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Monday, June 25, 2018

Forum or Blog Style?

It’s been almost 3 months since I added forums to KnickerBlogger. At the time many of my readers were asking for such an addition so that they could start their own topics of discussion. Once I created them, many people didn’t like having to check more than one spot for updates, so I closed comments on the blogs and routed everything to the forums.

At that time it seemed that discussion slowed down. I figured this was due to the change and an adjustment period, but the totals have never reached their pre-forum level. I was going to write this off due to the Knicks season slowing, consensus on topics, etc., and re-evaluate over the offseason. However recently I received this email:

Any chance at all of going back to the old format? After a game i go to the site hoping to see that you put up a post about the game and hopefully see 30 or 40 comments underneath it. The forums are not the same. When you put up a post, you “led” the conversation. And everything was streamlined. I can’t read through the forums. There is too much (stuff) to sift through.

Thanks for the site anyway. It was great for a long time. I used to check it every single day.

So I figure that now would be a good time to bring this up to debate. To vote, you’ll have to go to the blog of this page, but if you want to leave a comment it’ll have to be in the forum. I’ve only left options for or against the forums, because I want people to chose one or the other. I’m open to having both, if that’s what you choose.