Training Camp Begins! Let the Festivies Commence!

Thank goodness – some actual basketball news!!

The official training camp begins later today, and yesterday (Media Day) had a number of interesting quotes from players and some intriguing hints as to what we can expect from this year’s Knicks.

First off, I am quite pleased about the Mo Taylor waiving. And yes, it is amusing that one of the things that alienated Larry Brown from the front office was his “waive him, him and him” attitude. While his expiring contract could be quite intriguing to other teams – exactly what were the Knicks going to get with that expiring contract that would be good for the team in the long haul? I posit that it would be nothing as good as just letting the cap space run out, and Mo Taylor has no place on this squad. I wonder, though, where he will end up playing.

Steve Francis had a good quote about last season in the Times today- ?Did you see me play? Did I play?? Francis said. ?I don?t even remember playing. It was just so much uncertainty, man. It?s tough playing under uncertainty.?

Eddy Curry has lost weight and David Lee has put on weight – both events are good news for Knick fans. Lee also apparently impressed reporters during Media Day with the sheer passion he exuded for winning this season and his frustrations with being unable to even take the blame for losing last year, as he didn’t play enough to even feel like he had control over the situation.

The four players vying for Taylor’s spot are forwards Nikoloz Tskitishvili and Elton Brown, center Paul Miller and guard Milone Clark. Clark really has no chance, and I would have to think that Tskitishvili would have to absolutely astonish everyone to get the job, so it is likely down to Miller and Brown. Brown apparently is quite the bruiser, and has even been able to give Curry a run for his money on sheer force on the low blocks, which is cool, but I think Miller sounds a bit more intriguing, as I like the added facet of a center who can shoot the jumper, as a change of pace from Curry (as I doubt any of them will play significant minutes ANYways).

Finally, I cannot wait to see what Zeke’s rotation looks like – who will be the backup small forward? Will Channing Frye be the backup center? Will Balkman play at all? Will Jerome James wear a groove into the bench from sitting so much? We find out today, for basketball has finally returned to us, folks!

Is the Offseason Always This Boring?

I know we’ve reached the point in the offseason when not much happens, but man, it just seems extra dreary, doesn’t it? You know it’s bad when Toni Kukoc’s retirement was the top story on Yahoo! NBA for literally FOUR DAYS IN A ROW! And the story that bumped it? The yooge news about Fred Hoiberg being hired to the Minnesota front office. I was driving when I heard the Hoiberg news and had to pull over to the side of the road as I was so stunned – that’s how yooge it was. Seriously, though, where are the NBA stories?! Please, someone help me! Share an interesting NBA story that’s going on right now! Anyone?

Great Regular Season Knick Wins of the Past Decade

Okay, so training camp isn’t opening for awhile, and all the news in the papers is either about Jeffries (who I think we have covered) and the sexual harrassment thing (which I doubt any of us have much to say on), so let’s try something different. Let’s all share some memories of classic Knick wins of the past ten years! We all know the playoff wins by heart, so let’s try just regular season games that people may have forgotten – so no playoff games, folks! Read More