From Phil Jackson’s Point of View

Charley Rosen had an excellent piece on today (tip of the hat to alsep73 for the link) where he got Phil Jackson to post his candid views on each member of the Knicks’ roster, even players destined to only play in the D-League.

Here is the link.

It is a fascinating look at Jackson’s views on the players, because so much of it doesn’t remotely resemble the truth, so you figure that he’s BSing us but then he is extremely candid and on point on other things and you think “Or is he telling the truth?” He’s not exactly known for parsing his words, and yet his takes on a few of the Knicks just make no sense to anyone with even a modicum of insight (“Travis Outlaw is strictly a shooter, and a very good one.” Say whaaaaa? Travis “Career-high TS% of .541, career average TS% of .500” Outlaw? Or his odd statement that Tim Hardaway Jr. is six foot eight despite surely not looking like he is six foot eight. Here is a photo of Hardaway standing next to the six foot eight Melo.) so you then have to think he’s just choosing to hide his real opinions.

In other words, I guess we should take as much out of this as we take out of anything Melo ever says, which is to say nothing. Except, of course, when Jackson makes definitive statements, like the hilariously silly “Last season, Cole [Aldrich] played better the more he played. Right now, he’s our emergency center, who’ll probably get significant time only if somebody gets hurt or our other bigs suffer a plague of foul trouble.” Those two statements go very well together!

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2 thoughts to “ From Phil Jackson’s Point of View”


    If Cole is just our emergency center, so be it. We only have two true centers on the roster, and the other guys who can play center are either bad at basketball, injury prone, or both. It’s only a matter of time.

  2. Going all the way back to his Knicks playing days, Phil has understood the role the “4th Estate” participates in and it’s significant influence on society.

    His analysis is aimed at 3 constituencies: JD and his “Sunshine Band” of media “controllers”- “I’m here now, I’ll speak to whom I want, when I want, and disseminate the message I want”. Parenthetically,who is the guy who sits near the bench, looking like a Soviet apparatchik, who clearly had Woody on a set of puppet strings in the past, but has significantly less influence now, actually appears to be border-line, unemployed, though his seats for the game are “cool”.

    The players- “I’m watching, I have significant influence on the team, this is how “names unmentioned” have won in the past, step up.”

    The fans- ” I’m fully committed. I’ve made a significant investment in NY real estate, beats a “pension plan”, hired a coach who understands the game, and despite the weak hand I inherited, (JD, salary limitations and a roster to whom defense is a third language) I speak Gasolese and if one of these young ins pans out, we should have something”.

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