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Monday, January 26, 2015

Author: Thomas B.

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2012-2013 Game preview and thread: Knicks v. Blazers

Happy New Year everyone. The Knicks host Blazers in what should be Amar’e Stoudemire‘s season debut, and Carmelo Anthony’s return from a knee sprain.  What a way to start the new year.   Just about everyone here has been wondering, speculating, and predicting what Stoudemire’s return could mean, and now we get to see it. The Blazers aren’t a strong road team (4-10), or a strong defensive team (22nd in Drtg at 107.6).  They do however feature a young, athletic front court led by Aldridge and Hickson. I am interested in how Stoudemire will perform against that front court duo.  …continue reading

2012-2013 Game Thread: Knicks @ Suns

Your in-game thoughts about Felton’s Efg%, Smith’s shot selection, why the referees hate Anthony, what happened to Novak’s stroke, whether we can trade for Lin, why don’t they play defense for the entire game, and much much more. Go New York.

2012-13 Game Thread: Knicks v. Nuggets

No preview tonight. Instead I’d like to bore you with a quick word on keeping the discourse civil. We are all spirited fans of our beloved Knicks. We all have views on what moves should be made, how players should be evaluated, and of course which one of us knows the most about basketball (and we can all agree that I am not that person). I’ve noticed that the spirited debates have at time devolved into a few isolated but very nasty personal attacks. I’d like to ask you all to keep your disagreements civil. Lets focus on the fact …continue reading