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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Author: Farfa

Just an Italian basketball fan with an insane passion for all things Knicks (and yes, linguine Alfredo is not a real Italian dish).

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Orlando Magic 103 – New York Knicks 108 – Game Recap

You already know I played some 2KNBA games in the past (I didn’t buy 2K19, I have some sort of on-again off-again relationship with the franchise). You already know I like to play MyPlayer/MyCareer as my go-to mode. You already know, also, that my build of choice is a stocky SF/PF that plays like a ground bound Shawn Marion with no dribble skills whatsoever. I don’t know why, but it looks like my brain refuses to learn the basic joypad coordination needed to achieve an average ballhandling level in the game, so that’s the best I can do. Just once, …continue reading

San Antonio Spurs 118 – New York Knicks 130 – Game Recap

Quick: when was the last time you felt this good about the potential of our team? I think it has to be when KP was posting 30ppg to start the 2017-18 season and things looked rosy (and possibly unsustainable). While it looks that everytime we play the Spurs at MSG we put on our best face, it was tremendously refreshing to see this team perform well and to see some pieces click together so nicely (DSJ-Dotson-Mitch, especially). I feared DSJ was able to connect only with DeAndre Jordan, probably because they had already played 40-something games together: well, this game …continue reading

New York Knicks 106 – Atlanta Hawks 91 – Game Recap

What is this? Is this some magical artifact shaped like two mountain peaks, only upside-down? What in the world should I do with this W? I wasn’t ready anymore to write about… a win? And a from start to finish line one to boot? Seriously, where do I begin? This was like watching a usual Knicks game, only from the other side of the mirror. Oh, ok, I’ll start from the beginning: the Knicks came out with guns blazing and got to an early 14-0 lead thanks to some good shooting and abysmal Hawks offense. Dennis Smith Jr was hitting his …continue reading

Philadelphia 76ers 126 – New York Knicks 111 – Game Recap

I have a few things to say about the game, but first of all: is this the game we’ll go back in, say, five years, and retrodub it “The start of Mitch Lob dominance”? I feel like it might be, so hold this very pugnacious 15-point loss close to your heart. That said: it was a very fun game, with a cool first quarter and the usual mini comeback in the second half sparked by bench players all around. Rotations and lineups were at the same time funky and at times effective, especially when Fiz decided at last to roll …continue reading

Toronto Raptors 104 – New York Knicks 99 – Game Recap

Sometimes this poor excuse for a basketball team gives you reasons to feel a little flame of pride inside of you (while still losing, of course). This game was one of those occasions, because we went toe-to-toe for the entire game (of course there were ebbs and flows, but you get my point) with one of the best teams in the League, and it didn’t look like it was just a case of poor shooting or whatever from the other team. We were in it, and while the game wasn’t particularly fun it had a lot of that scrappiness that …continue reading

New York Knicks 103 – Detroit Pistons 120 – Game Recap

Tell me where you’ve already heard this story: Knicks go down double digits in the first quarters, a scrappy second unit helps bringing them back into the game, during the third quarter they make a run to tie the game (or at least to make it close), then proceed to lose the game by more than 10 points without offering even a sliver of resistance, and the starters all end up with highly negative plus/minus for the game while getting outrebounded and outshot. Oh, they also get killed in the pick and roll over and over. Same old story, right? …continue reading

Detroit Pistons 105 – New York Knicks 92 – Game Recap

“Son, here you have a man who owns a Lamborghini; another one who’s happily married to the love of his life; and another yet who just lost his job and got his car repo’d. Now tell me: who’s the rich one?” “The Lambo one! We know for sure he has the money, a Lambo doesn’t sure come for pennies!” “I think you have the wrong answer, child” “Ohhh… so is it the married one? Because spiritual riches are more worthy than physical ones?” “I think you have the wrong answer again, my son” “Uh, dad. It can’t be the third …continue reading