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Monday, December 22, 2014

Author: Owen

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Who Do You Want Gone ? Who Do You Want Here?

Who Do I Want Gone? Eddy Curry. Bold choice I know. He is the primary symbol what we have become and how we got here. And he is a really bad basketball player, worse than Zach Randolph by a mile. Who Do I Want Here the Most? Chris Paul. He was the best player in the league this year. And I would like to see the best player in the league take the court in a Knicks jersey. Amazing that it’s never happened before.

2008 Game Thread: Hawks vs. Knicks

Time for a new thread, a new rotation, and the chance to see the Knicks without Eddy C and Q in the lineup. The Hawks should be highly motivated with a playoff spot on the line. As for the Knicks, at least they had a better week than Eliot Spitzer.

Lee 4:37

“And herein is that saying true, One soweth, and another reapeth.” John 4:37 (KJV) The Knicks routed a Bobcats team last night that was without Gerald Wallace at the beginning of the game and lost Jason Richardson in the second quarter. The eventual 24 point victory was hardly inevitable. After a depressing first quarter I was preparing myself for the worst. But the Knicks battled hard, then turned the tide in the final four minutes of the second quarter. Sparked by a Jeffries dunk off an assist from Randolph and a Crawford three pointer, the Knicks used an explosive 15-0 …continue reading

Our New York Knickerbobblers

BOBBLE- (n.) A bad step away from the starting gate by a racehorse. Every game I watch this year feels like it is has the same pattern. The Knicks play terribly in the first quarter, then spend the next three quarters trying to recover. As they did with their 2-9 bobble to start the season, they crush my hopes right at the outset. By the start of the second a deep sense of nausea has usually set in, compounded by feelings of guilt and shame as I check to see if Jose Calderon, Andrew Bynum, or the Blazers are available …continue reading