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  1. Oh, and Gallo’s man was the Pacers’ best player and had two fouls.

    And the Knicks didn’t look to Gallo at all.

  2. Tyler Hansbrough’s eyes just bugged out even more when he saw Eddy Curry checking into the game.

  3. Chandler tried to throw the ball into Curry so much that he threw it in even though Curry’s man was in front of him – naturally, it went for a steal.

  4. Is that…(rubbin my eyes for clarity)..Eddy Curry? Wow..he finally looks like just 1 Eddy instead of 2…hope it goes well

  5. The Knicks had two offensive rebounds by Curry on the last play but did not get a tip-in.

    I dunno if I should be irked at them for not getting the bucket or just be happy at the effort.

    Also, down only a point?


  6. Ha!

    Breen asked Tripucka who is to blame for Gallo not getting the ball. Tripicuka blames Gallo (which is bullshit, but whatever) and Breen just seemingly ignores him and just says, “The Knicks have got to get him the ball more.”

  7. Okay, screw this.

    Down 11 now with only one shot attempt for Gallo.

    They obviously don’t know what the hell they’re doing, so screw them.

    I’ll watch the lowlights later.

  8. Even if it were true that Gallo does not move well w/o the ball, I’m not sure it would matter since there is no competent distributor. Another issue is the lack picks. A strong hard pick is effective on many levels. It free’s the shooter, sets up the classic p&r (which does occur w/ Lee and Duhon), sets up a weak side look, maybe a back door and hurts like hell. A good basic pick sends a message. Why can’t they set a hard pick?

  9. I’m sorry, but WHAT IS WITH the coaching? Hughes/Chandler backcourt in the 4th quarter?
    Gotta say though, Curry can draw a foul (sorely needed.)

  10. Hm – I stand corrected. And our best rebounding all game with Lee on the bench. Coach D’s going big and slow.

  11. So I get home and Hill has 0 minutes, Douglas has 4 pts on 2 fga’s and Gallo has 0 pts on 2 fga’s.

    Yeah dont sign Iverson because he will really take away minutes and shots from the young guys…

  12. this must be a put up or shut up game for duhon..no reason for him to be in the game instead of douglas…

  13. Nice game for Curry. What happened to Darko? Its not like the Knicks are too deep at that position.

  14. Indiana with the 30 point second half after a 43 point quarter. Someone at halftime musta finally convinced the knicks to play defense.

  15. The Knicks win the penant! The Knicks win the penant!
    The Knicks win the penant! The Knicks win the penant!
    The Knicks win the penant! The Knicks win the penant!

  16. Curry 10 pts, 4 rbs, 4 fouls in 12 minutes…and couldhave done even better. Only hit four of eight free throws

  17. So the way to get Chandler to play well you give him fewer minutes. 18 pts, 5 rbs in 20 minutes.
    And six fouls.

    Knicks has for players with four fouls or more…does this mean they played tougher d?

  18. NOW is the time to restructure Eddy’s contract so we can lock him up for the next decade at, say, $12 mil per.

  19. For the board:
    Does anyone keep track of touches. It would be interesting to see how many times Gallo actually even touched the ball

  20. I would be excited, or not excited but happy, with this win if it werent for the fact that they won with Gallo going scoreless on 2 fga’s in 17 minutes, Douglas playing 12 minutes and 0 in the 2nd half along with Hill playing 3 minutes all in the 1st half.

    The lineup that won the game in the 4th quarter was Duhon-Hughes-Harrington-Jeffries-Lee. Ugh. Granted Chandler fouled out so he probably wouldve played down the stretch but still. Only real positive tonight was Eddy Curry.

  21. Did the Knicks play better defense in the 2nd half or did Indiana just shoot worse? Final eFG for Pacers was 49% after 66% in 1st half.

  22. The KNICKS WIN! Yes! I will not cry myself to sleep tonight.


    Knicks in the first 15 and final 8: In the first 15, their ball movement was great. They got countless layups, dunks and shot a high percentage and played average d. The final 8 because they cameback (albeit on 3 three’s from Harrington, “fool’s gold”), but played tremendous D.

    Larry Hughes: What didn’t he do tonight. 22-10-7-3. Three assists from a triple double, played awesome defense.

    E-City – For getting on that court after all this time. Looked slim, put in a few points, and even gave a hard foul. Quick, give him 20 mil for 5 years!


    Duhon: Good assist number, but is taking inappropriate shots and still lacks the ability to penetrate.

    Youth: Was not served tonight. Gallo/Hill/Douglas got little burn tonight. I’m finding a little troubling that Gallo is unable to get shots off. He looks slow and passive out there. Maybe if someone would pass it to him…

    All in All, great win. Lets push through and get a another one.

  23. I hate these, but whatever: Jeffries & Chandler for Speedy Claxton & Anthony Randolph. make it happen donnie

  24. They won because they played some D.They actually held a team to under 45 percent shooting…
    psosted four blocks and 10 steals.

    Too many TOs against. Butterfingers jeffries had four,and so did Curry.

  25. Our 2 Jekyl and Hyde players, Hughes and Harrington, were Jekyls tonight (or is it Hydes?) We don’t win if Harrington doesn’t hit those three 3’s, and Hughes was solid all night at both ends. I’m really not that upset about Gallo and Douglas’ playing time, the Knicks really needed a win to stop this horrible streak, and D’Antoni went with his best lineup (oh, and credit Jeffries for his D on Grainger) Gallo and Douglas will get plenty of minutes in games to come. This could be the start of a one game winning streak!

  26. Interesting dilemma now: With Nate and Curry back, the knicks have ten players who could be in the rotation (SL of Gallinari, Douglas, Duhon, Lee, Chandler, along with Hughes, Harrington and Jeffries). I wouldn’t be surprised if Duhon became the odd man out, and if Jeffries’ minutes become contingent on whether we’re playing against a premiere SF or PF.

    On a different note, one of the ex-factors that will get overlooked is that we were actually able to contain a seven-footer. Hibbert is no Dwight Howard, but he burned as badly in our first game against Indiana (15 and 14), and the fact of the matter is that mediocre, taller players have really hurt us: Jermaine O’Neal – 22 and 12 on 10/12 shooting, Boozer – 23 and 14, Horford – 25 and 9, etc. Yeah, Curry only played 14 minutes, but he seemed interested and focused. I got the sense that he knows how much is at stake for him.

  27. Actually I have a feeling Douglas and Hill are going to struggle to get minutes again. Duhon and Hughes will be the starting backcourt again and Douglas will have to fight with Nate for minutes. Also it seems if Gallo is not on fire, which is hard since he never gets the ball, his minutes will be limited as well especially now with Curry back that Lee might start seeing more minutes at PF which will mean Harrington, Chandler and Jeffries will be fighting with Gallo for his minutes.

  28. First off, wonderful blog – great content through and through.

    Biggest difference I saw in tonight’s game was not that the Knicks were forced to come from behind once again, but the fact that we were able to continue slicing through the deficit at the right times.

    In recent games, we’d half the deficit early in the 3rd only to see it balloon again and kill momentum by the end of the quarter. This time, we were able to close the third within a decent margin and the guys were not exhausted. This gave us just enough gas in the tank to make another push minutes 9-6 in the fourth that were supported by a cold streak felt by the opponents for once.

    If we could continue getting the grasp of timing in our surges, we might be able to become “closers” and keep leads (like the one we had against ATL, which would have been a stellar win) and perhaps pick up a few more come-from-behind wins against teams who will undoubtedly not be intimidated by the Knicks and who they are thus far.

    One last note about Gallo – get off of him already. The dude has a lot to learn and is a pretty bad team defender. He does not deserve to be in the game just because of his shot. Frankly, he appeared stiffer than usual when he didn’t make a play for a loose ball in the 2Q and it seems even Eddie Curry could beat him in a sprint.

    Also, AI would be terrible for D’Antoni’s open court style (you expect an aging vet with hammy problems to get up and down the court?) and if anything, it sounds like Starbury 2.0 in the making if you ask me. There was a reason why EVERY team passed on him, just like his prime has passed him by.

  29. Howard Beck said Gallo’s back stiffened up a bit hence playing only 17 minutes. Not good.

    BTW I dont think they need to just get Gallo the ball and let him go one-on-one. But they have to start designing plays, run him off screens or have him run pick-n-rolls/pops because their half-court offense is dreadful. Heck that one time he and Douglas ran a play where they ran by each other and Douglas handed off the ball to him Gallo just stopped and hit an open 3. He is not anywhere near being capable of being a go-to guy but his lack of touches are a disgrace. Even the announcers and beat writers joke about it now. Also he has proven that when he is hot he doesnt even need to be open to make his 3’s so if you know he is shooting it well (like the Warriors game) heck just drive and kick it to him regardless if he is wide open and let him shoot it.

    Obviously his D is not up to par (although who on this team really is) but we have seen him get a steal and go coast-to-coast for a dunk, block shots and pick player’s pockets for a steal so his hands and instincts on D are there. But if he is on the court for his shooting than shit run plays to have him actually shoot the ball.

  30. What irks me the most is that the Knicks show up strong early on, get me excited, then play like crap mid game. Why does this happen every single game???

    Curry looked decent, but nothing spectacular. Giving him some playing time would help in my opinion… but there is not much left that could actually hurt lol. T

    he one play that stood out was when Lee was trying to defend Hibbert (I think), and he had to literally pull Duhon back to help him on D. If Lee is getting outmatched by an opposing center, how come it seems like nobody ever wants to help him?

    Also, why did Toney Douglas only get 12 minutes of pt… he’s been looking good in recent games.

  31. Agreed that the team needs to start running some plays, whether it be for Gallo, a mid-range for Lee or some baseline iso to get Chandler’s motor starting.

    I find myself yelling at the TV (and the Hornets game I went to) as the team just watches the point. Jeffries planted on the arch (why?!), Hughes in a corner, Chandler barely moving through screens in the paint and I just wish it was like my NBA Live where I can hit “O” “X” “Square” or “Triangle” and they’d run some time of motion…

    I would actually like to see Gallo be utilized moreso on the pick-n-roll. He has a great 3 point touch, yes, but if we can get him peeling off for open mid-range shots which he’ll drop, then we can start keeping defenders honest and that might open the lane for penetration when defenders take away the pass from Duhon and Douglas.

  32. I honestly wasn’t sure if it was Eddy Curry or Jared Jeffries on the court… that’s pretty scary. Great to see Eddy lose the weight.

  33. Its still easy to tell the difference, one actually makes his shots around the basket while the other one couldnt make half his layup attempts if he was alone in the gym.

    Although I must say Jeffries did play some pretty good D in the 4th quarter tonight.

  34. That was a wierd game. Unless I missed something Indy got up b/c Granger hit everything he shot in the first half (30 pts) then sat w/ foul trouble 3rd Q came back and missed everything as did Indy, before fouling out w/ a couple minutes left. Harrington had about 10 points in a minute late to cut it from 10 to 1 and the Knicks rode that wave out. Hughes had a stealth game and Chandler kept it close in the first quarter. Duhon made his bucket for the week as well. Curry is going to be interesting or make that maddening w/ the TOs and FTs. Hopefully Douglas and Hill are not going go back to the land of the DNP-CD b/c when and if they get Lebron if these guys are still there it would be nice for them to get their rookie seasons/growing pains out of the way during their actual rookie seasons.

  35. If Gallo’s back was acting up, then fair enough. That’s the one good excuse for not playing him more.

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