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Friday, April 18, 2014

Author: DCrockett17

Part-time blogger on the Knicks at and Seahawks at In my free time I hang out at the University of South Carolina and occasionally fill thirsty young minds with knowledge about various and sundry things related to consumer behavior and marketing.

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A Quick Look at Knicks Draft Prospects, Part II

Click on the link to see part I. I’ll take a look at four additional players that may be available when New York selects at #17. As in the previous version, stats per season courtesy 6. Tyler Honeycutt, G/F, UCLA Numbers that matter: true shooting (55%, 52), ft/fg (47%, 30), Rebs* (9.6, 8.1), Asts* (4, 3.2), TOs* (3.6, 3.4) * pace-adjusted per 40 minutes Honeycutt is a very intriguing and perplexing player to me. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him slide to round 2. Nor would it surprise me to see him as a consensus lottery selection in …continue reading

A Quick Look at Knicks Draft Prospects, Part I

As you are no doubt aware the Knicks have the 17th overall selection in the upcoming draft (pending lockout notwithstanding). So mock season is upon us. I thought I’d take an abbreviated look at some of the prospects NY may be considering at the selection. Keeping in mind that Donnie moves in mysterious ways, I will hold off on making any sort of predictions about what the Knicks will do. Rather, this is just a general discussion of a few prospects who may be around at #17, and where they might fit in NY’s plans. To begin, I’ll state that …continue reading

Playoff Game Thread

I’ll once again try the Wild Wing Cafe for the games. I have not returned since the Knicks were basically 10-run-ruled for college softball. (I will pass on the fish tacos this time. Sometimes, I really wish I liked wings.) The Hawks at Bulls tips at 8 and the Mavs at Lakers tips at 10:30.

Knicks Swept: Do Your Post-Game Wound-Licking Here…

Despite a nice little run in the second-half, our beloved Knickerbockers fell–again–to the hated Cs. Sigh. Onto the off-season questions… Who should stay? Who should go? Where can NY find some size in the frontcourt? Some perimeter depth? Will any of this matter, given the specter of a lockout? Thoughts on other playoff series?

Recap: I Believe the Word I’m Looking for is ‘Oof’

Welp fellow Knickerbloggers, I’ll admit it. I’m stuck somewhere between maintaining my perspective, one that values baby steps, and a ‘meet the new Knicks–same as the old Knicks’ cynicism. I watched the game in Columbia with friends and colleagues at a local eatery. One charming but frustrating thing about Columbia, South Cackalack is that it is truly a college sports town. At one point during the first half, the good people at the Wild Wing Cafe changed the big screen in our section from Knicks-Celtics to the LSU-Mississippi softball game, which was 7-0 at the time. Mind you, Boston’s lead …continue reading

Knicks to Sign Jeffries?

Good day fellow Knick fans! If you are a believer in the proverbial “gut check” win then last nights brickfest in Miami was for you. I suppose I am an agnostic on whether any one mid-season game really matters more than any other long term. But, the game demonstrated that the Knicks have the capacity to at least maintain a defensive focus for extended stretches. Certainly the Heat allowed the Knicks to hang around, following their blistering start with horrible shot selection and minimal non-Big 3 contributions. Still, one would have to be a real cynic to overlook the fact …continue reading