2012 Game Thread: Knicks @ Bucks

Since this is the current “Most Important Game of the Season,” I figured we should give it as much mojo as we possibly could.

This is a game that the Knicks need to win, but moreover, this is a game that the Knicks should win. Milwaukee’s defense is not particularly good for a team with one of the top defensive coaches in the league (put it this way, a Scott Skiles team being 16th in Defensive Efficiency is like a regular team being 160th in Defensive Efficiency) and the Knicks’ problem is that it is difficult for them to score on the top defenses in the league because they can give Melo his points and just not let the other players beat them. Against good defenses, that can be a major problem for the Knicks. Against the Bucks, the Knicks’ supporting cast should perform better.

Of course, they need to have at least one of Smith, Shump, Fields and Novak to show up tonight to give Melo some help.

Last time, both Shump and Smith came through against the Bucks. The Knicks need that again tonight. I’m currently knocking on wood with crossed fingers.

2012 Game Thread: New York v. Milwaukee

Now is the spring of our discontent. The Knicks suffered a major blow today when they discovered that Amar’e Stoudemire has a bulging disc in his lower back. He is currently seeking a second opinion, but conservative estimates would have him back at the beginning of the playoffs at the earliest and there is no way of knowing what shape he will be in when he returns (or even if he returns in time at all).

Jeremy Lin is also going to miss tonight’s game due to a sore knee. That seems less likely to be a major issue, though.

So Baron Davis will start in place of Lin with Iman Shumpert moving into the starting lineup at the 2 while Landry Fields moves over to the starting 3 and Carmelo Anthony becomes the Knicks’ starting 4. Tyson Chandler, of course, remains the 5.

This is a mighty big game for the Knicks. Win this one and they’re up 2 1/2 games on the Bucks with 16 to go. Lose and…well, let’s just hope that they don’t lose, okay?

Use this thread for your in-game thoughts!

Amar’e Stoudemire Out Indefinitely With Bulging Disc in His Lower Back

Alan Hahn just tweeted:

Amare Stoudemire is out indefinitely after MRI revealed a bulging disk in his lower back.

If you open your window, you might hear the collective groan of the entire Knick fanbase right now.

Plus, for added measure, Jeremy Lin is going to miss tonight’s game with a sore knee.

What’s especially galling is that had this happened, like, yesterday, the Knicks might have had a shot at Boris Diaw. Annoying.

Loving the Knicks…it’s fan-tastic!!

2012 Game Thread: New York v. Detroit

I’ll actually be attending the game tonight with my wife (a Christmas present for a game back during Linsanity that I sold so we could attend multiple games for the price of the first tickets), so I figure I’d give you folks a nice and early Game Thread, just like how you like it!

This is a big game (as all games are this time of the year when the team is two games under .500 and fighting for a playoff spot).

The Bucks are playing their third game in three nights tonight before playing the Knicks on Monday. Hopefully they lose tonight and the Knicks take care of business.

Jeremy Lin mentioned last night that the Knicks had no plays for the zone that Toronto threw at them. Hopefully, if the Pistons try this new trick defense called “the zone” that the Knicks have prepared for it.

Let’s go, Knicks!

2012 Trade Deadline Open Thread

Okay, folks, I figure it makes sense to have an open thread for today’s NBA Trade Deadline.

So far, the biggest news is that Dwight Howard is, indeed, opting in for one more year in Orlando. Of course, that only means that he cannot sign with another team as a free agent this offseason. It does not mean that the Magic might be forced to trade him after this season, whether in the offseason or during next year’s trade deadline.

The Nets, for one, believe that they still have a shot at Howard during the summer. To that end, they are trying to trade Mehmet Okur, Extra E Williams (or Petro) and a Top 3 protected first rounder to Portland for Gerald Wallace. Risky move there, if it goes down.

The Lakers are apparently close to a deal for Michael Beasley, in a three-way deal with Minnesota and Portland, where Jamal Crawford ends up in Minny and Steve Blake ends up in Portland (along with the Mavericks’ 1st rounder). That is not a done deal yet.

Leandro Barbosa was traded to the Pacers for a pick.

Sam Young was traded to Philly for the rights to Ricky Sanchez, a Philly second-rounder from a few years back.

That’s it so far! But I’m sure there will be more to come, and you can talk about it here.

2012 Game Thread: New York v. Portland

You know how “must-win game” is one of the most mis-used phrases in all of sports? That is true tonight, as well. This is not a “must-win” game. The Knicks can lose tonight and still make the playoffs. However, with Portland playing so poorly and having just gotten beaten badly last night and the Knicks in the midst of a six-game losing streak, if this is not a must-win game, it is certainly at least a “really would be nice to win this game” game.

This, of course, is overshadowed by the fact that this is the first game in the post-D’Antoni era for the New York Knicks. Mike Woodson takes over as the coach tonight. Let’s see what kind of offense he runs!

Use this thread for your in-game thoughts.

2012 Game Thread: New York v. Cleveland

The second half begins tonight! The Knicks have astonishingly lost 12 of their last 13 games against Cleveland (what the heck, right? I mean, with Lebron it made sense, but they’ve played them at least five times since he left) so it would be nice to beat them tonight.

Josh Harrelson and Iman Shumpert are supposedly going to play tonight, so tonight will be the first time that the Knicks’ 11 best players are all healthy. Should be interesting. Will D’Antoni actually play 11 guys?

Plus, of course, there is the whole Lin versus Irving match-up.

Anyhow, here’s a thread to discuss tonight’s game!