How Can You Be THAT Self Aware?

From an article by Frank Isola in today’s Daily News, here is Eddy Curry talking about how non-assertive he is, as compared to Shaquille O’Neal:

Thomas yearns for the day when Curry develops O’Neal’s mentality and exudes his confidence. That day, however, may never come. Even Curry acknowledged a major difference between himself and O’Neal by saying, “If I can learn to walk around with his demeanor it would turn into wins for the team.”

How can you be so good at identifying a flaw in your game like that and not be able to even slightly address it?

It is so bizarre.

“If I am more aggressive, we should win more…but ah, who wants to do THAT?”

So bizarre.

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20 thoughts to “How Can You Be THAT Self Aware?”

  1. Would Eddy Curry have ever even considered playing basketball (or any sport for that matter) if he wasn’t 6’11” with the promise of NBA riches ahead of him?!?! I know that goes for a lot of big guys in the NBA, but at least some of them make the most of their gifts. If Curry hasn’t developed an aggressiveness or work-ethic at this point he never is going to. I’ve never been more frustrated watching any Knick, except maybe Charles Smith.

  2. Curry is a classic example of a guy who fell into the sport. He didn’t even learn to play the game before a few years before he was drafted. He’s not passionate about the game, it’s his job.

  3. That’s not fair. While I agree he did fall into the sport and he actually wanted to be a gymnast until he became 6’11”, he still wants to be good. I can tell he is trying out there but some people are not hustlers, are not aggressive. It is not an effort thing it is just some people have a knack for aggresiveness and hustling and some don’t. If all it was was desire people like Lee and Balkman would not be so valuable. Also the fact he got late into basketball is the reason he has such a low basketball IQ and poor footwork. If he had gone to collage and gotten proper coaching he would be better. Now he just needs someone to teach him things like rotating on the defensive end and how to avoid the charge on the offensive end. Skiles is not a teacher.

    We will never confuse him for Oakley but he has gooten more aggressive rebounding and I believe he holds back in other places because every time he gets aggressive on offense he charges and everytime he gets aggressive on defense he gets called for a foul. He is and will continue to get better but he is still young and I think we expect too much.

  4. I agree with all the above. I get more frustrated watching Eddy Curry than any other player. Some examples–
    1. Heading back on the defensive end when the shot is still in the air.
    2. Against Cleveland, NYK down 95-94, Larry Hughes gets a screen from (Ilgauskas?), Crawford (of course) doesn’t go on top of the screen and runs into Curry who is laboring to get back out of the way — essentially a double screen. Thanks Eddy! That possession was key.
    3. He has no passion. He has no post moves. If I was guarding him, i’d cover him going right every time. Even his jump hooks that go in at the baseline seem like a lucky shot to me. What about an Up and Under?

    Somehow, the guys at Rucker Park have inflated his ego so much that he thinks he’s NBA talent. What he is is the worst trade the NYK have made. He has no idea about the game other than to tippy toe around in the post when he has the ball, and bull-in-a-china shop around the post when he doesn’t. Why is he always looking for the lob? Get in front of your man, get on the block, and demand the ball! Although I consider Jerome James the worst signing in NYK history, I would much rather play him…at least he won’t slow the offense, rather put a body on someone and be good for a couple flagrant fouls now and again. If a big man has no post game to free up the perimeter, that post man should be an enforcer who clogs the lane for rebounds and fouls.

    Just play the sophomores.

  5. I don’t think he looks like he’s trying. I think he got his big pay day and could care less about anything else. He’s lazy and has always been lazy except for surprise surprise his contract year.

  6. I am against signing players to long term contracts. Once they get the big paycheck – they essentially dont have to put any effort into playing again – if the organizations were to attempt to standerdize shorter contracts – slow unmotivated players like curry would have something to work for – their next short term contract

  7. In all fairness, I definitely think Curry is hurt by the officiating. He never get the benefit of the doubt. Shaq can literally elbow people in the face to get to the rim and he never gets called for the foul. Curry faces a flopper just about every night and it discourages him.

    And, I don’t doubt that Curry cares. He seems like a decent guy who doesn’t want to disappoint his team or the fans. But, he just doesn’t have a competitive motor. I know he’s still “learning” the game, but at this point it’s becoming a pathetic excuse . People “learning” generally overcompensate and try harder for their shortcomings. Curry, on the other hand, looks so defensively disinterested and has such a bizarre defeatist attitude (as the lead blog story/entry alludes to) that I can’t imagine him suddenly finding his competitive fire or mean streak.

    And it totally effects the team. The team defense completely falls apart because of Curry. Though the Knicks guards aren’t the greatest defensively, I think their tendency to slide under the pick is due to the fact that they don’t trust Curry’s help down low (or Frye’s). He never gets in front of anyone defensively. He just lazily waves his arm in the air when he’s trying to block shots. And, I mean I really don’t think I’ve ever seen him box out. Ever. The only rebounds he gets are the ones that fall right to him.

    I really think this might be the worst Knicks trade ever. Aside from the horrible Francis trade (that I’d optimistically like to blame on LB), I actually like a fair amount of what Isiah has done. But, Isiah’s downfall is going to be his arrogance in thinking he could change lazy, selfish, unsound, “potential-based” players into winners. Curry is the prime example.

  8. How could Curry be that self-aware yet still unwilling/unable to change it? It’s called the human condition. We’re all filled with these little hypocrisies and quirks. How many addicts are infuriated by their kids’ lack of self control? How many smokers lambast athletes for using cocaine or being a drunk? How many adults complain about being abused as kids, then go home and beat their own children? How many people are image of piety and holiness in church and with the neighbors, but pick up whores off the street or have affairs with the next door neighbor?

    Human condition.

  9. Jerome James first offensive possetion he got up the court and passed the free thow line with 17 on the shot clock. His first defensive possetion he goaltendended ‘Toine’s shot. His second defensive position the Heat shot before he passed the freethrow line and he didnt go for the rebound he merely turned around and started walking. Just a tidbit.

  10. Crawford was just in the corner about to take another three and Gus Johnson said…”Let’s see if he keeps jackin’ it” *sincker, snicker*

  11. I agree with miik. When I said that I don’t think he has passion for the game, that’s exactly what I meant. That he doesn’t have passion for the game. That he’s not crazy about basketball. The sport.

    I’m willing to believe that he does want to succeed, for other reasons such as not disappointing his teammates and the fans. I’m fine with that. I just don’t believe that one of those reasons is a love for the game. Because I sincerely think he sees this as a job and nothing more. Of course, plenty of people work hard at their job even if they don’t like it.

    I think that’s part of the reason he has such a low basketball IQ. He has a few things that he knows how to do really well. But if the defense figures out a way to prevent him to get the position, or to get off that baby hook, or whatever it might be, he’s incapable of adapting and figuring out a different way to contribute.

  12. What are we, ten games into the season?
    Have some patience. No one thought Q would be doing what he is right now, right? Curry and the whole team deserve 20 games to get it together. NYK just beat Miami in Miami. Thats HUGE!
    All this whining, trade this, dump this…settle down.
    We get Jeffries back and things are generally looking up, No?

  13. Lets all remember that Curry is ONLY 23 years old. Think about that. You don’t have to have a passion for something to be great at it. There are prodigy piansts who are wonderful at what they do, but don’t really like it. At 23, he’s probably still girl crazy and looking forward to the playstation 3 coming out.

    I’m sure we all agree Jermaine O’neal is a GREAT power forward. Well, he wasn’t that good until he was 23 or 24. He’s been a beast ever since. I think the bigger problem (which the nba is trying to solve) is bringing kids into the league right out of high school. That’s okay for some kids, but MOST (like curry and o’neal) would benefit from some college experience. We look at his size and athleticism and assume he should be the man and that’s not really fair. He’s still a young kid.

    I’m a unix administrator, and when we interview people to bring into the company, we’re not interviewing kids right out of high school. Why? They don’t have the experience needed to contribute to our team. Now, we could bring them in anyway based on potential(upside), but it’s going to take them YEARS to be good enough at what I do for them to provide a steady tangible contribution.

    I don’t think this is Eddie’s year. I think the knicks will make the playoffs this year and he’ll be able to feel what it’s like in the Garden at playoff time. The knicks will get knocked out in the first round(maybe second), but I think it will be enough to push him to get better. I’m thinking next year he’ll be unbelievable.

    Other notable stars that ‘put up’ good numbers but weren’t considered dominant until they got a little older(experience)…Ming, JO, Artest, olawakandi(just kidding), etc..

  14. Curry turns 24 in December. By the time Jermaine O’Neal turned 24, he had won the NBA’s Most Improved Player award, had been in 2 All Star Games, and was voted to 2 All NBA teams.

    By the time Yao Ming turned 24, he had been in 2 All Star Games, and made it to the All NBA team.

    Ron Arest went to his first All Star game at age 24. He also been on the All Defensive team twice, and won Defensive Player of the Year.

    Still think Eddy Curry needs more time?

  15. Eventhough we do it all the time, we shouldn’t compare any player to another. Curry is Curry and O’Neil is O’Neil. To compare the 2 is like comparing apples and oranges. Curry has what 7 or 8 years of total basketball experience. Jermaine has played basketball for how long, most of his life.

    Even a comparision with Duncan wouldn’t be fair. Yes Duncan started the game late in high school, but he was always a athlete. He had the discipline for one sport and just brought that same discipline to basketball.

    Will Curry live up to “our” expectations? Who knows, but Curry may have already lived up to his. I know I’d be happy to be riding the pine and dressing for my beloved New York Knicks. But, hey that’s just me.

  16. Great players are usually great at a young age. They dominate early and continue to do so. Curry isn’t going to be a great player. I’ve thought for several years now that he’d be a nice fit on a team in a James Edwards with the Pistons type of role. Come off the bench to provide some instant post offense, then take a seat. Problem is, Curry’s getting paid like a star, and there are some (looks at Isiah) who seem to think he can still be a star. I don’t think he’s a star in the making. He can be useful in the right role, but starting ain’t it, in my opinion.

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