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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Author: David Vertsberger

David Vertsberger considers himself a precocious neophyte, writing for ESPN TrueHoop site HawksHoop as well as Hickory-High. A member of the younger generation of Knickerbocker fans, his fondest memories of years past have been the trade for Larry Hughes and Nate Robinson scoring 41 following a month-long benching.

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2014 Preseason Roundtable: What’s Changed, Really?

The upper echelon of the Eastern Conference has improved itself over the summer, making for a tougher task for the Knicks to snag that ever-elusive NBA title. Could the now super top-heavy conference keep them from even winning 54 games as they did last season? The gang weighs in. McElroy: I take it that the teams you’re referring to when you say that “the upper echelon… has improved” are Chicago, Brooklyn, and Indiana. Your premise is reasonable on face but it misses one important point: the Knicks went 3-8 against those three teams last year (Research FTW!). Even if they …continue reading

2014 Preseason Roundtable: Predicting the Unpredictable

In case you didn’t hear, the Knicks signed some crazy guy who was born and raised in New York and plays basketball kind of alright I guess. The KnickerBlogger crew was asked to make their predictions as to what Metta World Peace will bring to the table this season. Cronin: I am cautiously optimistic that the career rejuvenation that World Peace showed last season will continue in New York. He surely won’t be lacking for motivation in his return to New York, not to mention a desire to prove Los Angeles wrong in amnestying him. I imagine that he will …continue reading

A ‘D’ (or 100) for ‘Drea

I asked our friendly neighborhood Jim Cavan if I could write a piece on how terribly Bargs played in the first half. My two points were supposed to be: 1. Bargs… 2. It’s the first preseason game so EVERYBODY PANIC AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE! (But seriously, please don’t. It’s the first preseason game.) Anyway, this was his response: So I thought, why the hell not? ‘Drea’s dominant days disappeared. Duly, David dreams ‘Drea disappears definitively. Droves decided ‘Drea’s deal dared disastrous days. Dolan, damningly, deemed ‘Drea demonstrably deft. ‘Drea deal doubters draw disrespect David dismisses disgustingly. Dunderhead ‘Drea done duffed …continue reading

2014 Preseason Roundtable: All of the Bigs, All of the Bigs

Today, the KnickerBlogger crew looks to stand in Coach Woodson’s shoes and determine one maddening question as the season approaches: how should the Knicks’ big-man rotation be handled? McElroy: First, give Chandler as many minutes as his body can handle. Let’s call it 48 40 36 shit, 33 a night. I don’t want to see a single important minute of Stoudemire or Bargnani at center which I suppose means I’m giving 15 a night to K-Mart, which sounds about right anyway. That leaves 48 minutes of power forward to be shared between STAT and Bargs, so I think that….wait…what’s that? …continue reading

2014 Preseason Roundtable: Now that JR’s out OH GOD PANIC PANIC PANIC!

Who should be the first player to come off the bench? Our cast of clowns has the answers: McElroy: Obviously the answer is dependent on who is in the starting five. With JR unavailable, I’d start Felton/Prigs/Shump/Melo/Chandler, bring STAT and Artest off the bench first, have K-Mart play every minute of center that Chandler doesn’t, and let matchups dictate how much time I found for Bargs at the 3 and 4. I also want to see Woody find a role for Udrih who I think could do a lot of the stuff Jason Kidd did last year and possibly even …continue reading

2014 Preseason Roundtable: What should be our starting five? What about down the stretch?

As we approach the start of training camp and — EEEEEEEEEK! — real basketball, our in-house panel will be weighing in on the biggest questions facing this year’s Knickerbockers. Will Melo-at-the-Four return for an extended encore? What about two point guard lineups? Has the arrival of Andrea Bargnani spawned a conditioner renaissance within the Bocker locker room? Will Metta World Peace run for President? In our first installment, we tackle who should be our starting five, as well as what unit should be the one to bring us down the home stretch. Kevin McElroy: Assuming no material age- or injury-related …continue reading

Would Trading Shump with Stoudemire be Worth it?

The Knicks are in basketball purgatory – where the team isn’t bad enough to successfully overhaul the roster but not good enough to have expanded postseason campaigns. With New York’s contractual situation in gridlock, the only means of improving significantly at this point would be trading Amar’e Stoudemire. The ex-superstar brings nothing to to the court that the Knicks don’t already have, when he actually makes it that far. Stoudemire has had to fend off injury after injury recently while burning upwards of $20 million a year doing so. The concept of trading an aging and injury-riddled player with a …continue reading