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Friday, April 27, 2018


2012-13 Game Thread: Some of the Knicks vs. Hawks

It sure is swell to have a regular season finale where the Knicks don’t actually have to do anything in it. Atlanta needs to win and have Chicago lose for Atlanta to get the #5 seed. It will be interesting to see if Atlanta even tries. Have you seen a more checked out playoff team than Atlanta? Talk about listless! Anyhow, um, go Earl Barron and Q-Rich!?

2013 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

The Knicks’ winning streak is now the third longest in Knicks history and they have a chance to get closer to the second longest, which was held by the Knick team that came the closest to winning a title since the Knicks’ last title in 1973, the 1993-94 Knicks. What’s amazing is that the Knicks need to win two more games in a row just to have the third longest winning streak in the NBA this season! How crazy is that? Anyhow, this is a big game and luckily for the Knicks, the Bulls have a frontcourt that is just …continue reading

2013 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Wizards

Tonight the Knicks’ attempt to take sole possession of the third-longest winning streak in Knicks history with a win over the Washington Wizards. It is worth noting that the other Knicks’ team to have won 12 straight games, the 1993 Knicks, lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to a defending champion juggernaut from their own Conference. The teams ahead of the 1993 Knicks, though, the 1994 Knicks (who won 15 straight) and the 1970 Knicks (who won 18 straight) both made it into the NBA Finals (with the latter team winning it all). Therefore, it is clear that if the …continue reading

2013 Game thread: Knicks @ Hawks

Sorry, folks, I’ve been trying to add a new thread for, like, a half hour and it just let me add it. Anyhow, this is a really big game for the Knicks. Not only would it give them their first double digit winning streak in two decades, but it would knock the Hawks down in the quest to make sure that the Bulls are not the #6 seed. In addition, it obviously helps the Knicks get the #2 seed. The Knicks toyed a bit with the Hawks to start the game, but the JR show has begun. I expect them …continue reading

2013 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Magic

Melo will return tonight, so this is about as must-win as you can get! No Chandler tonight and Thomas will be out for awhile. The Magic are pretty darn bad, so they really should pull this out. This is the start of three games against bad teams, so the Knicks really need them. Let’s go Knicks!

2013 Game Thread: Knicks @ Trailblazers

Well, this is quite a fun match-up tonight. Melo is out for tonight’s game. In addition, the Knicks’ resident medical expert on Tyson Chandler’s knee, Tyson Chandler, has decided that Tyson Chandler will be out for tonight’s game, as well (thank goodness it is not a worse knee injury). The Knicks’ starting lineup is Felton, Shumpert, Copeland, Thomas and Martin. Looking on the bright side, at least James White is not starting! A few things to look forward to: 1. How mad will the Portland fans be at Felton? 2. Felton guarding Damian Lillard. TNT must be thrilled that they’re …continue reading