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Monday, June 18, 2018

Father Knickerbocker Knows Best: Smith’s Tawdry Trials

The following is the first in a regular series of dispatches from Father Knickerbocker, our early 19th century Dutch-American correspondent, commentator, and moralist about town.

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11 comments on “Father Knickerbocker Knows Best: Smith’s Tawdry Trials

  1. Kevin Udwary

    A man who takes another man’s monocle proves himself to be a true rapscallion!
    Is there a page missing in this correspondence? The last page seems to be continuing a passage that doesn’t exist anywhere.

  2. thenamestsam

    I really liked this. Reminded me of the #HotSportsTakes articles they’ve been doing at Grantland except from 1803. Well done.

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