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Monday, January 21, 2019

Author: Farfa

Just an Italian basketball fan with an insane passion for all things Knicks (and yes, linguine Alfredo is not a real Italian dish).

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New York Knicks 96 – Milwaukee Bucks 112 – Game Recap

See, we’re not asking for much. Most of the times, we’re not even asking for real competitiveness. We ask for rootability and hints of development from somebody. Even if that somebody is not a core component of our future, but we feel like he’s a kid of ours nonetheless. Well, tonight we got a tiny bit ot that, with Kornet starting in place of Kanter. I’ll pull out a total jerk move and quote myself here: “When Luke Kornet plays instead of Kanter, you can see the team trying to play better. They fail, of course, because Luke sucks and they …continue reading

Atlanta Hawks 114 – New York Knicks 107 – Game Recap

I don’t want a lot for Christmas/there is just one thing I need/Keep on piling all these losses/so that Zion’s chance increases* Hey, Christmas came early this year! I never thought they would have actually pulled off this loss, but alas, here we are talking about a miserable and tank-empowering loss to the extremely lowly Hawks, who count on their roster an NBA player (Collins), two overpaid NBA role players (Bazemore and Lin), two inconsistent rookies, a fringe role player (Dedmon) and spare parts from the church charity auction for a new oven for Mrs. Taylor, you know the one, …continue reading

New York Knicks 109 – Philadelphia 76ers 131 – Game Recap

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to root for a structurally sound winning team. I mean, not just a team that might end up with 42+ wins this season; a team that’s pretty much guaranteed a stable course of 45+ wins in the next three years, with a hopeful peak of 55+ and a Conference Finals appearance at worst. I’m an NBA fan since 1994, and a Knicks fan since 2008 (but was rooting for them here and there, nost notably in the 1999 finals – I’m a sucker for underdogs). In that span, I saw many contenders come and …continue reading

Phoenix Suns 128 – New York Knicks 110 – Game Recap

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the tank. Guys, this was such an amazing display of tanking prowess that I’m so proud of our guys. I mean, it was a bit too much on the nose at first. Lance Thomas as your first substitute? After he didn’t play for like a bazillion games? And after he’s Lance Thomas? But it didn’t look like it was enough. After all, these Suns had the worst record in the league prior to this game. We had to do better than that to tank effectively. And we did. We did. We come …continue reading

New York Knicks 99 – Indiana Pacers 110 – Game Recap

I had a fever, and the prescription was more zone defense. A decent loss, nothing to write home about, a game where the Knicks were pretty much always in the mix but couldn’t pull it off when they needed to (not that it mattered, after the win against Charlotte we are in dire need of quality losses – even if I’m not sure if this counts as one). The main new wrinkle in Fiz’s gameplan is a zone defense, which I am partial to, what with being European and all. My coach used to call the zone “the homeless man defense”, …continue reading

Charlotte Hornets 119 – New York Knicks 107 – Game Recap

Hear me out, I have a proposal. What if we started every game with a -15 handicap from the beginning? I mean, if that’s what it takes for Fiz to feel safe playing our kids a lot of minutes, why not (all the same, somebody has to explain to me how come that you choose to play Hezonja and Mudiay to win games)? We were treated to a game where scores were approximately a lot for them and a little for us, and I think nobody cared even a bit. We saw, maybe by accident, a game similar to the …continue reading

Brooklyn Nets 112 – New York Knicks 104 – Game Recap

Why does it have to be so hard? One of my favourite definition of insanity is the (misattributed to Einstein) following quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. For the umpteenth time this season, and more specifically the fourth in a row, the Knicks looked lost both on and off the court well into the second half of the game. On the court, well, for 30+ minutes this game was borderline unwatchable, full of defensive mistakes, stupid turnovers, and even an iffy own-basket by Kanter and Vonleh. Off the court, there was …continue reading