Final Four Open Thread

Have at it.

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6 thoughts to “Final Four Open Thread”

  1. That Florida/UCLA game was a real disappointment. It played to type but I thought UCLA would play a little bit better.

  2. That was a nice game from Eddy Curry, statistically his best of the season, although unfortunately it didnt come in a winning effort. Nate Robinson’s turnover at the end of regulation was even more ridiculous than the last second three he hit.

  3. Corey Brewer is terrific – I could imagine him being within reach, if we can reach up to #15 or so… (say, our #1 plus Crawford, or Nate, or Frye – who might even get us higher than that.)

    There were a few players who looked terrible yesterday, but could help the Knicks…

    Darren Collison is probably two years and 20 pounds away from being a decent NBA player, but doesn’t he remind you of Leandro Barbosa? Except a better defender?

    Ron Lewis missed all his looks yesterday, but I was really impressed with his other tourney games. I know we’re stocked with guards but he can really shoot, has some athleticism and seems like a smart player. On the other hand – he probably isn’t worth a #22 – if we don’t like anyone left, could trade down and get him in the 2nd round. (We traded our 2nd rounder to the Bulls, right?)

    I could say the same thing about Jonathan Graham of G’town.

  4. God, Billy Packer is such a loser. How does he blame Greg Oden for Florida’s three point shooting?

    Ohio State goes 2-12 from three in the first half. That might be why they are losing Billy…

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