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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Author: Thomas B.

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Thread: Knicks v. Hornets or “Buzzer Beater”

See what I did there?  With the Hornets and the “Buzz” and well this… In the rare 1pm Saturday game, the Knicks face a 15th consecutive defeat.  To avoid that, the team has to find a way to stop the very hot of late Kemba Walker (30.8 ppg over the last four outings).  Walker is having his best year as a pro.  His WS/48 is finally above league average (.122) after three seasons below .099. And his turnover volume is down to the lowest point of his career. The thing that makes Walker so dangerous is that he is too …continue reading

Game Preview and Thread: Knicks v. Rockets or “Thank you for Choking”

It’s been about 10 years since I last read Christopher Buckley’s “Thank you for Smoking”.  The Novel–later adapted into a film I haven’t watched yet– is an excellent satirical take on the lobbying industry.  If you like dark humor and unflinching look at far we are willing to go to make a horrible product look like a great thing, you should read the book.  I won’t spoil too much of it here but the basic plot is Nick Naylor is a top spin doctor for the tobacco industry who is beginning to feel conflicted about the dangers of tobacco especially …continue reading

Game Thread and Preview: Knicks @ Wizards

The folks at the excellent Wizards blog asked me to offer a few words about the Knicks in advance of the matchup in D.C. tonight.  I talk about the trade, Phil Jackson’s hat choices, 2015 free agents (Jeremy Lin!), developing the young Knicks, and whether Melo should shut it down. Sole possession of the NBA’s worst record and in the driver’s seat for the top pick. Go Ping-Pong Go Ping-Pong Go!

Knicks v. Wizards Game preview and thread

Merry Christmas Knicks fans. I asked Kyle Weidie of the excellent Wizards Blog to give some insight on today’s game. 1.  First of all, congrats to Washington on getting a nationally televised game on Christmas even if it is against the Knicks. Washington is in third place in the Eastern Conference, can this team stay ahead of the likes of Chicago, Cleveland and Miami?   Miami? Yes. Cleveland? I think so, even before the Andy Varejao injury. The other big boys (of whom in the East there are not that many — we should probably mention the Hawks)? After …continue reading

Knicks @ Spurs or “Remember the AlMelo”

So after losing 9 games in a row, I was pretty sure all the fight was out of this team.  Then we all heard reports of Carmelo Anthony (questionable with sore left knee) nearly coming to blows with Timmy Hardaway Jr (questionable defense and decision making).  If they did fight, I’d put my money on Melo.  Timmy strikes me as someone who would not keep his guard up if his on court defense is any indication. Speaking of defense, the Spurs are 3rd in the NBA in defensive rating. And at 15-6, the defending NBA champs are going to be …continue reading