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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Author: DCrockett17

Part-time blogger on the Knicks at and Seahawks at In my free time I hang out at the University of South Carolina and occasionally fill thirsty young minds with knowledge about various and sundry things related to consumer behavior and marketing.

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A Role for Luck?

Everyone will have their opinions on the proverbial good guys and bad guys in the resignation/firing/mutual breakup between D’Antoni and the Knicks. I suspect that the role played by a season-long stretch of rotten luck will get lost in all of this, because it always does. Randomness is not the stuff of newspaper columns or even blogs. What sticks in my craw is that the Knicks are a thoroughly mediocre team with some upside masquerading as an awful, six game losing streak team. Those will get many a coach run out of town in the NBA, unless the team is …continue reading

A Friday Post Filled with Questions For You

It’s been a busy Spring term down here in South Cackalack (that’s South Carolina for those who do not speak Southern). Other than a few game threads, I haven’t been able to hang with the Knickerbloggeristas as much as I’d like. It’s Spring Break and I’m posting this from the public library, just to give you a taste for how I get down these days. Before diving into these reviews, grading these exams, and working on these papers though, I’m interested to get the pulse of the Knickerblogger community on a few items. 1. The Knicks are fun to watch …continue reading

What the Bloody Hell? NBA Nixes Paul-to-Lakers Three-Way

The Chris Paul deal is dead. Long live the Chris Paul deal. NBA Commissioner David Stern decided to negate the three-way deal involving the Hornets, Lakers, and Rockets, roughly two hours after it was announced for “basketball reasons”. To this point, as far as I can tell, it is unclear under what specific auspices the league acted to block the deal. That, to my mind, is a very important point that needs clarification. It will tell us a good bit about precisely what kind of precedent has been set. Did Stern act in his role as custodian of the Hornets …continue reading

Rapid React: Mavs Beat the Heat to Win the NBA Title

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat (in Miami) 105-95 to win the 2011 NBA championship, the first for the Mavs franchise. I haven’t looked at a box score yet, so there may be more to come if I can find some time before hitting the road for a bit. I didn’t have a strong rooting interest in this series. I wanted a good finals and felt like the series more than delivered, short of going seven games. It was good fun–like sports should be. A few quick thoughts for now… I feel best for the two Jason’s. Jason Kidd …continue reading

A Quick Look at Knicks Draft Prospects, Part II

Click on the link to see part I. I’ll take a look at four additional players that may be available when New York selects at #17. As in the previous version, stats per season courtesy 6. Tyler Honeycutt, G/F, UCLA Numbers that matter: true shooting (55%, 52), ft/fg (47%, 30), Rebs* (9.6, 8.1), Asts* (4, 3.2), TOs* (3.6, 3.4) * pace-adjusted per 40 minutes Honeycutt is a very intriguing and perplexing player to me. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him slide to round 2. Nor would it surprise me to see him as a consensus lottery selection in …continue reading

A Quick Look at Knicks Draft Prospects, Part I

As you are no doubt aware the Knicks have the 17th overall selection in the upcoming draft (pending lockout notwithstanding). So mock season is upon us. I thought I’d take an abbreviated look at some of the prospects NY may be considering at the selection. Keeping in mind that Donnie moves in mysterious ways, I will hold off on making any sort of predictions about what the Knicks will do. Rather, this is just a general discussion of a few prospects who may be around at #17, and where they might fit in NY’s plans. To begin, I’ll state that …continue reading

Playoff Game Thread

I’ll once again try the Wild Wing Cafe for the games. I have not returned since the Knicks were basically 10-run-ruled for college softball. (I will pass on the fish tacos this time. Sometimes, I really wish I liked wings.) The Hawks at Bulls tips at 8 and the Mavs at Lakers tips at 10:30.