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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Inaugural KnickerBlogger Spreecast

Jim, Bob, Kevin, and I got together to chat about your New York Knicks. Topics ranged from Iman Shumpert’s return to Carmelo Anthony’s diet.

P.S – Jim’s nipple makes an appearance, as well as his dog. Enjoy!

5 comments on “Inaugural KnickerBlogger Spreecast

  1. Robtachi

    Good stuff, though I could probably do with a bit less of Jim’s nipple, and *obviously exaggerates a phlegmy, esophagus-rattling cough* could you maybe tell Bob to not blow so much cigarette smoke at the camera?

    I’d like to hear Dog’s take on Mike Woodson’s propensity for switching into terrible mismatches, and why he doesn’t seem to keep any rawhide bones in his suit pocket.

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