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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Post-Game Recap

New York Knicks 92 – Toronto Raptors 128 – Again, not a Game Recap

Honestly I don’t know what to tell you. This game was probably the worst of the season in terms of actual appeal (I think the Utah one was a bit worse thanks to that dismal first half, but I’m getting to the point where I’m not caring about anything Knicks related for the season. It’s a side effect of the fact that we have so few rootable guys around, I guess) and I found my mind wandering around quite a bit during the game, so I’ll do something different: I’ll reverse engineer our roster, putting into Basketball Reference the exact …continue reading

Los Angeles Lakers 123 – New York Knicks 124 – Game Recap

I beat LA and all I got is this Hezonja block. Games like this, man. They are exactly what’s wrong with this team. It’s weird to say that after a win, and somehow a wildly amusing one, what with the fact that we swept the Lakers during the worst season in Knicks’ history and forced a loss upon the self-appointed King of MSG. Nonetheless, you just have to look at the minutes allocation to see that one of these two scenarios is in play right now: a) Fizdale doesn’t listen to management and/or b) management doesn’t understand the basic fact …continue reading

New York Knicks 98 – Indiana Pacers 103 – Half a Game Recap

I wonder how workers’ unions do their job in the States. Watching these Knicks games I can’t help but being reminded how sad the unions situation is in Italy. I have been the CEO of a very small company and a board member of a quite larger one (>140 employees), so from time to time I had to deal with union representatives, and I found a constant in all of my five years holding those positions: unions manifested themselves only when it was time to ward the bad workers. When I say “bad workers”, I’m not talking about people whose …continue reading

New York Knicks 92 – Minnesota Timberwolves 103 – Not a Game Recap

We’re getting to the point where every game more or less looks like the last one, or the next one: an endless blur of players sucking, strange coaching, players disappearing due to injury or whateverness, uninspired play from veterans and rookies alike, and a distinct trend to hit the forward button everytime Mitch is not on the court. I mean, I could tell you things about this game (and about the Kings one I could not recap, again due to work obligations), but are those things really unknown to you? It’s always the same old story: starters bring some action but …continue reading

New York Knicks 96 – Phoenix Suns 107 – Game Recap

Midway through the fourth quarter of this game, I started feeling really sad. Was it because of the score? Nah. Losing to the Suns, in the grand scheme of things, is great. Watching the game less so, but whatever. I watched worse things (like, I don’t know, pineapple pizza). Was it because I had to set the alarm at 6:30 am to watch the game (March is by far the worst month in my job. I’ll probably pick up something like 320 hours of work at the end of this month)? Nah. I suffer from insomnia, it’s not that hard. …continue reading

New York Knicks 108 – Sacramento Kings 115 – Game Recap

There has been some talk about player development around here in the last days (while I missed the Clippers recapping task due to work, I still read a lot of comments!), and how maybe someone in the Knicks organization knows what he’s doing, case in point Mitchell Robinson, who doesn’t foul that much anymore and rebounds better. I think this game showed quite clearly that Fiz has no idea about developing Mitch either, and not because of his 6 fouls or his game-worst -13 +/-. Look, this season is one of the worst in franchise history and we were supposed …continue reading

Cleveland Cavaliers 125 – New York Knicks 118 – Game Recap

MSG, PRESS ROOM: Things open up in medias res, with COACH FIZDALE having just finished his press conference where he said “We’re not tanking, we’re trying to win every game while developing our youngsters, I feel lucky to have Mills, Perry and Mr. Dolan supporting me in this enterprise”. COACH FIZDALE walks away from the podium and exits the room. He takes a quick look at the upcoming schedule, printed and put over a TINY TABLE. The camera goes back quickly at a concerned COACH FIZDALE, who sees a CLEVELAND CAVALIERS logo and recoils in horror. Shook from the ghastly sight, muttering words …continue reading