Everything You Need To Know About The Steve Kerr Situation

It’s been a breathless several weeks of Steve Kerr wooing for the Knicks and so far their efforts have not been not requited. Naturally we all must know why. We must have other questions answered as well, like when will he decide? (WILL HE DECIDE?) How much money will he make? Where is he right now at this very moment? Why hasn’t he decided yet? What is his favorite fish to eat? Is he deciding right now? How about now?

I have endeavored to answer the most pressing questions for you here. I assume these are the most pressing questions, because the good reporters covering the situation make sure to answer them for us in 17 minute intervals. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:

1. Is Steve Kerr coach yet?


2. What about now?

Yes. Oh wait. No, no. Sorry.

3. Why isn’t he coach yet?

Because he still has to decide.

4. Is he deciding right now?


5. If he’s not deciding right now, what is he doing?

He’s “huddled” with his family.

6. Like, in a bunker?

No, in San Diego.

7. Is that where he lives?


8. But does he own a bunker?

If he’s prepared, but the reporters are still awaiting word from sources on this.

9. Are there some job openings available out on the West Coast?

Yep: Golden State and Los Angeles. The Jazz have a job opening too. Is Utah the West Coast?

10. Are Golden State or Utah threats to sign him?

Probably not.

11. Why not?

Because Phil has magical Phil powers that alchemically bond him to Kerr and ringz.

12. How many days are there between the next two games Kerr will call for TNT.

How ever many there are, it is possible that Kerr might decide during that time!

13. Is his agent Mike Tannenbaum, former New York Jets general manager, who has a reputation for being a hard-nosed negotiator?

Why, yes.

14. What does his college coach from like 30 years ago say?

Lute Olsen thinks Kerr will join the Knicks.

15. His name is Lute?

Did I stutter?

16. OK, so when is this happening?

Here’s what sources were saying last week:

Sources say soon.

Here’s what they’re saying this week:

This Week's Kerr Update!

17. Is Kerr coach yet?


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49 thoughts to “Everything You Need To Know About The Steve Kerr Situation”

  1. As stupid as I think this Steve Kerr nonsense is (I’m still thinking we sign him eventually), I have to say Phil and the Knicks front office seem to be looking better than Golden State. The fans here are convinced that Kerr and SVG are just using the owners’ rich pockets for leverage in their other deals. No words on whether they are interviewing Grant Hill.

    Actually, a little scared of SVG in Detroit. He could mold Drummond into Dwight 2.0 and you know he is going to look to move J-Smoove.

  2. SVG to Detroit for 5yr-35mil to be president and head coach. According to Woj the Warriors are flying to OKC to make a last push for Kerr since SVG is out for them. Knicks dragging their feet here might cost them Kerr. As Ive said before I dont know how good a coach Kerr will be but if Phil wants him as his 1st choice then so do I. It would be hilarious if the Knicks lose Kerr because of money.

  3. Didn’t the Knicks make like $896 trillion in profits or something over the past few years? Now does not seem to be the time to nickel and dime.


  4. I don’t think the Knicks are dragging their feet so much as they’re negotiating. They’re still making Kerr a great offer, I imagine, he just knows he has such great leverage that he’s trying to get as much as he can (and good for him, I’m not knocking him for it) so it is going to take a while to get done.

  5. Length of the contract seems to be an issue that will ultimately get ironed out. The Warriors look like clowns right now. Even if they land Kerr it seems pretty stupid to hire a guy who seems to be committed to running the triangle or at least heavily incorporating major elements of it into his offense. They are a poor fit personnel wise and they have some long-term financial commitment to Iguodala and Bogut and to a lesser extent Lee that make it harder to bring in personnel more suited for Kerr’s personal offensive stylings. The Knicks have the uncertainty of Melo staying or going, but if he does leave it leaves the Knicks with more financial flexibility the following summer. The Warriors front office and ownership situation would actually worry me more than the Knicks’ does now that Phil is in place.

  6. The Triangle thing is what confuses me. Why do other teams want a guy who has never coached before and wants to run a system that no other team in the NBA wants to run? He’s perfect for the Knicks but it doesn’t sound like he’d be perfect for other teams.

  7. “A four or five year mega deal for a coach that’s hasn’t been in charge of one game on any level. If it didn’t make me laugh, I’d cry. So knicks.”
    I’m not sure what has you so upset — that they are hiring a guy with no coaching experience or that they are going to end up paying him so much. If it is the former, I don’t agree with you, but I acknowledge that reasonable minds can disagree on that point. If it is the latter, I’m not sure why you or anyone else cares how much he’s going to make. It doesn’t affect their cap situation at all and it’s not like the extra one or two million a year is going to affect ticket prices or cable tv prices, so who cares?

    I really don’t care, but I do care.
    It’s not my money, and although I think hiring a coach with zero experience may, or may not, be imprudent, locking into an expensive long-term deal is likely to boomerang. Even billionaires don’t like throwing away money, let alone millions and millions. If this doesn’t work out, the situation may be prolonged. That could be a reason Woodson stayed on. Everyone assumes money is no object to a billionaire, but no one likes throwing millions in the garbage.
    And it’s just the same old knicks way of doing things. Everything they want , they drive up the price for themselves. It’s laughable that Steve Kerr is the hottest coaching commodity in the NBA right now. . . at a time when Doc Rivers may be up for grabs. It’s just this terrible culture of inefficiency that spills over to all basketball operations on and off the court. It’s no accident that the knicks suck.

  8. It is posts like this that make me love this blog. I’m not Knicks fan and only started visiting since the Melo trade (to see what NY thought of him) but I have been hooked ever since. Easily my favourite bball site, you guys do an excellent job of informing while entertaining, excellent excellent post

  9. @hoolahoop

    I do not think your fears that Kerr’s salary might cause MSG to be slow to fire if he does poorly is well-founded. Kerr is going to keep his job until (1) Phil Jackson loses faith or (2) Phil Jackson loses his job. I do not think Kerr’s salary will have any impact on Phil’s assessment. I am positive that there is no world where Dolan wanted to fire Phil and Kerr, but was dissuaded because of Kerr’s salary.

  10. There are a lot of bad things that you could say about Dolan but one thing that you can never say about him is that he pinches pennies on the Knicks. Other than Lin (and that was really ego , not money), can you name a single instance when Dolan did or didn’t do something to save a few million — or a few hundred million, for that matter (think of all the money he let Isiah piss away– Larry Brown comes to mind)? Re: Woodson — I think it’s pretty clear at this point that he didn’t get fired mid-season because Dolan was already talking to Phil, so he waited to the offseason to give him a clean slate.

  11. Pacers with the worst closeout game performance at home I’ve seen and think I will ever see in my life. That was truly pathetic. Such a mentally soft team. Hibbert would last about 3 games in the New York before crying during a timeout and storming into the locker room to pack his things up and retire.

  12. I’m not very smart, but you would think that Vogel would try to limit Luis Scola and his .483 playoff TS from seeing the floor. It’s amazing how poorly coached this series has been.

  13. Most disappointing Knicks performance at home in a closeout game was Game 4 in 1999 vs the Heat. Had an 11 pt lead in the 3rd quarter, a 4 pt lead going into the 4th quarter then they got outscored 29-10 to lose 87-72.

    Thankfully that loss didnt do much damage to their confidence lol.

  14. That Chris Paul foul on Westbrook gives me a flashback to Shumpert’s foul on Paul George.

  15. I don’t even know if that was a good ending or not but it sure was memorable!

  16. When you hit a huge shot to go up seven with 49 seconds left and you lose in regulation…that hurts.

  17. Stan Van Gundy’s first order of business: dump Josh Smith?

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  18. “Stan Van Gundy’s first order of business: dump Josh Smith?”
    Felton and Bargnani for Smith, Datome and a first round pick? I think that this would be a bad idea for the Knicks, but I’m not 100% sure that it would be.

  19. Huge clusterf—k at the end of the Clips-OKC game. Jackson gets stripped and the ball goes out of bounds, the refs go to the review, which shows very clearly it went off of Jackson. But it also shows equally clearly that Barnes raked his arm to cause the ball to come out.

    I feel like the refs saw that and gave the ball to OKC even though they’re supposed to ignore fouls. Rivers almost popped a blood vessel because he saw the replay. Very bad sequence for the officials.

  20. As bad as Bargs is, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking taking two extra years of Josh Smith would be an improvement.

    re: Clips and OKC. I thought the fould on Westbrook’s 3 was just as bad of a call, but Clips really threw that game away down the stretch.

  21. If Shump fouled Paul George than CP3 definitely fould Westbrook. While I think neither should have been called Paul’s contest is even stupider considering how bad a 3 point shooter Westbrook is. No need to come underneath him on that play. The refs were really bad with OKC shooting 16 more free throws, Jordan fouling out in 20 minutes, the Barnes/Jackson replay and the missed Jackson foul on Paul on the last play but I put this loss ultimately on Paul for making three bad plays down the stretch of the game.

    He first tried to dribble past Westbrook instead of just taking the foul with under 15 seconds left and up 2, then the foul on Westbrook, which he should have been that close on, and the last play I thought that while Jackson fouled him, Paul got way too deep into the paint looking at how he wasn’t even trying to attack the rim. If you go into the paint that late it needs to be quick and strong to the rim because you’re almost never getting a foul call otherwise and passing it there, which it looked like he was trying to do, when the paint is that packed is a bad idea. Ibaka was switched on him and gave him a lot of cushion and I thought he would for sure pull up from the free throw line area, one of his pet shots. Really a terrible stretch of 3 plays for a great player.

  22. I think you need to repost the “Everything you need to know … ” post. It’s still true and still funny.

    On the OKC foul brouhaha, ESPN had an interesting note on it. Apparently the actual rule book says something like, if a player hits the hand of a player on the other team and causes the ball to go out of bounds, the other team retains possession. That seems to be exactly what the refs ruled last night.

  23. @30

    That’s not what they told either of the coaches though. They claimed the replays were inconclusive and didn’t cite that rule.

  24. I noticed that. I can only think the replays they saw were actually inconclusive. But the rule suggests that even if they saw better replays it still wouldn’t have changed the call.

  25. Those replays were pretty clear. If Barnes touched it last there’s no way the ball could end up behind the rim. The refs missed the foul call call, so they gave OKC the ball. Doc has every right to be upset with that call, but I’d be a lot more pissed about the touch fouls they called on Jordan and CP3’s ridiculous brain farts down the stretch.

  26. Stan Van Gundy’s first order of business: dump Josh Smith?

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    I don’t think they’ll try to dump Josh Smith. If any other team wants to offer something of value in exchange of him, sure; but there are very few teams who would at the moment. I think they’ll try to get something out of Greg Monroe and move Josh Smith to PF.

  27. As much as I am irked at the refs for just flat out lying about the call (inconclusive? Are you freakin’ kidding me?), I almost as irked at the NBA for how ambiguous the actual rule is:

    If a player has his hand in contact with the ball and an opponent hits the hand causing the ball to go out-of-bounds, the team whose player had his hand on the ball will retain possession.

    Is it really too hard to throw in a definition of what happens if a player has both hands in contact with the ball?

    I think the fact that they didn’t write both hands means that they don’t think it makes a difference between “his hand” and “both of his hands,” in which case the play was called correctly, just for the wrong reasons, but damn, NBA rule writers, just add that to the rule if that’s what you meant!

  28. It seems very hard for me to believe that John Stockton would be interested in taking over this Jazz team at this precise point in time.

  29. Don’t you think the script calls for OKC to advance and, barring total incompetence, play Miami?

  30. Holy shit. How does a #1 seed get out-rebounded by 39 in a second round playoff game? This Knicks season was a disaster, but I couldn’t imagine how mad I’d be if I were a Pacers fan right now.

  31. I think the fact that they didn’t write both hands means that they don’t think it makes a difference between “his hand” and “both of his hands,” in which case the play was called correctly, just for the wrong reasons, but damn, NBA rule writers, just add that to the rule if that’s what you meant!

    Yeah, that’s a tough one. The hand that last touched the ball was not the hand that was hit, but the hitting of the other hand was what caused the ball to go out of bounds.

  32. I think they’ll try to get something out of Greg Monroe and move Josh Smith to PF.

    And how much do you think they could ask for him? Should the knicks be interested? He seems to be a good fit for the triangle (nice passer and scorer from the post) but his defense and his lack of improvement is a concern.

  33. Pretty hilarious tweet from Isola:

    “So Knicks give Phil Jackson $12 million per not to coach while Detroit gets Stan Van Gundy as president and coach for $7 million per. Hmmm.”

  34. As bad as Bargs is, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking taking two extra years of Josh Smith would be an improvement.

    I wouldn’t make this trade, but this works in the trade machine: Bargs/JR/Felton for Smith/Harrelson/Billups. Josh Smith”s always been an excellent defender and his offense might improve in a more structured system like the Triangle. Harrelson would also allow us to put a max spacing lineup on the court. A key drawback to this trade is that last year on Smith’s contract; had it expired one year earlier, we could then have made a play for Durant in 2016-17.

    I wonder if Carmelo would be tempted in going to the Wiz?

    Doubt it. He would be replacing the expiring contracts of Gortat and Ariza, both solid contributors. Also, Melo would have nightmares thinking about the similarities to his Iverson/Nene Denver days.

  35. Has anyone seen a report on why SVG chose the Pistons over the Warriors? The Warriors are a much better team, but maybe he sees more potential or improvement in Detroit?

  36. @44 I don’t think Warriors were willing to give him control over personnel decisions (i.e. make him president) like Pistons were.

  37. Man Westbrook is such a hard player to evaluate…. From afar i would love to have him on my team because his highs are so high but his lows are so low lol. He is actually outplaying chris paul in this series and i mean like destroying him offensively but he takes dumb shots and has some dumb turnovers. All i know is he is exciting as hell and is probably the reason OKC is winning this series ….

  38. Is there anything more Knicks-y than the Knicks naming their D-League team…drumroll…the Knicks? Yep, the Westchester Knicks are now the D-League affiliate of the New York Knicks. Apparently it was a fan vote.

    I imagine a future conversation going like this, “Ya, so the Knicks sent their 2nd round pick down to the Knicks to get him some more playing time. But if someone on the Knicks gets injured, they may call him up from the Knicks to come play for the Knicks.”

  39. Just read this on ESPN:
    ESPNSteinLine Marc Stein
    RT @daldridgetnt: Stunner: Steve Kerr spurns the Knicks, accepts Warriors’ head coach job. Story coming on http://t.co/mChlkEbJ3T.

    The link however does not work. What to make of it?

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