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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Author: John Kenney

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Carmelo Anthony Is Playing New York’s Most Dangerous Game

I don’t believe the Knicks will win tonight’s game against the Mavericks. This isn’t, necessarily, surprising; the Mavericks are the defending champions, and the Knicks have been up-and-down. But the more I think about why I don’t feel good about tonight’s game, the more I keep getting back to the differences between Dirk and Melo as the leaders of their respective teams. Both the Mavericks and the Knicks are coming off of what should have been extraordinarily disappointing losses against quality opponents. Each had erased a second-half deficit of some magnitude to reclaim the lead. Each had chances to close out the …continue reading

‘Twas the Night Before Knicksmas

” ‘Twas the night before Knicksmas, And all through MSG, Not one fan was stirring, Not even Spike Lee. The players had practiced, worked, and prepared in hopes that a victory soon would be theirs…”   One night, and the waiting is over. The beginning of the NBA season is upon us. The strange tale of the path the NBA took during 2011- the incredible play-offs, the victorious Mavericks, the lockout and its resolution, “basketball reasons-” is about to receive its final chapter, a preview of what’s to come in the sequel. For Knicks fans, the wait has been much …continue reading

Bring on Boom-Dizzle: Baron Davis commits to signing with Knicks

Baron Davis can be many things. He can be a comedic actor. He can be an overweight, disinterested point guard. He can be a headache, making you wish a million times he wasn’t on your team……if you’re a small-market team, or lack the right pieces around him. But when you give him someone who can throw down almost any pass tossed his way…..he can make magic happen. With picture perfect passes, over, and over, and over^10 again. And when you give him a crowd that won’t let him give anything less than his best, a crowd that energizes him, a crowd that …continue reading

Perhaps You’ve Heard of This Chris Paul Fellow?

  16 months and 1 day ago, in the aftermath of The Decision (and in my very first piece for this website), I considered the possibility of the Knicks forming their own Big 3. At that time the Knicks had only signed Mr. Stoudemire. However, then as now there seemed an air of inevitability that Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul would both decide to come to the Big Apple. As the 2011-2012 season begins, the Knicks are halfway to that dream. Chris Paul will be the dominant subject of speculation this season, and early reports seem to indicate that experts will remain amusingly …continue reading

Why We Love the Game

My greatest gift that I have in life is basketball- Isiah Thomas As we begin the third week of October it appears that much of the 2011-2012 basketball season will be lost. There are a number of very real economic consequences which will accumulate from the loss of games, not only from the number of employees that have been let go from their franchises, but also from the decrease in business for numerous restaurants and stores close to arenas. Livelihoods are threatened. Much more rides on this lockout than just a game. And yet, while many fans of the NBA …continue reading

James Dolan decides to Fix the Knicks

Look, I want to warn anyone who is thinking about reading further that what I will show you may ruin your day. There’s a lockout going on. No reason to think about basketball right now. Maybe you’re content with waiting to see what happens this season, full of optimism about the team and the direction in which it is heading. If so, go away. Right now. Because (SPOILER ALERT) this video is a reminder of a big problem with the organization. Fix the Knicks. No matter what positive expectations you might have for the coming season, the Knicks still have …continue reading

2011 Report Card: Shawne Williams

On the day the Knicks announced their 2010-2011 roster, the inclusion of Shawne Williams was notable mostly because of the name he displaced- Patrick Ewing Jr. Your fifteenth man is there to be a good cheerleader and locker room presence, and the son of a former Knicks great seemed much more likely to fit that description than Williams. After flopping in stints with the Pacers and Mavericks, Shawne- a former #17 overall pick- was seen as a non-factor. How, then, did we end up in a world where he was being asked to start at center against Dwight Howard? Cynics might answer, “Because Mike D’Antoni doesn’t care …continue reading