Interview With Cole Aldrich

KnickerBlogger: How are you doing? [I’m] Mike Kurylo from KnickerBlogger.

Cole Aldrich: How are you?

KnickerBlogger: [something to another reporter]. Have the coaches told you anything you need to do to make this roster?

Cole Aldrich: No. I think the biggest thing for me, with my mindset right now coming into training camp tomorrow, is to do the things I’m really good at: defend, rebound the ball, set good screens — the little things. If I continue to do that well then I can make the people [in charge] have a tough decision. That’s the kind of player I am, I’m a high energy guy.

KnickerBlogger: From your statistics, from a per minute basis, you have some pretty good stats. Why do you think you haven’t really stuck on with a team yet.

Cole Aldrich: You know when I was in Oklahoma city I came into a pretty good situation. It was great for me personally because I got to learn a lot. You know the opportunity just wasn’t there. I was sent to Houston for a short time. And then finally Sacramento. I was able to get some minutes there and I thought I produced very well. It’s just building on that. I’ve been working really hard this summer.

KnickerBlogger: What are you working on?

Cole Aldrich: You know obviously footwork is a big thing. Guarding the pick and roll is another big thing because everybody does it.

KnickerBlogger: How to you practice the pick and roll?

Cole Aldrich: Agility. Getting in the weight room. Working on your footwork. Working on strengthening your legs. Your core. [pause] I’m not out there running the pick & roll over and over again.

KnickerBlogger: Right exactly. Thank you Cole.

Cole Aldrich: Yup, no problem.

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