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Monday, June 24, 2019

2018-19 Game Thread: Knicks vs Pistons – A Meaningful Game Where We Can Root For a Win!

As ptmilo nicely pointed out, this final game of the Knicks’ 2018-19 season is a meaningful game because the Pistons can still be eliminated if they lose and the Charlotte Hornets beat the Orlando Magic (which will be tough, since the Magic have seeding reasons to win tonight, as well).

So we can actually watch a meaningful game where we can root for the Knicks to win!

It’s a final treat for the season!

Let’s go, MitchRob! This is your last game where you’re the best player on the team, so enjoy it!

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69 comments on “2018-19 Game Thread: Knicks vs Pistons – A Meaningful Game Where We Can Root For a Win!

  1. Hubert

    Man, I got new column bumped twice in one day! Reposting here so it doesn’t get lost:

    Side note:

    How does one reach out to Mike K with an idea? I’d post it here but it involves some personal info i don’t want to drop.

    Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask him for a column. You guys suffer enough just having to read my comments.

    It’s just something to give back to the community that I think would go over well.

  2. geo

    It’s just something to give back to the community that I think would go over well.

    alcohol, pizza, drugs, bagels, wanton women…yes please – send them all…

  3. geo

    You can email me at and I can pass it along to him.

    mike had mentioned possibly starting up a yankee equivalent blogger thing…

    that would be very cool (although I have a feeling in between free agent and draft convos – some pinstripe talk might leak on to this site)…

  4. geo

    holy cow…I just noticed your email address – i didn’t even know aol was still around…

    man, I remember getting all those aol discs which were attached to everything…

    oh crap, now I got that weird modem sound going off in my head…

  5. Hubert

    Holy shit. The Magic made the playoffs? When the fuck did that happen?

    I guess I stopped looking at all other parts of the standings. I didn’t even think that was a thing that could happen.

  6. JK47

    man, I remember getting all those aol discs which were attached to everything…

    And I thought my Yahoo account was old-timey

  7. Owen

    the magic are 7th in the league in net rating in 2019

    That may be the most surprising thing I have read on this site this year….

  8. rama got that Fizdale Magic

    They’ve been playing really well this last six weeks. They were not good until then, so it’s really just a crazy push after the trade deadline. They’ve been dominant since then (albeit without a very difficult schedule).

  9. Hubert

    That may be the most surprising thing I have read on this site this year….


    Do you mean calendar year 2019, or the whole season?

  10. rama got that Fizdale Magic

    I have an old Hotmail account out there somewhere, though I haven’t seen it for years. The one I regret is – a friend hooked me up with in the early days of the web, and I was too dumb to realize how cool it would be to claim it. Oh well.

  11. ptmilo

    vucevic is out tonight with a virus along with blake and we have point guard mario back. michael jordan’s master plan is paying off.

  12. Bruno Almeida


    Last time I saw it, they had the 3rd best record in the east in 2019, so just since the turn of the year I’d guess.

    They’re a deep team that’s got some decent to good players, and Isaac has been a monster on defense.

  13. Owen

    And by the Magic i mean the Pistons. It’s been a long season.

    Good feed by Mario to Mitch.

  14. Owen

    Great lefty stuff by Mitch there.

    I have had five drinks btw. Not sure why I chose the last game of the year to get drunk. Just bad management.

  15. ptmilo

    early returns from our big break as understudy not promising. kadeem 0-2 on open layups. mario looks maybe 5pct recovered from his virus. luke and henry indistinguishable. we’ve had a couple of defensive possessions half zone half why am i even here and they’ve been our best.

  16. GoNYGoNYGo Going for the tank

    The Yankee game is on DVR tonight to honor the end of this season and finally root for my favorite team. It’s nice to listen to Breen and Clyde.
    My email address hasn’t changed since 1986. I’m all for a Yankeeblogger. Baseball is far more stat driven than basketball. I used to coach and umpire baseball.

    In my mind, today’s an end but also a beginning. I gave the Knicks a year of my life to take legitimate steps towards a rebuild. I think they’ve done well so far. They have cap room. they have a high lottery pick and all their future first rounders. They have some promising kids. It’s time to ascend. There’s nowhere but up for the team. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to get to the top. The top is what I want and I want it soon. We all hear the rumors. If handled correctly, playoffs should be the floor we expect next year.

  17. ptmilo

    when we switch to zone we just take mitch out of the paint because he can’t help himself. i hope the streak ends tonight so there’s one less reason to block hunt in the fall.

  18. dtrickey

    Credit to the Pistons so far. They are looking like a team that really wants to get swept by the Bucks in the first round.

  19. Owen

    It’s pretty amazing Blake isn’t available. We are incredibly bad.

    Knox is funny. He can actually get by people on the perimeter. But when he gets four feet from the basket everything falls apart.

    I could see him coming right. There is something there. But WTF. Just finish the drive.

    And Mike Breen, you are a national treasure, but Kevin Knox is not going to have a special NBA career.

  20. rama got that Fizdale Magic

    It’s safe to say this is a game people will be talking about for a long time.

  21. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    Drummond with the “you’re too little” celebration after and and-1 opportunity is hilarious considering he’s playing the C team on the worst team in the league. We’ll see how much fun he has against Milwaukee.

  22. geo


    Baseball is far more stat driven than basketball. 

    I’m not that big in to numbers, but, I always thought that too…I just wasn’t sure if that was just because baseball got “there” first…

  23. rama got that Fizdale Magic

    Seeing Eisley behind the bench is giving me flashbacks. King of the East-West Point Guards.

  24. ptmilo

    this game is exposing the soft underbelly of my plan to get amped for a win that is only good because my team already lost so many times

  25. Owen

    When Knox was asked what he wants to do over the summer he said learing how to “be able to finish through contact.” I give him some credit for saying that.

  26. rama got that Fizdale Magic


    I don’t think Knox is hopeless.

    And I say that not having had 5 drinks.

  27. dtrickey

    When Knox was asked what he wants to do over the summer he said learing how to “be able to finish through contact.” I give him some credit for saying that.

    There was a good article on B/R about Knox today. He seems like he is pretty aware of his flaws and is a pretty hard worker. He obviously sucks now, but seems like a good kid and the kind of guy that is easy to barrack for.

  28. rama got that Fizdale Magic

    These guys really need to learn how to fake passes. The Pistons are constantly jumping the lanes and would be so easy to juke.

  29. Brian Cronin Post author

    My mom passed away a couple of months ago and tonight she was posthumously inducted into the local Rotary’s Hall of Fame.

    In other words, I have had a lot more than five drinks at this thing.

  30. Z-man

    Off the topic of this horrific game, I’m heading to California next week with my 20yo son. We’ll be spending Sat and Sun night in LA. Thinking of staying in either Downtown LA, West Hollywood, or Santa Monica/Venice/Marina Del Rey. Leaning towards West Hollywood. Any LA experts out there?

  31. rama got that Fizdale Magic

    Z-Man, when I stay out there, I stay in Venice. Cheap, easy to walk to the beach, not terrible to get into town. No one stays in downtown, and while West Hollywood can work, there’s something to be said for being on/near the beach.

  32. rama got that Fizdale Magic

    I really hope Mike and Clyde get to call a championship year. I love those guys.

  33. JK47

    Long-time Angeleno here. West Hollywood is pretty central, you’re near Hollywood, the west side, the beach, Melrose, Mullholland Drive/Laurel Canyon, Sunset Strip.

    If your son is into hipster culture at all be sure to check out the east side: Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park.

  34. Brian Cronin Post author

    Thanks for the condolences, folks.

    I really hope Mike and Clyde get to call a championship year. I love those guys.

    I can’t even remember the last time that Breen got to say a really dramatic “bang” for the Knicks.

    When Lin signed with Toronto, a lot of people shared Lin’s game-winner against Toronto and it was cool hearing Breen give a “bang” for the Knicks.

  35. geo

    that’s wonderful that her friends remembered her like that…my sincere condolences to you and the rest of your family brian…

  36. Z-man

    Thanks JK and rama! My one caveat about the beach is that it looks like the weather will be great but the ocean is only 59 degrees. My son is very into classic rock and alternative, so the sunset strip sounds like the place to go. We’re actually flying into SFO, hanging there for a bit, then renting a convertible and doing the Pacific Coast Hwy to SoCal. Might spend a night in Santa Barbara on way back.

    That was a sad way to end the season, but overall you have to be pleased with the tank job. I’m not holding out much hope for Zion (1 in 7 chance) or Ja (1 in 4 of him or Zion) but even in the worst-case there will definitely be a star available at #5 in this draft. Hopefully it will be a while before we have to root for losses again!

  37. The Honorable Cock Jowles

    Brian, you are awesome and we’re all lucky to have you as GM of the best basketball blog on the web. Condolences to the whole Cronin squad.

  38. Bruno Almeida

    My condolences too, Brian. You’ve always been one of my absolute favorite people here, and it hurts to see you hurt. Glad to see this moment of appreciation for her.

  39. Early Bird

    Condolences Brian. I’m always happy when a blue background pops up and it’s one of your posts. I also think I’ve read several of your articles on comic books which were pretty great. I don’t know how I stumbled across them, but eventually it clicked that you were from Knickerblogger, they were all good reads.

  40. Early Bird


    I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those choices. There’s something different everywhere in LA. Venice beach and the surrounding areas are nice. West Hollywood is great because you’re kinda close to everything that you might want to check out, that’s probably the best place for music stuff too.

  41. Brian Cronin Post author

    Thanks, guys! A public event less than two months after she died where she is honored is pretty weird, since it’s like a wake all over again. My dad gave a nice little induction speech, though, so that was nice.

  42. Nick C.

    My condolences Brian. It must have been good to hear (perhaps again) from others just how much your mom meant to them.

  43. Knick fan not in NJ who thinks our rookies will lead us to a lousy lottery pick in 2019

    My condolences too. Losing your mom is really hard

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