the comments of others.

  2. Nice site, nice concept. Except the “Throwin’ Bows” guy needs to figure some things out, at least when it comes to the Knicks… Observe: “I think the Kurt Thomas trade was a huge mistake, but the acquisitions of Jerome James and Eddy Curry, I see as low-risk and potentially high-reward. If Jerome James is serious about competing hard all the time, he could be a force…” Ummm… where do I begin? But he redeemed himself by bashing Isiah, at least: “How does a team make that many off-season moves and still have so many problems? Is Isiah Thomas in charge up there? He is? Oh.”

    On a related note, have you read Rosen’s latest crap? (
    Okay, #’s 4,5, and 6 are legit, but Davis? GASOL? ELTON BRAND???!!! Thoughts, anyone?

  3. Knickerblogger,

    I like it. If you have daily content, then I’ll have a daily read. Promise.

    Also just want to reiterate that I hope you don’t stop talking Knicks. I need my fix, man.

    – Ben

  4. Wow, looks great. I recognize a lot of names there. Nice.

    Mm, since the new season is now in swing, are you going to start a new stats page?

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