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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Author: Farfa

Just an Italian basketball fan with an insane passion for all things Knicks (and yes, linguine Alfredo is not a real Italian dish).

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New York Knicks 109 – Brooklyn Nets 113 – Game Recap

Ah, the typical ebbs and flows of an entertaining horror flick. This one had it all: the despair of being left behind by every sane person, the exhilarating sensation to drive an improbable knife through the heart of your enemy, the stoic acceptance of your demise as said enemy looks to be still alive and coming at you with an unshakable aura of doom. I, for one, am a fan of horror movies. And I’m a fan of basketball. That must be why I’m strangely at ease with how this game unfolded. Fizdale made the sensible choice to pick Payton …continue reading

New York Knicks 111 – San Antonio Spurs 120 – Game Recap

Oh, so you thought it was going to be a different season? Wrong. In terms of pure win-loss record, we pick up things right where we left off: with a loss that came on the heels of some bad point guarding and a few puzzling coaching decisions (but I have to say that it probably didn’t matter that much). But it wasn’t a bad outing all things considered! Our Knicks started very slow right off the bat, and while the choice about our starting backcourt didn’t make a lot of sense (we have three “point guards” but we start Trier, …continue reading

New Orleans Pelicans 117 – New York Knicks 116 – Game Recap (tryin’ to get into regular season form)

“What’s the point?” If you are a human being, and I highly suspect you are, since being a sentient bot and following the New York Knicks on a high-quality but no longer mainstream blog doesn’t seem to compute, there’s a high chance you asked yourself that question many, many times in your life. What’s the point in trying to salvage a relationship gone awry? What’s the point in working your ass off if nobody ever in your company gets a promotion? What’s the point in shedding some weight and start exercising if in 20 years the polar ice will have …continue reading

First day of 2019 NBA free agency: fail recap

Hi guys, good to see you again! Is there some masochism in me? Of course there is, duh, I’m a Knicks fan. I mean, I stopped writing articles right after the season ended, and I suddenly come back for a kinda lame KB version of a Black Mirror special? Yeah, you bet. And now onto some more rhetorical questions: did the Knicks fail at free agency? Did they execute badly and communicate worse (I think Mills’ press comments have a chance to make it to Knicks meme/quotability pantheon right behind “The east is big, man”/”We’re gonna fix you, Mudiay”/”Did Beno …continue reading

Detroit Pistons 115 – New York Knicks 89 – Game (?) Recap

Minutes before this game was on, Al Trautwig was at center court telling the viewers that coach Fizdale told his guys to treat the last seven games of the season as a playoff series, and that since we were 3-3 in the last six the game against Detroit would have counted as a game seven. Now, aside from the total retconning bullshit of that claim (yeah, sure. The last seven. What if we went 5-1 during that stretch? Or 0-6? It’s things like this that trigger my inner con artist alarm, but whatever), I think now we know what would …continue reading

New York Knicks 96 – Chicago Bulls 86 – Game Recap

It’s cool being the worst team in the NBA for the season but knowing that your opponent is going to be the worst team in the NBA on the nights it’s facing you. Our active roster looks like this: two 9th overall picks, an 18th pick, a 23rd pick, two second round picks and three undrafted dudes. There’s no way someone is going to do worse, right? Well, I present to you the April 2019 Chicago Bulls: a hodge-podge of fringe guys around a legitimate NBA player (Robin Lopez) and nothing else. They never presented a challenge to our own merry …continue reading

Washington Wizards 110 – New York Knicks 113 – Game Recap

“What can change the nature of a game?” Some of you might have recognized the origin of the broad strokes of this question. You know I’m a gamer, and in 1999 (already 20 years ago! Damn I feel really old) a revolutionary RPG came out for PC thanks to Interplay, trying to exploit the success of Baldur’s Gate in 1998. The name of the game was Planescape: Torment, and while it was kind of a commercial blunder at first (becoming profitable in subsequent years thanks to its cult following and an Enhanced Edition that came out in 2017 at the …continue reading