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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ask KnickerBlogger

With the offseason summer lull and a bad hard drive sapping KB’s creative energy, I’m opening it up to my readers. Email me with your questions, and I’ll run an ESPN-ish chat session. Choose any topic you wish. The time/date will depend on how quick I get questions in.

** Update **
08/29/05 – 6:30pm: 3 Questions in. Maybe I’ll set a date when I get in 10?
08/30/05 – 6:45pm: Up to 4 now. One note – I’ll keep your email address private, and won’t print your full name unless you’re world famous. Also for all those that have web pages, I’ll add a link to your page. Good for those that have asked me to add their url to my links (I will come up with a links page one day – honest!)
8/31/05 – 7:00pm: Just 5 questions. A few more and I’ll officially announce the date.

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