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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Author: Gian Casimiro (7SoM)

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Seven Seconds or Mess: Webisode 12

As Mike said earlier: Looking over yesterday’s play-by-play, Denver was 24-32 on shots labeled “layup” or “dunk”. The Nuggets made 45 shots, which means nearly half were in the paint. That’s a staggering amount, and to make matters worse, D’Antoni decided to use a bigger starting lineup of Duhon, Chandler, Jeffries, Thomas, and Lee. Obviously that had no effect.

Seven Seconds or Mess: Play of the Week 12/12/08

[The Play of the Week sponsored by Seven Seconds or Mess. Visit his site for more X’s & O’s goodness.] (Note: The gray defensive circles labeled 1-5 are position specific. A point guard is a 1, a center is a 5, etc.) I don’t think this is a set play, though it looks like one. Watch Duhon direct traffic.

SSoM Episode 10: Blazers vs Knicks

Mike and I have decided to post the videos on KB now to foster even more discussion about games. I would’ve posted last night but the game thread was going up, so here it is on an off night. (Enjoy the new widescreen format.) Great call by the coaching staff to attack Greg Oden. High PnR gets his shot blocking ability out of the paint and he simply isn’t quick enough to recover or match up against this style in general. I’m a bit surprised at LaMarcus Aldridge’s lack of effort, though. Joel Przybilla got all of the minutes from …continue reading