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Friday, June 22, 2018

Can Roger Mason Bounce Back?

That’s the question Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook attempts to answer. Pruiti looks at from where he’s taking (and making) three pointers to videos of his form. Very nice stuff.

2 comments on “Can Roger Mason Bounce Back?

  1. ess-dog

    Interesting read, Mike. Didn’t even realize that Mason was a starter that year on a good Spurs team. It’s strange that he didn’t factor the injury into the discussion at all. Maybe Mason can start for us? I have no idea how he is defensively, but another good three point shooter in this offense will be helpful.

  2. Nick C.

    interesting read albeit he ignores that after being over 40% from left and right the year before he dropped by 10 from the left and focuses on the center, but still nice data.

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