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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Author: Robert Silverman

Hey, did you know that in addition to banging the keys here and occasionally for the NY Times and at ESPN, Robert is a playwright, an actor and a wand'ring mendicant/gadfly? He also once wrestled a bear...and lost.

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Next Day Notes and Errata: Knicks v. Hawks

Not to paraphrase Shakespeare (and we all know how badly the Laertes-Melancholy Danes game ended) but a WIN; a very palpable WIN! In the warm, fuzzy, you’re-so-cute/sexy-even-with-mussed-hair-and-morning-breath-I’m-gonna-make-you-freakin’-breakfast-and-not just-reheated-bagels-but-like-an-omelet-and-ish glow of victory. This is much better. It’s certainly preferable to the four-day hangover, filled with odd flashbacks and Dolanings and Shump being sent off to the NBA hinterlands that followed Sunday’s Alamo-like thrashing by the fine gents from San Antone. So, in that spirit/state of being, here are a few more tidbits from last night’s action. We’ve talked at length about why Andrea Bargnani is (and probably will ever remain) such …continue reading


Okay, we should probably be taking this “news” in as low-sodium a manner possible, especially considering the source–one Franklin Q. Isola. But evidently there’s some chatter in the winds about the Knicks and Nuggets discussing an Iman Shumpert for Kenneth Faried swap: Talks between the Knicks and Nuggets centered around a deal that would send Iman Shumpert to Denver for forward Kenneth Faried have intensified in recent days, the Daily News has learned. According to a league source, no deal is imminent although the struggling Knicks feel they need to make a move to bolster their banged up front court. …continue reading

Spurs 120, Knicks 89

San Antonio Spurs 120 FinalRecap | Box Score 89 New York Knicks It’s Sunday, so we’ll spare everyone actual letter grades. They all fail, every man jack of them. The Knickerbockers have been banished to go sit in the corner in their repugnant all-Orange Unis. The only thing that would be worse is if, while seriously thinking about what it is they did, they were forced to wear these X-Mas day lumps of coal in our aesthetic stocking. I’m sorry. That’s ridiculous. That’s like one of those cut-rate Batman costumes that your Mom gets you when you say you want …continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Tyson Chandler Suffered a Non-Displaced Fracture, Out 4-6 Weeks

So I guess all of those votive candles we lit and virgin goats we sacrificed to Cthulhu when a stumbling Kemba Walker went barreling into Tyson Chandler’s knee/leg/stem early in the first quarter of last night’s poop-tastic loss to the Kitties, didn’t really help. Here’s the awful truth: Tyson Chandler has a small, non-displaced fracture of the right fibula, Knicks announce. No surgery. He's out 4-6 weeks. — Howard Beck (@HowardBeck) November 6, 2013 Here’s my first thought… Much better. Second… Well, I mean, it could have been worse? Right? It could have been ruled a “bruise” and we’d be …continue reading

Timberwolves 109, Knicks 100

Minnesota Timberwolves 109 Final Recap | Box Score 100 New York Knicks Andrea Bargnani, PF 19 MIN | 6-10 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 14 PTS | -11 Better! One thing seems clear — Bargs is a lot more comfortable as a pick and pop shooter than he is when the ball rotates to him, in particular beyond the three-point line. I need to re-watch the game to be sure. (Yes, I’m that much of a masochist [or rather, Knicks fan. I’ll watch this one …continue reading

2013-14 Matchup Preview and Game Thread: Wolves @ Knicks

The great Steve McPherson of the blog A Wolf Among Wolves (and Grantland and Hardwood Paroxysm and a bunch of other places — seriously, if you’re not a fan of his work by now, you’re doing it wrong) graciously joins us to answer we these questions three in advance of today’s ‘Bockers-Puppies tilt. Enjoy!   1. Like Richard Nixon once asked at 4am of the Kent State Protesters at the Lincoln Memorial, how’s your team doing this year? We’re only two games in, but the Wolves are on pace for the late and sadly missed Tim Allen‘s mythical 82-0 season. That first win against the Orlando …continue reading

2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks v. Bulls

Game two, y’all! A brief trip to the land of hog-butchers and heady winds. It is also All Hallowe’s Eve, which means the Knicks will be sporting their brand-spanking new orange duds and the Chicagoans will be resplendent in their black alts! Orange + Black = CANDY! The debut — NY_KnicksPR (@NY_KnicksPR) October 31, 2013 Speaking of which, Amar’e Stoudemire gets his turn in the aged PF/C wheel tonight, and earlier today, he voiced his views on this evening’s merriment (Halloween, not the game, to be clear). They are…interesting. Here are some thoughts o’ mine over at our interweb …continue reading