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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Aaron Goodwin

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned Jamal Crawford’s agent 9 times. However not once did I mention his name: Aaron Goodwin. This small time (but big city) blogger that has nothing to write about decided to do some serious research on Mr. Goodwin. Especially when Mr. Goodwin is stalling a deal that the big city (but small time) blogger could use to write a column about in a slow (only for his team) offseason.

The California based Goodwin represents such NBA players as LeBron James, Gary Payton, Dwight Howard, Damon Stoudmire, Shareef Abdur-Rahim & Vin Baker. He was listed as one of the most influential minorities in sports. Despite being a major force in his field, he was degraded by the police who wrongfully suspected him as a suspect in a robbery. The officers didn’t recognize him, because he likes to keep a low profile. He does a good job at it, because it’s hard to find a good picture of him.

There isn’t a large wealth of information available about Goodwin, but by all accounts Aaron Goodwin is an experienced agent and not just another pretender. In fact I’m quite glad that I’m a simple blog writer, and don’t have to sit on the other side of the telephone and negotiate with.

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