82 thoughts to “Game Thread: Knicks v. Grizzlies or Grin and Bear it.”

  1. Knicks host Grizz in a game most of us forgot was on the schedule.

    Speak for yourself. I’ve had this one circled all year. I CAN’T WAIT to watch Ricky Bedo? Wedo? Redo? Whatever, that one guy go off for 50…


    Make it happen Ricky whoever! FGA’s get you points. And points get you dollars. Lots of them.

  2. Bargs v Gasol something of a mismatch

    I almost feel sorry for Gasol. He’s like that one guy in your pickup games that so clearly mailing it in because he doesn’t have to heart to dominate you. But don’t fret Big Gasol Bear, Barnyarnee is a glutton for punishment.

  3. Uh oh, Bargs in foul trouble. Time to feature the low post stylings of one Jason Smith.

  4. Tony Allen has only made 9 3’s all season? I’m sensing a new career high for him tonight.

  5. How big of a shit eating grin do you suppose the reporter has to have to ask Marc Gasol

    “So, you’re the best player and focal point of one of the best teams in the league with a legitimate shot at a title. How would you like to come play for the worst franchise in the association?”

  6. Who says Knicks can’t be record setters? Lance Thomas with the most amount of times being out of bounds with the ball in a quarter. Someone get that on a jersey we can enshrine.

  7. Memphis, realizing they’re not up by 30 yet recognize something is clearly wrong and calls timeout.

  8. Jason Smith should obviously be trying to emulate Ryan Anderson and start firebombing 3s instead of 17 footers. He could be the first ever to win most improved while still being one of the worst 10 players in the league. I’m only 15% joking.

  9. This would be embarrassing if it wasn’t for all our other embarrassing losses

    I bet Pop is still pissed.

  10. Clyde’s #562nd best Knicks moment of his career would be a top 10 highlight this season.

  11. Clyde is like the best human being of all time. Who turns 70 and says they’re starting percolate?

  12. I want, so badly, for this game to go down to the wire with the Knicks up a possession with 30 seconds to go. The Grizzlies don’t foul and, trapped, Ricky Whatshisface passes to Jason Smith at the top of the key. Smith, putting his entire basketball acumen to work shoots with 20 seconds left on the shot clock and bricks it, with Memphis corralling to rebound.

    Then, they go Iso-Udrih, who drives by a sleeping Lance Thomas for the layup at the buzzer for the win.

    In his post-game interview, Beno then says, “But did Ricky Whatshisname have to pass him the ball? You have to look at that.” Before grabbing the mic from the reporter and doing a mic drop as he walks off.

  13. Ledo fucking up like he’s been here all season

    It’s always nice when new players are able to integrate themselves so seamlessly.

  14. Memphis is like the before portion of a hair transplant commercial

    LMAO even though I resemble that remark.

  15. This game is proof that the eye test is a bad test because the Knicks are within 5 and my eyes have failed utterly in telling me how.

  16. Barnyarnee has made two shots. Now he’s got “the hot hand.” Bargs is like that monkey who wrote Shakespeare, proving that anything is possible.

  17. You know, I’ve been spelling Barnyarnee the way Clyde says it for so long that I’ve actually forgotten how to actually spell it. But that’s ok, Barnyarnee doesn’t deserve to have his name spelled properly.

  18. What is going on here? I haven’t seen a Knick score in like 6 or 7 quarters and yet we’re only down 5?

  19. Alright guys, it was cute the first time against the Spurs, but you don’t actually want to win this one so stop playing like it.

  20. Barnyarnee showing why he’s the best one-one-one post defender in the history of organized sports

  21. If we beat the Spurs and the Grizzlies Fisher should win coach of the year and we should fire him tomorrow.

  22. Come on Memphis, I want to go to bed. Hurry up and put this game out of reach already.

  23. I often feel Clyde and Breen (especially Clyde) are the only good thing left about this franchise other than it’s fans.

    Too maudlin, but that’s just what came out…

  24. All of Ledo’s D League highlights are these strange driving layups that happen in every pickup game in the world but almost never in the NBA unless you’re Tony Parker. It’s funny to see those same drives turn into running flings against an NBA defense.

  25. Jah with a gif-worthy defensive “play” against Gasol that would make Bargs blush.

  26. I mean, come on, Bargs. Shane Larkin is outrebounding you, Bargs. Shane Larkin is like 5’9″. You wouldn’t look twice at Shane Larkin if he was on the subway.

  27. Flip is so pissed about beating us that he is dressing 7 in Utah .

    Yeah, but how many of them have rib bruises after getting hit in the head?


  28. Yeah, but how many of them have rib bruises after getting hit in the head?

    Yeah, but we also have an incompetent medical staff. So you’ve got to look at that.

  29. I mean, come on, Bargs. Shane Larkin is outrebounding you, Bargs. Shane Larkin is like 5’9?. You wouldn’t look twice at Shane Larkin if he was on the subway.

    Yeah, but how many 7 footers out there can create the space the Bargs creates?

  30. Yeah, but we also have an incompetent medical staff. So you’ve got to look at that.

    We’re not just gonna kick incompetent medical personnel to the curb.

  31. Clyde just showing off now.

    “Looking at his mouth, Mike I think it’s something he’s drinking. Maybe some type of soda.”

    “Didn’t it look like blood?”

    “It did, but I think it’s something, some drink or something.”

  32. Look at that sweet stroke from Bargs. It’s almost like he’s talented.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I’m just kidding. He’s horrendous.

  33. It’s crazy how good Mirotic has been playing. He’s shooting 31% from 3. If it turns out that he is really, say, a 36% 3pt shooter, he is going to be an elite player, as opposed to just really good.

  34. Looks more and more like its gonna come down to Minny and us for the bottom 2 spots. Minny has 3 winnable games left: 2 vs. Lakers and 1 @ home vs. Magic. We have a home game vs. Sixers, and a road game vs. Magic. I’d be surprised if we win more than 2 games, but Minny is all tanked up, so my guess is that we’ll end up in a tie.

  35. Chase Budinger with the trey after somebody named Joe Ingles turned the ball over– Minny up 5 in OT!

  36. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a recent team more in need of a good point guard than Utah. Not even the Knicks. The Knicks at least ostensibly have ISO-Melo. It’s a flawed system, but it is a legit system. Isolating Melo does work to a certain extent. The Jazz have nothing. They have these decent pieces but no idea on how to get them the ball in the right position.

  37. Minny looked like they flat out just let the Jazz score on their last possession, to cut it to a two-point game with a minute to go in OT.

  38. Minny up one with the ball with 11 seconds left. I expect a turnover on the in bounds pass.

  39. Sean Kilpatrick makes the first two free throws of his career to put the Wolves up three with 10 seconds to go! There is no way Saunders figured that Kilpatrick would do this!

  40. Terrible strategy by the Jazz! They went for the quick two and the foul, but they have no timeouts! Lavine then missed the first free throw, though. 4.6 seconds left.

  41. By the way, look, I think Wiggins seems like he will be a good player, but holy crap, has he not been good this rookie season. He has had basically one really good stretch of the season bookended by two, much larger terrible stretches. And yet not only is he going to run away with the Rookie of the Year over more deserving players, the best rookie out there, Mirotic, likely won’t even come in second, as Elfrid Payton is getting a lot of hype now.

  42. DRed and Khanzy – Every game thread from here to the end of the season requires your participation. Please let me know where to send my payment.

  43. Wow, can’t believe Minny pulled that game out. Someone in their front office is gonna go postal.

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